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#AdvoChat with Laura Messerschmitt on March 2


On March 2, GoDaddy Vice President of Customer Experience Laura Messerschmitt will be participating in a Twitter #AdvoChat discussion. The AdvoChat begins at 11am Pacific time (2pm on the east coast). The topic of discussion is "How to Identify and Grow an Army of Advocates."

According to the #AdvoChat website, "#AdvoChat is a Twitter chat to connect, learn and share tips about brand advocacy and customer experience." People can post questions and comments using the #AdvoChat hashtag, and Laura will lead a discussion and answer questions. The target audience for this #AdvoChat is marketers who are looking to set up advocacy programs at their companies. With GoDaddy playing such a big role in the domain name business (and IS the domain name business to many people), I think it will be educational to see what Laura has to → Read More Advertising Parked Domain Name


Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 10.25.40 AMOn the home page of, it looks like the publication is advertising a parked domain name. Under the "Most Popular" heading on the right side of the home page, there is a headline that says "Love" Not only is a domain name parked with Uniregistry, but the publication doesn't even own this domain name either. This makes no sense to me.

When visitors click on the sidebar link, they are taken to a feature section called Love Letters. Interestingly, when hovering over the LoveLetters logo at the top of the page below the masthead, the alt text is "Love Letters .com." According to the About page, "Love Letters is a daily dispatch of advice for the lovelorn that launched on in 2009." It doesn't seem to make sense to promote this as  (more…) → Read More – Killer Domain Name!


I want to share a photo of a great domain name I just saw on the back of a truck:


There are a few interesting things I want to point out. is an awesome domain name - perfect for a pest control company. It is short and super easy to remember. In fact, I remember more than the actual name of the company.

The owner of the company is not a called The company is called Hulett Environmental Services. A Google search for the company shows that their website is found on They are not using it as an easy to remember forwarder.

I don't see any public sales record for, so I have no idea what the company paid to acquire this great domain name. It looks like the company may have acquired it back in 2003. is a killer domain name and it's nice to see it being used!
→ Read More

Caitlyn Jenner Smartened Up About Domain Names


According to an article in the New York Post today, "Caitlyn Jenner has picked a name for her upcoming memoir: 'The Secrets of My Life.' Out of curiosity, I checked the Whois records, and it appears that the exact match domain name was registered. The registrant appears to be affiliated with her publishing company. The domain name was created approximately two weeks ago, and it currently forwards to Jenner's website.

As you may recall, Jamie Zoch originally registered the domain name shortly after Bruce Jenner announced the name change. Luckily for Jenner, Jamie was very generous and offered her the domain name for free. As you can see, Jenner now uses for her primary website. It would have been wise to secure the domain name prior to the name change becoming public.

Whether Jenner or her publisher is responsible for registering the domain name, it doesn't really matter. What does matter is that Jenner's team controls this domain name, and it will prevent someone else → Read More

A Domain Name Could be Too Generic


I exclusively buy domain names that I deem generic / descriptive. These are common words or phrases that are meaningful to people who use them and the customers that visit their websites. One downside for prospective buyers of descriptive keyword domain names is that they may be too generic.

I was in a negotiation with a buyer's agent during the past week or so, and the prospective buyer opted to not buy my one word .com domain name. The buyer's agent told me the reason the company passed was its lawyers advised them that the company would have a very difficult time registering the trademark they would need because of the broad usage of the keyword in the market. Essentially, there were so many other companies using this keyword in their businesses, that the prospective buyer might not be able to get trademark protection.

There are many great reasons for why a strong keyword domain name can be great for a business. There are also quite a few big brands that use keyword .com domain names as their brand, including, → Read More

Oliver Stone’s Domain Name Expires


Oliver Stone is an award winning director and screenwriter who is known for films such as Scarface, Wall Street, Platoon, Natural Born Killers, JFK, and a ton of other awesome movies. Depending on your age and location, it is highly likely that you have seen an Oliver Stone movie at some point in your life.

It looks like Stone's domain name,, expired on October 16, and it will be headed to auction at NameJet if it is not renewed:


I have published two articles in the last couple of weeks about celebrity domain names expiring. and expired within a few days of each other, and it appears that both were renewed. I did a bit of searching on, and it didn't seem like either of those domain names was developed.

Unfortunately for Mr. Stone, it appears that was being used. In fact, if you visit Stone's official Twitter page, you can see a link to the domain name right in his profile:

screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-10-58-45-pm shows that had → Read More

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