May 14, 2012 |
Neustar Domain Names

My First Domain Name Had a Hyphen


For the life of me, I couldn’t recall the first domain name I ever registered. A few people have asked me over the years, and I had a vague idea, but I couldn’t recall it and didn’t have a record of it. I knew it was registered at Network Solutions sometime around the beginning of 2003, but I didn’t know much else.

Thanks to Christie Chute, Manager of Monetization and Aftermarket Sales at, I was able to find out the first domain name I ever registered.

The domain name I purchased on October 31, 2002 was It appears this name was dropped at some point, re-registered in 2005, and it seems to have expired within the last couple of days. It is not the type of domain name I would purchase today, but it was my starting point in the domain industry.

The next domain names I registered a few days later were,,, and

I got a fairly late start compared to many of the people I admire who have successful businesses, but I spent a lot of time soaking in as much information as I could in order to learn what domain names sell for how much, and why. I think someone could start today and be very successful, but I don’t think this is a business in which someone can expect to become rich overnight.

I’ve registered some truly crappy domain names in my time, but I continued to learn from my mistakes and make better purchases.

What was the first domain name you purchased?