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Mike Berkens is “Ready for More”


On occasion, I have read comments that called early domain investors like Mike Berkens "lucky" for getting into the domain investment business at an early stage. Some people have even said that those early birds couldn't replicate their business if they started today. Well, those people are wrong.

Mike Berkens famously sold the majority of his company's domain portfolio to GoDaddy for tens of millions of dollars in 2015. Mike could retire and/or live a life of luxury, traveling the world with Judi and never buy or sell a single domain name again. Mike is still buying and selling domain names, and he is continuing to prove that he is one of the smartest people in the business who could start over today and still do better than 99.9% of everyone else in the business.

Case in point:

Mike acquired the domain name a little over a year ago at a public → Read More

Personal Info May Be Used When Selling a Domain Name


When I am negotiating the purchase of a domain name as an investment, I might do some cursory research to learn more about the seller. If I am trying to buy a one word .com from a guy who owns a $15 million townhouse in San Francisco, I can probably forget about gradually increasing my offers by $5k every few months.

My presumption is that most buyers of domain names will also do research to discover potentially helpful information about the owner of the domain names. In fact, I would imagine the research done by buyers and their brokers may be much more than cursory information. This information can be used to determine the owner's financial position and may also be used to establish some rapport with the domain owner.

It is probably pretty easy for someone to find out a domain owner's personal details - like a home address. This may give a buyer a general idea about the person's affluence. I would imagine if the domain name is owned by a company, this information may be more difficult to obtain. In general, I would imagine → Read More Domain Name Changes Hands (Updated)


According to Whois records, it appears that the high value domain name has sold. Based on the current Whois records showing the domain name is registered to an escrow account at, it would appear that the domain name was acquired by a China based domain name registrant. I noted the Whois change in my daily DomainTools Whois Monitor alert email, and George Kirikos also wrote about it on Twitter this morning:

Prior to the most recent Whois change, the domain name was privately registered. Prior to the private registration, the registrant of was The Hecker Law Group, a law firm based in Los Angeles, California. The law firm used for its website, and for the time being, is now forwarding to Whenever a company sells a domain name like this, it is wise to negotiate the usage of the domain name for enough → Read More

Heritage Auctions Gets Publicity for


A couple of weeks ago, Aron Meystedt of Heritage Auctions emailed me because his company is brokering the sale of the two letter domain name. It's a nice domain name made valuable because it is a two letter .com, and "OC" could stand for Orange County, among many other meanings (or nothing at all).

Because of the OC acronym, it looks like the domain name is getting some good local coverage in Orange County. You can have a look at the article in the Orange County Business Journal (found at I also embedded a copy of the print edition, so you can see how it looks to readers who receive the paper version of the publication.

The OCBJ is a weekly journal, and the article about was on the front page and appears on the website's home page. I don't know how effective an article in the local business publication will be when it comes to selling this high value domain name, but I presume (more…) → Read More Acquired for Essential Phone


One of my few domain name regrets is that I didn't acquire the domain name when it was being marketed and auctioned by Hilco Streambank via its platform in 2014. I am not sure if was sold via auction or not, but it was acquired by Media Options, the company founded by Andrew Rosener.

Andrew's company sold for a reported $250,000, according to NameBio. This sale ranked as the 25th largest public domain name sale in DNJournal's annual domain name sales report. After the domain name was sold, it went under Whois privacy, where it has remained ever since.  This meant that the owner of the domain name has been unknown.

Based on some news I read yesterday, it looks like we now know who acquired the domain name and how this domain name will be used. This was confirmed in a tweet from Andrew Rosener.

According to articles in various tech publications yesterday and today, a new mobile phone company has been launched by Andy Rubin, an entrepreneur and → Read More

Valuable Names are Tough to Sell


People in the domain space tend to laud those who own the best domain names. I am regularly impressed by the quality of domain names some of my friends and colleagues own. There is one downside to owning valuable domain names - they are not easy to sell for full value.

The best domain names receive inquiries all the time. I would imagine the owners of top one word .com,,, domain names receive inquiries and offers every day. It is reassuring to receive regular inquiries for top domain names, but the vast majority of these inquiries will not lead to deals. Virtually all offers are either from people who either don't understand that these domain names are ultra high value or they simply do not have the budget to buy the domain name.

Obviously an advantage of (more…) → Read More

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