January 11, 2012 | DomainInvesting.com
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5 With… GK, Original Domain Investor


I’ve known GK for several years, and he has always been one to impart great advice when asked. Although I can’t reveal GK’s name because of other business interests, you can trust me when I say he is one of the “original” domain investors who is respected by all who know him.

GK and his partner purchased their first domain in late 1997 and have been mostly buying and sometimes selling names ever since.  He has seen the domain channel’s growth pretty much from its infancy.  He has been around several of the earliest of domain gatherings, including attending the very first TRAFFIC show, the first DomainFest show and the legendary gathering known as the Deanfest in 2002.

GK was the very first domain owner to ever win the bid and purchase a name at an official live domain auction at TRAFFIC Del Rey Beach, FL in 2005.  He has been on a speaker’s panel at two TRAFFIC shows and lists his favorite domaining moment as attendance in 2008 at TRAFFIC Down Under in Australia.

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Sedo Weekly Sales Report: $1.3 Million in Domain Names Sold Last Week


I know that others have posted Sedo’s sales report already, but for consistency, I try to have all the sales reports posted. I wasn’t around to post it last night, so better later than not never.

Like Afternic yesterday, Sedo is off to a strong start of the year, recording $1.3 million in domain sales. Although it is listed in this report, the sale of Dudu.com was closed in December of 2011 and isn’t recorded in the $1.3 million total. 35% of this week’s sales were from buy it now listings, and this number continues to stay steady.

Public sales from the last week:

dudu.com 1000000 USD
juif.com 35000 USD
action.fr 20000 EUR
bequiet.com 15000 USD
shoutit.com 12999 USD
kompany.co.uk 12000 USD
zahnarztpraxis.com 10000 EUR
gokite.com 9900 USD
babyou.com 9800 EUR
dailysale.com 9000 USD
ianalytics.com 8000 USD
homesecurity.info 7900 USD
666.co 7500 USD
rockbot.com 6500 USD
octa.com 6500 USD
serrurier.pro 6000 EUR
kurhaus.com 5500 EUR
physicaleducation.com 5500 USD
lvfa.com 5100 USD
liveamateur.com 5000 EUR
sveltia.com 5000 USD
hotspotz.com 5000 USD
redakteur.eu 5000 EUR → Read More