May 7, 2012 |
Neustar Domain Names

Directi “Worth $350 Million or Maybe More”


There’s an article that was posted on this morning about domain industry veteran Divyank Turakhia, and I believe it may be of interest to you. The article is about his company Directi and its property, which has seen huge growth since its launch at the end of 2010. The company is aiming to take market share away from Google’s contextual advertising business (Adsense).

I thought it was interesting to see that “Directi is now a holding worth $350 million (“or maybe more”) and expects to employ roughly 1,000 people by the end of 2012.” The article continues and mentions that about half of Directi’s employees are working for, which is remarkable considering its only been in business for a couple of years.

Other businesses in the Directi portfolio that domain investors may be familiar with include Skenzo, Logic Boxes,, among others. Andrew Allemann, publisher of Domain Name Wire, also works for Directi in its Austin office.

Ironically, I received a couple of emails from sales staff (including one last week) asking me about opportunities to supplant Adsense on two of my websites. I have not tried them yet, but it is something I would consider using them if I thought the opportunity was right.

The article is well worth reading when you have a chance.