May 18, 2012 |
Neustar Domain Names

My Favorite “Robert Cline” Comments of 2012


There is a frequent commenter on my blog who always supports .CO, and he goes by the name “Robert Cline.” It seems that this person responds to almost all .CO articles, and in fact, he seems to respond to all articles on every single blog when it comes to .CO.

No matter what the topic du jour, if the article is about .CO or can even be tangentially about .CO, “Robert Cline” always seems to chime in with his rosy .CO outlook.

Here are a few of my favorite “Robert Cline” comments on my blog from 2012.

  • This is why I am an advocate of wiping out .com entirely in favor of requiring everyone to switch over to .Co
  • one thing I forgot to mention is that as a .Co owner we have a sense of pride.
  • Juan is King of a vast vast span of endless Kingdom. you all are nothing but dust in the wind
  • I think .Co will be the de facto for global web sites
  • .Co is everywhere. Should be a major part of anyone’s healthy domain portfolio.
  • I am going to submit for legislation a bill to require if you are a legitimate online domain establishment, to require to upgrade to .Co
  • .Co is growing at the fastest pace now and is absolutely the biggest share gainer going forward.
  • I told you all whole .com was full of junk They must shut down the whole space. Upgrade today to a more secure space .Co
  • call me what you will. jesus was called a clown at his time too. But now he is everyone’s savior, son of god. You too will think of me.
  • .Co is now the preferred way to go. I see everyday big huge companies switching their entire site from .com over to go .Co

Reading comments like this adds a bit of humor to my day, although it’s a bit sad that someone spends so much time on one topic.