April 27, 2012 | DomainInvesting.com
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Why You Might Not Want to Unsubscribe From Spam Sales Emails


One thing that bothers me quite a bit and I’ve heard others complain about it, too, is the amount of automated spam emails that are sent to domain owners to try and sell domain names. These emails are pitching domain names that are similar to names already owned by the recipient, so if a person owns thousands of emails, they probably receive a whole lot of spam.

The most recent example of one I received was an email trying to sell me Top-Notch-Domains.com, since I own the non-hyphenated version. I received several emails (all appropriately caught by my spam filter), but it was annoying to continue to see multiple emails about the same domain name.

The email contained an opt out link, but you may want to think twice about opting out this way. When you opt out, it lets the sender know there’s someone on the receiving end of the email, and that may make them send even more emails about other domain names, possibly from other email accounts.

When I get these emails, I generally prefer to copy some of the language that is the same in all emails and add a filter to automatically delete these emails upon receipt. If you want to be even more aggressive, you can report these emails by forwarding them (headers included) to spam@uce.gov, which was set up by the Federal Trade Commission. If you are technically inclined, you may also want to trace the headers and report the spam to the sender’s hosting company.

Photos: NASA Spot the Shuttle Over NYC


I know this isn’t related to the domain business, but I want to share a couple of photos I just took from the roof of my building.

The NASA Space Shuttle Enterprise is being flown on top of a specially customized 747 from Washington DC to New York City today, and it made a trip up the Hudson River past the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, where it will eventually be on display.

I took a few photos on its way up the Hudson with my iPhone, and they didn’t come out so well. I took these photos on its way back down the Hudson. It’s probably landing at JFK Airport as we speak.

What an awesome experience!