June 1, 2011 | DomainInvesting.com
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Lisa Bloom’s Book Climbs to #37 on Amazon: Get One Now for FREE


Think.tvEarlier today, I mentioned that Braden Pollock was going to be on the Dr. Phil Show this afternoon. Not only did Braden speak, but he spoke very well. That being said, Braden’s fiancee, Lisa Bloom, really stole the show. In the face of a challenging guest, Lisa kept a cool head and gave out some great advice.

On top of that, Dr. Phil gave Lisa’s book a glowing review and highest recommendation. To paraphrase him a bit, he suggested that all women should read it. At the beginning of the day, “Think: Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed-Down World,” was ranked 9,130 out of over 4 million books on Amazon. Right now, the book is ranked #103 37.

Because the book was so highly recommended by Dr. Phil and all of the other reviewers on Amazon, I am going to give 10 of them away for free. The first 10 US-based people who post a comment in my blog saying, “I want one,” will get a free book from me. I don’t know if I will be able to buy them in person tomorrow for Lisa to sign, but you’ll get a book! Please be sure to leave your correct email address so I can be in touch with you.

For those of you who want more information about the book, check out Think.TV.

Update: The ten books have been claimed. Thank you for your interest!

Media Breakaway: New Platform Will “Revolutionize Domain Parking Industry”


TheParkingPlace.comLast week, I had a conversation with Scott Richter, CEO of Media Breakaway, and he was excited to discuss his company’s newest venture, TheParkingPlace.com. The platform has been tested with a select group of domain investors for the past several weeks, and in a press release this afternoon, the company announced the launch.

According to the release, “some clients are seeing up to $150 RPM on their domains which are monetized with a combination of CPC, CPA and CPV offers.”  Considering my RPM is significantly lower than that across my parked domain names, this could be big news. Richter specifically mentioned that geodomain names could be top performers on the platform.

I think Richter’s company is likely one of the most successful at data analysis, and that should benefit domain owners that sign up for an account on the platform.  The platform is accepting a variety of domain names including “top level, premium and adult domains and specializes in domains with less than $20 RPM that are currently generating less than $0.25 per click.

Media Breakaway is the parent company of Affiliate.com.

BTW, I was NOT compensated to post this news.

Today’s Press Release:

Media Breakaway, LLC, a pioneer in the performance-based marketing industry, announced the launch of TheParkingPlace.com today. This new domain parking solution will revolutionize the domain parking industry by taking domains beyond traditional PPC monetization methods.

TheParkingPlace.com is in a prime position to become the leading domain parking solution. By optimizing domains based on offer performance and traffic analysis, clients can expect to see revenue numbers increase by up to 400%. TheParkingPlace.com is able to optimize on all traffic from international countries which is the key to increased RPM for their clients.

“This is the end of PPC for domainers as we know it,” said Jenny Johnson, Vice President of Media Breakaway, LLC. “We are going beyond basic domain parking solutions and creating a superior alternative with automated landing page and offer optimization which ultimately can increase revenue for our clients.”

Through rigorous beta testing, TheParkingPlace.com team has been able to develop a premier tracking and reporting system which provides clients with current click, impression, revenue and RPM statistics. Some clients are seeing up to $150 RPM on their domains which are monetized with a combination of CPC, CPA and CPV offers. The program is currently accepting all types of domains including top level, premium and adult domains and specializes in domains with less than $20 RPM that are currently generating less than $0.25 per click.

“We are always focusing on developing bigger and better features for our clients,” said Ms. Johnson. “TheParkingPlace.com is just one more innovative tool that we have developed for our clients as a premier solution for domain monetization.”

Braden Pollock on Dr. Phil Today


Braden Pollock is one of the most successful entrepreneurs I personally know. He has a killer portfolio of DUI and other legal domain names, which support his lead generation and monetization business. He’s a Board member and investor in Epik and has founded a couple of other companies (like Smart Start of California), which operate online and offline.

As one might expect, Braden’s fiancee, Lisa Bloom, is equally (if not more) successful as an attorney, legal commentator, and writer. Lisa’s recently released book, “Think: Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed-Down World,” continues to climb on several of Amazon’s popular book lists, including in the top 10,000 of Amazon’s 4 million+ books (#9,130 today). The book is also in the top 100 of four Amazon categories. You can read more about the book on Think.TV.

Lisa is the CBS and CNN/HLN legal analyst, opining on hot legal topics and can be seen on virtually every other news and talk show as she does daily tv appearances. This afternoon, Lisa is a featured guest on the Dr. Phil show. In the audience and mic’d up is Braden Pollock who is on camera speaking a couple of times. Although I don’t think he will be talking business, it will be neat to watch him on television.

In addition, Lisa will be at a book signing and speaking session at the Barnes and Noble on Manhattan’s Upper West Side tomorrow evening at 7pm. If you’re in the area, you should drop by and check it out.

With Whois Changes, We Learn What Cloud Domain Names Apple Bought


When word of Apple’s apparent iCloud.com purchase for several million dollars hit tech blogs, I did some additional research to see if the price was for iCloud.com or if there were additional domain names possibly involved in the transaction. Now that the Whois record for iCloud.com confirms that Apple did make the acquisition, we should be able to see if they bought additional iCloud domain names.

Below is a list of domain names that were also owned by Xcerion, the company that apparently sold iCloud.com to Apple. Next to these domain names is a note about whether the name is now owned by Xcerion or Apple. As you can see, Apple bought more than just iCloud.com, which means that we won’t see the sale atop the DNJournal sales report, assuming the sales price is confirmed.

There may be additional domain names I didn’t find, and there’s also a chance the Whois will change on some of the other names at a later point. However, it appears that Apple only purchased iCloud.com and iCloud.org from Xcerion.

According to PC Magazine, Apple has a big cloud-related announcement on June 6, so we should learn the scope of the iCloud project. My bet is that it’s going to be very big and will be something that most of us (Apple users) are going to use.