June 11, 2012 | DomainInvesting.com
Neustar Domain Names

Roundup of Mainstream gTLD Coverage


There has been a considerable amount of mainstream media coverage on the new gTLDs, and it’s interesting to see how these media outlets discuss the new domain names and the impact they will have on the Internet. I want to share links to some of the mainstream articles that I’ve found from the last week that might be of interest to you.

By the way, do you care about gTLDs? Vote now!

Do You Care About gTLDs?


I believe that many people who buy domain names as investments have a short term outlook on things that impact the business. Many people want to make money quickly from their domain purchases, and they think about how things in the short term will impact them rather than having a longer horizon.

In my opinion, gTLDs will take quite some time to implement, and it will be even longer before they impact the domain sales aftermarket. Because of this, some people might not really care about gTLDs or be interested in reading about them right now. With all the news about gTLDs and the  upcoming “big reveal,” I am wondering if the domain investors who read my blog care about gTLDs, and further, if they want to read about them.

This is a simple question, but I am curious if you care about gTLDs.