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My Domains Get a Ton of Junk Mail


It seems like companies harvest the contact information of newly registered domain names and bombard them with emails, text messages, and phone calls. These are a nuisance. I don't know about you, but I also seem to get quite a bit of junk mail directed to my domain names.

Although I always throw out this junk mail before leaving the post office, I wanted to show you a very small batch of letters I received during the previous few days from when I last checked the mail box:

Junk Mail

As you can see, they aren't exactly (more…) → Read More

What Domain Names Are You Buying Now?


A while ago, I wrote a blog post asking people what types of domain names they are currently buying. I was asked by a reader to post the same type of article, and I am happy to allow people to share the types of domain names they are buying at the moment.

For me, I am still privately buying one word English .com domain names whenever I can find a decent deal. I am only buying .com domain names, and I am only buying real words that could be used by many different type of companies (ie they have generic meaning). I am also paying reasonable prices as an investor, so it is pointless to send overpriced names. In general, the domain names I am buying were created before 2000 and have quite a few extensions registered because there is great demand for the keyword.

I invite you to share the types of domain names you are buying in the comment section. If you want people to send you their names, you can leave a way to contact you but that is certainly up to you. I ask people not to post their domain names for sale in the comment → Read More

Using to Assess Risk


UDRPSearch.comI am an active user of As someone who writes about the business of domain name investing, I think it is important to stay aware of new and ongoing UDRP proceedings. I also think is a good way for me to assess some risk when acquiring a domain name.

The percentage of UDRP filings compared to domain names is miniscule. Although a bright light is usually cast on UDRP proceedings that involve generic and/or otherwise valuable domain names, there are probably proceedings that go undetected or were filed before domain industry publications existed. Although I know of many UDRP filings, there are likely hundreds of UDRP proceedings filed against valuable domain names I don't know of off the top of my head.

When buying a domain name, it is important to know (more…) → Read More

When in Doubt, Call Former Owner


Performing due diligence is a critical step in buying a domain name. I never want to purchase a domain name that turns out to be stolen from a registrant, so it is important to me to do as much as I can to ensure a registrant is the rightful owner of a domain name.

I use a variety of tools to verify proper ownership, and the main tool I use is DomainTools' Whois History Tool. If there is ever a question in my mind about the ownership of a domain name I am interested in buying, I will try to contact a former owner to verify that the domain name was sold to the current owner.

Importantly, it is critical to ensure the correct owner is called. If the entity that owned the domain name sold it to someone else and the domain name was stolen from that person, the phone verification of a previous domain owner doesn't help. This is why I need to make sure I call the right person to not get a false sense of security.

When I make a phone call to a former domain registrant, (more…) → Read More

Not Always Great to Buy a Domain Name for Someone


The most difficult part of a domain deal is often the domain name transfer. This process can be especially frustrating when dealing with a buyer who is not all that experienced with domain name transfers and doesn't know how to facilitate one. This can be even more frustrating when the value of the deal is lower than usual.

The other day, I posted a poll asking people if they have ever given a domain name as a gift to someone. The majority of people who participated in the poll were like me and have bought a domain name for someone else as a gift. Sometimes, buying a domain name for someone else isn't such a great idea.

Nearly all of the time I have bought a domain name for someone, they have not taken possession of the domain name from me. Either they don't have the need for the domain name (yet), or they simply don't know enough about how to actually get the domain name. If I were to guess, most of these people have never even owned a domain name before and they wouldn't know how to open a registrar account and initiate an → Read More

Have You Given a Domain Name as a Gift?


There have been quite a few times I have bought domain names on behalf of friends or for friends and family. Most of the time, these domain names were hand registrations for people who recently had babies or for friends who started businesses.

The 101Domain blog has an article about giving domain names as gifts. For several of the gift giving occasions they cited, they recommended a new gTLD domain name. I think this could be a good option, especially when the desired .com is already taken and the new gTLD domain name can be bought inexpensively.

I am curious if you have ever bought a domain name for someone as a gift. Vote in the poll below and let us know if you bought a .com or one of the new domain names (or something else).

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