August 14, 2011 |
Neustar Domain Names

“India’s Sex Forum” Launched on Masala.XXX


In the coming days, I expect to see quite a few notices like this one I received today (I won’t be posting any/many). A new website billed as “India’s sex forum” was launched on the domain name, Masala.XXX. According to a few sources, “masala” means spice in Indian, so I suppose this is an appropriate place for the adult forum.

Interestingly, is popular website about Bollywood, and the site is essentially news about India’s movie industry and celebrities. The site has an Alexa ranking in the 5,000s in India and in the 30,000s overall.

As more of these sites go online, it will be interesting to see how owners of the .com domain names react to their .XXX counterparts.

Press release follows:

(Delhi, India) MASALA.XXX is the first website designed for India on the adult domain extension .XXX. MASALA.XXX, a free infotainment forum that offers adult visitors a safe environment to openly discuss sex, went live today.

“At MASALA.XXX, we believe that sex is a beautiful thing, not a dirty secret,” said the website spokesperson. “MASALA.XXX will not only entertain adult visitors, but also provide them with helpful information about sex.”

Upon launch, the site features discussions on multiple topics including: sex advice, sex scandals, safe sex, women’s issues, and homosexuality. New topics and discussions will be introduced by site members and moderators.

The privacy of site members and participants is of serious concern to MASALA.XXX, therefore names and email addresses are kept in the strictest confidence. To offer visitors more security, MASALA.XXX features daily virus scans provided through an agreement between ICM Registry, the operator of .XXX, and McAfee.

The website was allocated as part of the ICM Registry Founders Program, an innovative strategy by the new registry to get quality sites immediately developed on .XXX.

“We are thrilled to be the first .XXX website live for India,” said the spokesperson. “MASALA.XXX is proud to be the first site to showcase .XXX as a diverse top level domain that can be used for adult infotainment in addition to pornography.”

MASALA.XXX’s sister site, DESI.XXX will be launching next week.

Sunday Updates


Hope you’re having a nice weekend. Here are some updates and notes that may be of interest to you.

  • There was a neat article about Go Daddy founder, Bob Parsons, on Investor’s Business Daily yesterday. Much of the article covered topics I already knew, but it’s an interesting look at Parsons and his company. Check it out if you get a chance.
  • I am in the process of migrating my blog to its own server sometime in the next few days. I put in the ticket request to have the migration done ASAP, but it may not happen for a couple of days. I don’t expect any downtime, but things happen so I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some downtime.
  • I sold and to an end user in south Florida last week. I still own and would like to sell it. If you have an interest in buying it, get in touch.
  • Despite the stock market’s roller coaster ride last week, Demand Media stock performed pretty well. The stock hit an all time low of $7.65 very recently, but it has since climbed to a Friday close of $9.15/share. I don’t own any DMD stock, but it’s been an interesting company to watch.
  • As the election season heats up, especially the presidential election, it seems that people try to cash in by speculating in domain names. In my opinion, this is a serious waste of money, as it’s unlikely any new registrations are going to be worth anything. Even if you do manage to buy a meaningful name, will you really want to be associated with it when news outlets pick up on it and call you a cybersquatter while commenters call you slime and scum? Not such a nice thing for people to find when they Google your name. Save your money and stay away from any potential legal troubles.
  • Later this week, my wife, two of our friends and I are throwing an ice cream sundae party for everyone at the Ronald McDonald House. I’m super excited to do this. If you have the time and/or funds to help an organization like RMH, please do so. It feels really good to help others.
  • Congratulations to Mike and Krissy St. John on the birth of their son, Silas. Both mom and baby are doing well.