November 16, 2010 |
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Monitor How Quickly Google Indexes Your Website Articles


I wanted to share a way for you to easily monitor how quickly Google indexes articles and posts on your website. You can set up a Google Alert for your website, and as soon as a page is added to Google’s index, you will receive an alert. The alert should be set up like this: “”

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a considerable amount of lag time between posting an article or dog walker listing on, and I asked my developer to look into a couple of thing. I also worked in Webmaster Tools to see if I could find an issue. A few tweaks were made, and I wanted to know if they helped, so I set up a Google Alert.

After these two weeks, I know for certain the tweaks helped, as I now notice Google indexing new articles within 12 hours +/- a bit every time I post something. I am not 100% sure whether the indexing had to do with the tweaks or just that the Google Alerts made me more vigilant, but they’re good to have anyway.

If you are concerned about the health of your website or if you want to know if there are issues preventing Google from indexing your articles, you should set up Google Alerts.

Scott Day’s Digimedia Invests in Warren Royal’s


The story of is one of my favorite in the domain industry, and I have much respect for its founder Warren Royal, who built his company after purchasing the domain name at auction. Similarly, I have tremendous respect for Scott Day and Jay Champman, whose Digimedia has a fantastic portfolio of generic domain names, including,,,, and many other domain names.

I just received a press release from Warren announcing that the company that owns and operates has received an equity investment from Digimedia.

As the company continues to grow, develop new products, and has the need for holiday and other inventory, it becomes necessary to fuel this growth with significant capital. Digimedia knows domain name assets and can provide the capital to ensure growth without supply chain hiccups.

It’s a smart move for both parties, and knowing the principals behind both companies, I think it’s a very good match.

Press release below:

The company that owns and operates has received an equity investment from Digimedia. was founded in 2008 by internet entrepreneur Warren Royal with the objective of becoming the premier source of collectible bobblehead products in the world.  In 2010, and its parent Royal Bobbles LLC have achieved that goal, with its products being sold in museums, gift shops, catalogs, and online stores nationwide.  The company also is one of the top sources of custom bobble heads, producing thousands of custom orders each year for consumers worldwide.

Digimedia, co-founded by domain pioneer Scott Day, owns and operates a portfolio of some of the most powerful domain names on the internet, including,,,, and  The company’s ongoing goal and history of developing successful online businesses in association with these names are its hallmark.

Royal says, “When we decided that it was time to find an equity partner to join us in growing our business to the next level, there was no question that Digimedia was the best possible partner we could hope for.  We recognized right away that their remarkable experience, technology, and business acumen would bring powerful benefits to our company.  We are very proud to become their partners.”

Digimedia also felt that the partnership represented a powerful opportunity. “’s progress is remarkable, especially in such a short period of time.” Digimedia president Jay Chapman said.  “It was clear that the leadership, direction and vision of the company is very compatible with our own.  We are excited about the synergies between our two companies in providing value and satisfaction to customers.”

ABOUT BOBBLEHEADS.COM and its parent Royal Bobbles, LLC, are the internet’s premier source of collectible bobblehead products.  Its products are featured in such prestigious and historic stores as the Library of Congress, Arlington National Cemetery, the Old South Meeting House, and the John Adams National Historic Park.  They have also been featured on television shows such as “Meet the Press”, “The Today Show”, and “Glenn Beck”, and in magazines such as Kiplinger’s and Fast Company. can be reached at 770-781-9850.


Founded in 1997,, LP utilizes its simple yet powerful domain names to provide value for people on the World Wide Web.  The company’s sites include,, and Digimedia develops these category-killing domain names in a variety of ways, using technology, services, information and partners to help each site visitor quickly get what he or she needs. Learn more at