June 3, 2012 | DomainInvesting.com
Neustar Domain Names

Sunday Updates


It’s been a great weekend and I hope you enjoyed yours, too. Here are some updates.

  • Last week, I suggested you work with a buyer’s broker to try and acquire a domain name. I want to give a public thank you to Aaron Visaggio and Neil Kavanaugh of Afternic for helping me complete a private acquisition this past week. With their help, I was able to purchase BikeRentals.com. You can check out SkiRentals.com to see how I envision a new site.
  • I read Andrew’s article about Go Daddy coming up with a system to eliminate the 60 day transfer lock (not including NEW registrations). It doesn’t make any sense that the company would revert the Whois to what it was prior to the lock being added. If I just bought the name and want to transfer it or flip it, I can’t have it locked. Under this new regulation, it would revert the registration back to the former owner.
  • I made a few aftermarket purchases last week. Some of the names I bought include: BikeRentals.com, CorporateReputation.com, and LivingWills.com. What names did you purchase in the last few days?
  • Looks like Repair.com recently launched, and it is helmed by someone with significant experience online. I think that’s going to be a good business to follow and see how it grows and ranks in Google. Thanks to Ted from Internet Venture Holdings for sending me the article about the company.
  • I don’t own a single .TV name right now (to my knowledge) but it does seem like that market is heating up a bit. I’ve noticed quite a few large public sales reported, and I’ve heard some rumors of a few large private sales. What have you been seeing?