5 With... Troy Rushton, Founder of Protrada
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5 With… Troy Rushton, Founder of Protrada


ProtradaI have heard quite a bit about Protrada, and I asked company founder Troy Rushton if I could do an interview with him. He agreed, and I asked him some questions I think will be interesting to you. I invite your questions as well. Keep in mind that Troy is in Australia, so it might take a bit of time for him to respond.

At the bottom of this interview, there’s a special offer brochure for readers of my blog, which is valid for 24 hours, and offers $100 worth of Protrada credits if you sign up. You can visit this Protrada landing page to read more information or to sign up. This is not a paid post, and the link is not an affiliate link (I am NOT being paid or compensated for this article):

For more information about Troy, here’s a brief bio:

Troy Rushton is a digital media visionary and entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Winged Media, an incubator of innovations for domain assets, digital media, online advertising and publishing systems. Today he heads up a dynamic team of almost 30 technologists and marketing professionals.

Troy is the driving force for the development of Winged Media’s Intellectual Property. His ongoing commitment to Research and Development has led to the launch of platforms and tools that have developed into profitable internet businesses. These digital innovations include Protrada, Parklings, Shoppatube, Fruitful and Domainspike.

These innovations have all culminated in the launch of the world’s first domain exchange, Protrada, for the online and mobile trading of domain names.

EJS: Prior to Protrada, how were you involved in the domain industry, and how did you learn about it and become involved?

TR: My career has been built in the media industry and as it progressed this inevitably included the opportunities that the internet offered. In 2006 I launched a venture that was designed to provide web strategies for clients to build traffic and provide online market intelligence. This was my first exposure to the Domaining sector.

The next stage of my career was the establishment of Winged Media, an investment incubator to develop innovations for domain assets, digital media, online advertising and publishing systems. Our earliest innovation was created in response to the demand for domain parking and the challenges involved in this part of the market. In seconds, the Parklings Website Development Platform uploads builds-out, monetizes and renders domains – more quickly than any other system in the industry. It’s scalability is really a key competitive advantage.

One thing that Parklings taught me was that if we wanted to maximize economic returns on domain assets we had to have fast access to data and tools. I had to quickly allocate resources where they needed to go in order to make the best investment decisions. We became more and more exposed to the needs of domainers and realised that our core focus on scalability, speed to market and monetization was very similar to what we were aiming to achieve. Today Parklings technology is incorporated into our Protrada platform and this is key to managing and developing portfolios that provide greater returns for minimal effort and investment.

EJS: 2) What type of domain investors will benefit the most from using Protrada, and what are the platform’s most useful features?

TR: The domain investors that will benefit the most from using Protrada are the investors that are actively buying and selling domains – the investors that want to monetize their domains with clever technology that can generate a faster time to market cycle and better returns than parking.

We have recently enhanced our Protrada packages to cater for those new to Domaining and for power domainers. We want members of all levels to appreciate the benefits of Domaining with the power of Protrada.

Protrada is all about innovation and we continue to work hard to develop and extend the features of the platform constantly. The features that I would single out as being the most useful today though include our filtering technology which uses 35 different criteria to search through data and domains to help you find the latest Domaining opportunity; our bid security tool which automatically places a bid in the last minutes of an auction so that you win your domain with the lowest bid price; our ability to build out your domain for you to monetize that web site; our Dropping domains feature which lets members access available dropping domains for just $15 and our latest innovation – mobile Domaining with our iPhone and Android apps.

EJS: What is the most unused feature/aspect of Protrada that domain investors should know about?

TR: There are two key features that I would recommend that domain investors really investigate, firstly our automated domain selling & secondly, our drop catching. Both features are pretty powerful tools as Protrada members have the ability to automatically list their domains across SEDO, GoDaddy and AfterNIC with a few clicks & they can also grab domains on the drop Both features give us a competitive edge & really compliment other key features including the instant & timed bid management feature.

We really aim to save users lots of time handling the monotonous tasks in buying & selling as we enable them to access the world’s largest domain marketplaces and help them to trade with millions of potential buyers across different countries and languages.

EJS: Some people have trust issues in giving away their account and password information for various secure websites. How can you alleviate some of these concerns since it’s necessary to do with Protrada?

TR: The Protrada team takes security very seriously and in fact this is the highest priority for our business. We have a policy for our management of data both internally and externally and our actions on data security comply with our corporate and security governance policies.

From an internal perspective our small team that is responsible for data and its security undergoes a strict integrity check and our core data is locked down to this team of experts. All of the data that we use to provide information to Protrada members is contained within our internal data server environment. We complete regular internal audits so that we can track who is accessing this information and how this conforms to our governance standards.

From an external perspective, Protrada members can rest easy that we won’t compromise the security of their data in any way. We capture and store member’s data securely with the highest level security protocols available. We have strict control parameters with our domain auction partners and have established an initiative to integrate security tokens into each transaction to meet industry best practice guidelines wherever and whenever you trade a domain.

We want to reassure domainers considering using Protrada that we don’t data scrape your account and use that data for other purposes. Here at Protrada we push the information that you need to you and our interactions are at your request.

EJS: How does Protrada use private user information, like searches, domain names owned…etc?

TR: Protrada doesn’t use private user information at all; we simply rely on third party data from our auction house partners. In future we are implementing an opt-in for trending information.


About Protrada

Protrada is the world’s first aggregator of the major domain auction houses. It provides members with the data and tools to buy, build and sell domains automatically from within the Protrada platform. Launched in mid 2011, Protrada manages more than 150,000 global domain names. www.protrada.com

About Winged Media

Winged Media Pty Ltd was established in 2009 to develop a range of platform-based solutions for the domain investing arena, targeting professional domainers, internet marketers and share investors around the world. With offices in Australia and the United States of America, the company has launched a range of digital innovations, including Devname, kwIQ Tool, Parklings, Protrada and Shoppatube. www.wingedmedia.com

For more news on Winged Media:

  • Visit their blog at www.wingedmedia.com/blog
  • Find them on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/company/winged-media


For further information and media interviews please contact:

Corporate Enquiries:

Cathryn van der Walt | 12 Worlds | + 61 (0) 402 327 633 | cathryn@12worlds.com

Product Enquiries:

Craig Russell |Winged Media| +61 (0) 418 468 470|craig.russell@wingedmedia.com

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