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Offer Rejections Yield Intel


There are many ways to get domain name intelligence to help your business. The main way is to read sales reports from various marketplaces, auction houses brokers, and private sellers archived on NameBio and DNJournal. This information is readily available and doesn't cost anything to obtain.

Talking to people and exchanging emails is another way to get information. People regularly share private details in private that they don't want to have published and searchable. This type of information sharing is readily available, but it is only available to those who are acquaintances with each other and to those who are willing to share their intel.

Another great way to get private information that isn't readily available is to make offers in private. This can lead to good information that wouldn't be found elsewhere. I regularly make offers for domain names in private via email. While offers are regularly rejected, the rejection emails sometimes have data that is helpful to me without the sender knowing (or caring). For instance, in → Read More

Emoji + ASCII Domains Can Now Be Registered


Emoji domainsLast November, I asked readers if they would consider registering an Emoji domain name. At that time, a little more than half of the people who voted said they would not consider registering an Emoji domain name. This morning, I was sent an email from Jon Roig, who let me know people can now register domain names with both Emoji and ASCII characters in them.

Here's what Jon told me about creating Emoji and ASCII domain names along with some examples of them to show their utility:

i❤️.ws is a new Emoji Domain Registration web app created by the Domain Research Group. For the first time, it lets you create domains which contain a mix of emoji and text.

Some examples:

I think these kinds of domain names are creative for a mobile marketing campaign or a fun way for people who know each other to share a fun link. The downside is that → Read More

Registrars Promoting .Net Sale


It looks like there is a big sale going on for new .Net domain names. For the past few days, I have noticed quite a few tweets, emails, banner advertisements, and other promotions from registrars offering deep discounts on .Net domain names. I would imagine Verisign is behind this marketing push of .net domain names, although I don't know for certain. I don't think any of the special promos are offering discounts on .net domain name renewals.

I am strictly a .com domain name buyer, so I have not bought any .net domain names at the lower price and do not have plans to do so. If you have an interest in .net domain names, it seems like now would be the time to register them since it looks like the special promotions end soon.

Here are just a handful of the domain registrars that have tweeted about .net promotions in the last few days, and I suspect there are discount codes at other domain registrars and even hosting companies: (more…) → Read More

It’s Million Dollar Wednesday!


I find it a bit amusing observing the domain names people share in response to domain names wanted requests. This goes for forum posts, blog posts, and Twitter posts. It's particularly amusing to see domain names I wouldn't hand register being priced beyond retail prices when the prospective buyer is a domain name investor.

As you may have seen, Rick Schwartz has been seeking out domain names to buy via Twitter. From what I have seen, he has purchased one domain name so far.

Rick has declared that today is "Million Dollar Wednesday," and he is looking to buy category killer domain names for up to $1 million each: (more…) → Read More

Live With Kelly & Ryan Domain Registered A Year Ago


For many years, there was a morning talk show called Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee. When Kathie Lee left the show, Kelly Ripa became Regis Philbin's co-host, and the show's name was changed to Live! with Regis and Kelly. After Regis retired, Kelly's co-host became former NFL player Michael Strahan, and the show was called Live! with Kelly and Michael. Last year, Michael Strahan left the show, and a variety of people have filled in as co-host for short periods of time.

For quite some time, there had been some speculation about who would be Kelly Ripa's new permanent co-host. The speculation played out a bit on social media over the last few days as it seemed like there was an announcement coming soon:

One of the headlines in the news today is that the new co-host of the Live! show has been selected. The new co-host is (more…) → Read More

Sell a Domain Name to the Domain King


It looks like "Domain King" Rick Schwartz has invited people to submit domain names for his purchase consideration via Twitter. If you have a good, non-new gTLD domain name for sale for $5,000 or below, Rick will give it consideration.

I presume all submissions should be made via Twitter, and if you submit a domain name to Rick for consideration, he asked for the right of first refusal for four hours.

One thing to keep in mind is that the domain name should be worth much more than $5k (at least from Rick's perspective). He later added that he buys domain names that he believes has at least 10x upside. Put simply, a domain name that Rick will buy for $5k should be able to be sold at some point in the future for at least $50k.

Rick did not say whether he will definitely buy a domain name or not, but this is a good way for him (and others) → Read More

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