April 11, 2011 | DomainInvesting.com
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Outreach.org Bidding Exceeds $65k


The domain name Outreach.org is currently at auction on Namejet. There are 109 bidders in the auction and a total of 148 bids. The domain name was originally registered in 1995, and it was last owned by ElderWeb Project at Grant MacEwan University. It recently expired.

The current high bid for this domain name is $65,100 with just under 5 minutes to go. There have been two active bidders above the $10,000 mark.

As with all NameJet auctions, when a bid is placed, the time is extended for several minutes, so this auction could conceivable go on for some time.

Update: Now over $80,000… Final price: $90,400

Domain Market Sells $36k in Domain Names


DomainMarket.comMike Mann’s DomainMarket.com sold around $36,000 in publicly reported domain sales last week. The high sale of the week was ThreeDiamond.com, which was sold for $10,000. The Whois has not changed for many of these domain names yet, since they are likely pending transfer.

One thing I think Mann does right is that each domain name resolves to a “for sale” landing page, which also has sponsored results PPC links. I would bet that many small business owners have no clue about the Whois database, and they visit the domain name they are interested in buying to see if it’s available. With a huge “Buy” call to action right on the page, it’s easy to see the domain name is for sale.

This is something you might want to consider on your low revenue, undeveloped domain names that you’re looking to sell.

Below are the company’s reported sales:

threediamond.com $10,000.00
moreforyou.com $5,500.00
hybridsoftware.com $2,500.00
earthnetwork.net $2,500.00
discoverygarden.com $2,500.00
twincitiestaxi.com $1,500.00
shoretour.com $1,000.00
defeataddiction.com $1,000.00
alphalifestyle.com $1,000.00
clicktocook.com $750.00
adventuresintechnology.com $650.00
smileforpeace.com $500.00
biddingfrenzy.com $350.00
yippieyeah.com $350.00
laketahoerealtor.com $350.00
propertyobserver.com $350.00
caninevacation.com $350.00
marinemadness.com $350.00
cheerstoall.com $350.00
enterthevortex.com $350.00
supremetransport.com $350.00
thediscountspot.com $350.00
lakeboatrental.com $350.00
ezbrochure.com $350.00
medicareoption.com $350.00
proftitle.com $350.00
creativeendeavours.com $350.00
ecoworker.com $350.00

WhyPark Update: 2 Year Anniversary of Parked Acquisition


It’s hard to believe it’s already been two years since WhyPark was acquired by Parked in 2009. WhyPark sent out a news release this morning with some updates that highlight the company’s growth in the last couple of years.

Here are a few things I found interesting:

  • There are now over 800,000 domain names on its platform, which is up from approximately 150,000 domain names before the¬†acquisition.
  • The company has added 11 apps that have been installed over 153,000 times by its customers. I covered the launch of the apps back in July of 2010.
  • There were a¬†few hundred templates images offered two years ago, and now there are over 12,000 from which you may choose.

One thing I’ve also noticed is that the Parked.com and WhyPark executives also get along very well, likely playing a big role in the smooth transition. Congrats to Parked and WhyPark.