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CNBC Article Illustrates Positive Aspect of Dictionary .com


Mike Berkens shared a link to a CNBC article on Twitter about a company called Blockchain that just raised $40 million in funding. I think the article is a good illustration about why it is important for a business that uses a descriptive brand name to operate on the exact match  .com domain name.

While reading the article on my iPhone, I noticed that there was no url for the startup referenced or embedded. I know the company is called Blockchain, and I also know they are in the blockchain / cryptocurrency business. There are quite a few companies with Blockchain in their branding.

I (correctly) assumed the company operates on, so I was easily able to navigate to the website to learn more about them. This is the positive aspect of a (more…) → Read More

Squeeze Upgrades to


SqueezeYesterday morning, I noticed a Whois registrant change for the valuable domain name. Because the domain name had been owned by Future Media Architects, I reached out to Uniregistry's Vice President of Sales Jeff Gabriel, as Uniregistry typically acts as the domain broker on behalf of FMA. Unfortunately, Jeff could not provide details about the sale, but I believe Uniregistry was the broker.

When I visited yesterday and clicked on the "Learn more" link, I was taken to a page within the website. The company refers to itself simply as Squeeze throughout its website, so the acquisition of represents a huge domain name upgrade. According to its Twitter profile, Squeeze is a FinTech app, and the website says it will be launching this Summer.

I reached out to Elias Janetis, CEO of Squeeze, to ask him about the acquisition. Although he couldn't tell me the exact purchase price of the domain name, he did tell me that he (more…) → Read More

Live With Kelly & Ryan Domain Registered A Year Ago


For many years, there was a morning talk show called Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee. When Kathie Lee left the show, Kelly Ripa became Regis Philbin's co-host, and the show's name was changed to Live! with Regis and Kelly. After Regis retired, Kelly's co-host became former NFL player Michael Strahan, and the show was called Live! with Kelly and Michael. Last year, Michael Strahan left the show, and a variety of people have filled in as co-host for short periods of time.

For quite some time, there had been some speculation about who would be Kelly Ripa's new permanent co-host. The speculation played out a bit on social media over the last few days as it seemed like there was an announcement coming soon:

One of the headlines in the news today is that the new co-host of the Live! show has been selected. The new co-host is (more…) → Read More

Additional Thoughts About the Closing of Quidsi


On Wednesday, we learned that Amazon would be sunsetting Quidsi brands, including,, and others. Recode, Wall St. Journal, and CNBC published articles sharing this news. I was an infrequent customer of, and I was a fan of the company's usage of exact match domain names for its brands.

In my article last week, I shared a few thoughts on the news, and I thought I would share some additional thoughts today. You are welcome to give your insight about the news. I am also interested in hearing your ideas about how Amazon will use Quidsi's great exact match domain names, which hold considerable value.

5 Thoughts about Amazon shutting Quidsi: (more…) → Read More

Report: Amazon to Shut Quidsi (, …etc)


According to a news report just published in the Financial Times (FT), Amazon is shutting down Quidsi and its website brands. As you may recall, Quidsi operates websites on fantastic exact match .com domain names such as,,,,, and others. Amazon acquired Quidsi several years ago.

Here's a brief excerpt from the FT article:

"Amazon said on Wednesday that it was shutting down Quidsi, the company behind and that it acquired for $545m less than seven years ago, after failing to make the websites profitable."

I don't see any information about how Amazon will utilize these domain names once the brands are shut down. It looks like the company previously shut down Vine Market, which operated on, as that domain name now forwards to Perhaps Amazon will do something similar and simply forward these domain names to the relevant sections on its own website.

Using DomainIQ, I did a quick search to see some of the most valuable domain names owned by → Read More is Growing



Ever since I was a kid, my Mom bought sweet Vidalia onions for cooking. Because of my familiarity with this type of onion, I was a bidder in the NameJet auction for in 2014. Luckily for Peter Askew, I was the underbidder when Peter bought the domain name for $2,200. This sale now looks like a great bargain.

Shortly after acquiring the domain name, Peter set out to build a business on it. He partnered up with a local farm renown for its Vidalia onions, and the business is growing. In fact, is now taking orders for its Spring crop, with shipping scheduled to begin on May 1, 2017. As the domain name and branding suggests, the company specializes in the sale of vidalia onions.

I asked Peter about how went from domain auction win to fully operational business, and here's what he told me: (more…) → Read More

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