June 14, 2012 | DomainInvesting.com
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My Flawless Switch to Go Daddy Hosting


For the last several years, my blog has been hosted by Liquid Web. They have 24/7 customer support, and whenever I had an issue, they were quick to resolve it. For that, I paid between $60 – $100 a month for my hosting plan (a VPS).

Last month, I read about Andrew Allemann’s switch to Go Daddy hosting. His concerns were similar to mine, and I knew if he was comfortable making an important change like hosting, I should have the same comfort level. Andrew and I met for breakfast a couple of weeks ago, and he told me that his switchover went smoothly and he felt he made the right decision. I was sold.

I reached out to Go Daddy to inquire about hosting, and I learned the company has a support team for websites/businesses that get a significant amount of traffic like mine. I was put in touch with Flavio Andrade, Product Line Director for Go Daddy’s Hosting division, and he walked me through Go Daddy’s offerings. He connected me with Todd Cluff, one of Go Daddy’s Corporate Account Executives. I decided to move to Go Daddy’s 4GH web hosting platform, which seems to be perfect for WordPress websites like mine.

After doing prep work for the move, testing my current website for errors and potential issues, and setting up my account, Todd connected me with Daniel Feuster, who works on the Advanced Hosting Support support team. Daniel had me upload my Vaultpress back-up to the FTP, and he helped set up my website. After checking on the operations of the site on the new server, Daniel instructed me to change my DNS, and my site was officially hosted by Go Daddy.

The good news is that I am now paying just $9.00 a month for hosting. The better news is that the hosting company switch was flawless. I am going to see how things go for the next couple of weeks, and assuming there aren’t any issues, I plan to move additional sites soon.

There are no affiliate links in this post, and I was not compensated in any way to write this article. I am paying the rack rate found on Godaddy’s hosting page.

NameJet User’s Frontrunning Email is Bogus


I was observing the conclusion of a private auction I had running at NameJet the other day, when I received the following email from what appears to be a throw away email address:


I have a web name, <domain redacted>, you may be interested in.

Since you already own <different domain redacted>, I thought you may be interested in owning this one as well.

This is over 10-years old and is comprised of premium seo keywords, which makes it very valuable.

My asking price is $2,888 only.

I intend to sell this soon, and have mailed several parties. If you are interested, please reply back at your earliest convenience.


There are three problems I see with this type of bogus email:

1) I own this domain name that was in a private auction, and the person who sent the email did not. Misrepresenting ownership like this is borderline criminal in my opinion.

2) Should someone else have won the auction at a higher price and decided to go out and sell it, he or she may have been hampered by this person’s efforts to sell the domain name at a lower price. Put simply, an end user won’t pay $10,000 for this name if it was offered to him for $2,888 the week prior, even if the original offer wasn’t legit.

3) If the emailer found a buyer who later did not pay, he may not have paid NameJet. In the case of a private auction, the seller and NameJet would lose out.

At the time of the email, the auction was selling for somewhere around $1,000, although the reserve price was not met. I should have agreed to buy the domain name and tried to initiate a transaction at Escrow.com to see who this person is, but I didn’t want to chance ruining my auction with a potential non-paying bidder.

Have you received similar emails to this? What are your thoughts?

Q2 Estimated Taxes Due Tomorrow


For many US taxpayers who own small businesses, paying quarterly estimated taxes is a requirement. Here’s a friendly reminder that estimated taxes for the second quarter need to be postmarked by tomorrow, June 15th.

I don’t think anyone likes paying taxes, but it sure beats the alternative of not having taxes to pay :-)

2012 Due Dates:

  • April 17, 2012
  • June 15, 2012
  • September 17, 2012
  • January 15, 2013