June 8, 2010 | DomainInvesting.com
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COme to the e.CO Party in NYC


As I mentioned here a couple of weeks ago, Sedo has teamed up with the .CO Registry and together they will be auctioning off the premium, one letter domain name e.CO, with the proceeds from this auction going to the charity of the winning bidder’s choice. The final live auction for this domain name will be held on June 10th at 4pm in New York City, at the conclusion of Internet Week.

To help celebrate the auction and encourage bidding, the .CO registry will be hosting a fun event, “COcktails & e.CO! LIVE Auction Finale” at the Soho Grand Hotel, Harbor Room in New York City (310 West Broadway) at 2pm on Thursday, June 10th. Of course, you can also bid for e.CO online.

If you live in the area and would like to attend, please register for the event online (you MUST register before). It’s free to attend, and I am sure there will be plenty of domain investors and other Internet entrepreneurs in the crowd. Have a drink, meet other people in the space, and introduce yourself to the representatives of the .CO Registry to ask any questions.

Police Department Domain Expires, Speeding Ticket Recipient Buys It


The Bluff City, Tennessee Police Department has a bit of egg on its face as a result of the expired domain name it used for its website. According to a news report, the employee who handles domain renewals for the department was on sick leave, and the BluffCityPD.com domain name expired in the interim as a result of not paying the renewal fee.

After the domain name expired, it became available for anyone to purchase. Recent speeding ticket recipient Brian McCrary did just that, when he saw that the domain name was soon to expire. He launched a website focusing on speeding camera news and links, and it also has links to many articles written about this story, including an Associated Press article.

Some people might question whether this is legit, but it does not appear that he is profiting from his use of the domain registration, and it could be considered his First Amendment right to Freedom of Speech by expressing his feelings on this domain name.

For its part, the Police Department hasn’t mentioned whether it intends to try and get the domain name back from McCrary. It appears that the Bluff City website does not link to the domain name. The city could attempt to file a UDRP but that would be a bit expensive, and I don’t think they would have great odds. It might just be in everyone’s interest to work something out in private that is favorable to both parties.


Thanks to James for sending me the article.

TRAFFIC Vancouver: Special Offer & Auction Picks


I am not attending the TRAFFIC Vancouver conference, but from some of the things I’ve heard, this is going to be one of the better domain conferences. Before I get to my picks for the live auction, I want to share a special TRAFFIC offer that was sent to me by JR Kavanagh of Kavanagh Limousine.

JR’s company is offering 20 percent off any limousine booking, which includes Stretch Limousines and Luxury SUV Limousines. They also can do airport drop offs, tours of Vancouver, as well as any night time debacles (call them for specific details about the debacles). Although there is usually a four hour minimum, it’s being dropped for TRAFFIC attendees to two hours. You can find out more about the company by visiting their website: BCLimo.ca.

JR also mentioned he might be interested in doing a unique trade of a domain name for limo time. If you want to discuss this more with him, send an email to vancouverlimos @ gmail.com.

Below are my picks for the auction (full list can be found on Proxibid.com):

  • VisitJerusalem.com
  • XYZ.com
  • Snowboarders.com
  • SenseOfHumor.com
  • iRefills.com
  • Houses.ca
  • Helpers.com (I previously owned this one)
  • GolfCourses.ca
  • Disabled.com
  • Dietician.com
  • Candy.ca
  • Principals.com
  • Quilting.com
  • Matchmakers.ca