April 27, 2011 | DomainInvesting.com
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CarInsurance.TV Sells for $13k and Now CarInsuranceQuotes.TV on The Market for $16+ Million


DN Journal reported the $13,200 sale of CarInsurance.TV in this week’s domain sales report. The sale was closed by the team at Sedo, and it was the second highest ccTLD sale of the week, trailing the sale of Deals.co.au, which sold for $100,000.

In case you are interested in a similar domain name, I may have found one for you, although the price is a bit higher.

CarInsuranceQuotes.TV is currently on the market at Sedo for the ambitious listing price of just $16,777,215. That would be around €11,383,632 at today’s exchange rate. If it sold, it would likely set the record for highest recorded domain sale of all time, and certainly set the record for highest ccTLD sale.

Keep Unique Passwords for Different Accounts (Email, Parking, Registrars, Forums…etc)


Most of us have accounts at various domain registrars, maybe a couple of parking companies and at least one or two email addressees. With potentially 10 or more accounts, all with different user names, it can be much easier to access accounts by having the same password.

This is a HUGE no-no. If a thief is able to gain access to one of your registrar or parking accounts, he will be able to  see what email address is on file for that particular account. Should you use the same password for your email account, he will then be able to break into your email archive. This will allow him to not only change things with whatever account he broke into to get access to your email, but he can also search through your email and see where else you have accounts.

I know that most people use various passwords for different user accounts, and that is smart. I also know than many people are lazy and prefer to use the same password for multiple accounts. Not a good idea.

In fact, someone mentioned this on Namepros the other day, and a three letter .com domain name was stolen from his account. Thieves can be very tricky, and if you have one account compromised, you should ensure that it’s not simple for him to gain access to your other accounts.

Could the NFL’s Oakland Raiders and MLB’s Oakland A’s Play at the O.CO Coliseum?


OverstockHere’s some news that will surely excite .CO domain investors and potentially be a HUGE win for the .CO Registry.

NFL.com is reporting that the Oakland Coliseum, home of the National Football League’s Oakland Raiders and Major League Baseball’s Oakland Athletics, has signed a deal with Overstock, and the stadium will be called Overstock.com Coliseum.

So why is this interesting to the .CO Registry and domain investors who own .CO domain names?

Overstock is in the beginning stages of rebranding the company name to become known as O.CO. The NFL.com article makes note of this, and apparently, the agreement takes this into consideration. According to the article, “even the Overstock.com moniker is temporary because the company is in the process of rebranding itself as O.com.”

What this likely means is that as soon as Overstock has finished its rebranding efforts in the US, the stadium will be called O.CO Coliseum. According to a different report in BizJournals.com, the company has not made a final decision on this yet.

This is publicity money can’t buy. I am sure everyone at the .CO Registry is thrilled, and they should be very happy. Selling O.CO for $300k was the deal of the century.