October 30, 2011 | DomainInvesting.com
Neustar Domain Names

Sunday Update


The east coast was hit with a pretty big snow storm this weekend, and I know a few people who lost power. Hopefully you made it unscathed – and if you live elsewhere, I hope it’s been a nice weekend. Here are some weekly updates:

– I try to send follow up emails after meeting with people at tradeshows, and I appreciate it when people do the same. The photo above is a cookie I received from The Parking Place that says “RIP PPC.” There was also a card with a note from Jenny Johnson (company VP). It’s a great way to remind potential clients and business partners to get back in touch, and especially appropriate with Halloween coming up tomorrow.

– To follow up with my article about creatively bridging the gap in a negotiation, another great way to bridge the gap is to ask for a product or service from the buying company. For instance, if you’re selling a domain name to Best Buy, perhaps you can ask for a gift card as part of the deal.

– Numeric names continue to be hot… I keep receiving emails on a 3 number .com name I sold last year. People also continue to ask if I have any or know anyone selling any .com numeric names (2,3, and 4 numbers). If you have any for sale, let me know and I will try and put you in touch with a buyer – no fee or commission necessary.

– There’s going to be a .CO auction with some premium domain names starting tomorrow on Pool. I am sure you’ll hear more about it tomorrow, but just giving a head’s up.

– I want to buy a more comfortable office chair and am looking for suggestions. I am thinking about a Herman Miller Aeron chair, but they’re expensive, and want some feedback if you’ve tried it. Other recommendations would be appreciated.