April 26, 2012 | DomainInvesting.com
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Adrian Peterson (Asks For and) Gets AdrianPetersonOnline.com Cancelled


Asking for a domain name to be cancelled is one of the options a complainant has when filing a UDRP. Kevin S. Wiley of Gant & Hicks, PLLC, represented NFL superstar Adrian Peterson in a UDRP filing for AdrianPetersonOnline.com, and he requested a cancellation instead of requesting a transfer of the domain name.

Mr. Wiley won this uncontested dispute on behalf of Mr. Peterson (domain owner didn’t respond to the UDRP), and as requested, the panelist ordered that the domain name is to be cancelled.

I am not experienced in legal matters, but I don’t understand why an attorney would choose to request a cancellation in lieu of a transfer. If the domain name is transferred to the complainant, it would be the complainant’s responsibility to renew the domain name annually, and the complainant may have no desire to pay for an annual renewal on a domain name he doesn’t want. That is the primary reason I can think of for a cancellation.

With a cancelled domain name though, it is my understanding that the domain name will eventually be available for someone else to renew. Since AdrianPetersonOnline.com was (and still is for the time being) an operational website about Adrian Peterson, it’s likely a new registrant will purchase this domain name either in a drop auction or after it’s gone through the expiration cycle. This could cause Mr. Peterson and his representatives to have to go through the UDRP process again, which of course would likely be more expensive than renewing the name for the next 100 years.

Of course I might be missing something here with respect to a cancellation, and I would be interested in hearing why a cancellation request could be a good idea.

(Image above is screenshot from AdrianPetersonOnline.com).