February 5, 2010 | DomainInvesting.com
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Adding Value to Domaining.com


I emailed this to Francois yesterday but want to know your thoughts on this idea. I think a way to add value to Domaining.com is to allow people to post comments on articles, similar to a site like Drudge.com. IMO, the more people that come to Domaining.com to actually stay there, the better for generating revenue.

I know there are websites and bloggers who either don’t have a comment section or they simply don’t approve comments that they perceive as being negative. One reason I don’t generally post comments on other blogs is because I don’t want to write a well-thought out comment only to see it sit in the moderation queue or get deleted because the post’s author doesn’t like comments that aren’t in line with his/her thinking.

As mentioned in the past, I approve just about everything unless it’s threatening towards someone, is too vulgar to post, has obvious spam, or is otherwise derogatory.

This would add value to the Domaining.com website, and people would visit to see what others are really thinking about certain articles where comments are heavily moderated and/or censored.

The downside for Francois is that he would then have to become a comment moderator himself, which is something he may not wish to do. This doesn’t take a lot of time, but if people abuse the system and post hateful or incendiary comments that are just inappropriate, it could become time consuming and burdensome.

If the language barrier is an obstacle in getting advertisers, Francois might also be better served by hiring a sales rep who is fluent in English. There are plenty of people looking for work, and I am sure he could find a hungry sales representative who would work for commission.

Domaining.com drives somewhere between 8-14% of my traffic each month, and I appreciate that. As the old saying goes, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Meet the Castello Brothers in New York City on February 9


David and Michael Castello will be speaking at the sold out Local Online Advertising Conference being put on by Borrell Associates. After the conference, the Castello Brothers will be the guests of honor at a special New York domainer get together.

On February 9th at 6pm, I am organizing a domainer get together at the Campbell Apartment in Grand Central. This classic jazz cocktail bar is located in bustling Grand Central Station, and is the perfect spot for a drink or two after work.

I have a reservation at the Campbell Apartment, but I need an approximate headcount by Monday.  Please email me or post a comment if you will be attending. In the past, there have been anywhere from 20-40 people at these get togethers, and it’s a great opportunity to meet other domain investors in the area.

*Dress code is dressy casual, and sneakers are not allowed.