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Forum / Blog Complaints Should Be the Last Resort


We go through quite a bit of propane each month during the Fall and Winter months. Our 500 gallon propane tank needs to be filled monthly and sometimes twice monthly if the weather is extraordinarily cold. Yesterday, the propane tank was filled and I noticed the price was 35% higher than last year's price for the same time period. I looked at the Massachusetts Propane Price Survey and saw that the year over year average price was only 6% higher this year.

Because the propane company owns our tank and we are contracted with them to fill us at their market rates, there was little I could do. I called the company and someone there offered to lower the price by a few cents a gallon. This was nice, but it wasn't really satisfactory to me, especially since they could continue to increase our rate with the only option being to reduce our usage (no, thanks).

Instead of taking to Yelp,, or some other local website where people chat or give reviews to talk about my dissatisfaction, I did something else: I emailed a couple → Read More

Just Send Your Top 5


People regularly email about their domain names. Most people seem to want to sell me their domain names. The polite people ask me if they can send me their domain names to review if any fit my purchasing needs. The not as polite people simply email me a big list of names without a prior introduction or any type of business relationship.

When people ask about sending me a list of their domain names, I typically ask them to send me a few of their best domain names. Sometimes I'll say send your 10 best and other times it's a top 3 list. The point is to get them to cull the list instead of thinking that I will do it for them.

Realistically, the "best" domain names in a portfolio would be a small percentage of that portfolio. If someone asked me to share my top 5 names, I would quickly say (more…) → Read More

If You Want Something, Ask


I want to share a tip that may help you close sales, get better deals, and potentially improve the products and services offered by industry companies. If you don't see a product or service offered by a company that you think would help your business, ask them to add it. I have found that many are happy to oblige.

Chances are good that if you think something will help your business, others have the same thought as well. It can be as simple as adding a currency to the checkout option to as complicated as suggesting a deal structure that is atypical. If a company is able to add the product or service in a way that they can monetize profitably, many companies are willing to consider it.

I have found that some of the largest companies have (more…) → Read More

Use DomainIQ to Help Consolidate Your Portfolio


domainiq-logoI pay for a monthly membership to DomainIQ that I use mostly to find domain names to buy. DomainIQ allows me to identify domain names that are owned by a company or associated with a particular email address. I thought of another way to use my DomainIQ membership, and it might be especially useful to people with larger portfolios.

When I was having a look at my own portfolio on DomainIQ, I realized that the results also include the domain registrar where each domain name is registered. I had look through my portfolio, and I found a few domain names at domain registrars I don't recognize. Although a few of those registrars are owned by Network Solutions and the names were in my NSI account, there were a couple of domain names at registrars I don't use regularly. This tool enabled me to initiate transfers and consolidate my holdings. It's a nice additional way to use my membership.

As you might imagine, (more…) → Read More

It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask an Expert


I send lots of emails, and I don't always get a response to them. I am not afraid to contact someone out of the blue, introduce myself, and let them know what I am seeking. In my opinion, it doesn't hurt to ask an expert for some advice.

I have been contemplating what to do with one of my domain names I feel has potential. I've been trying to figure out whether to develop, and if I take that path, how to build a website or a business. I am not all that set on developing another website, but I am exploring opportunities.

While doing some research, the name of someone (more…) → Read More

5 Tips to Keep a Domain Name from Lapsing


For most people in the domain name business, this article should be filed under "common sense." For many who aren't as familiar with how domain names work, it is a good reminder to avoid losing domain names accidentally.

This is evidenced by a recent article about the accidental expiration of the Stowe, Vermont school district, which led to someone else buying and owning the domain name. There are countless articles like this one, and while some organizations and people have legal recourse to attempt to reclaim trademark-related domain names, it does not appear that the school district has this option.

I thought I would share 5 tips that should ensure domain names get renewed and avoid a lapsing domain registration. (more…) → Read More

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