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Domain Sales Acquired by Commonwealth Bank of Australia


According to a recent Whois change, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia has acquired the domain name. I detected a Whois change via DomainTools yesterday, and the previous registrant declined to comment about the status of the domain name. Today's Whois change confirmed my hunch that the domain name had been sold. was acquired in March 2015 for $46,000 during a bankruptcy auction. I was a participant in the fast moving telephone auction. At the time, I recall that I was surprised the bidding was so strong. I was only able to place one bid in the low five figure range before the price moved beyond what I would pay for the domain name.

If I were to guess, I would say the deal was in the low to mid 6 figure range, but that is just a guess.

When I saw the Whois change yesterday, there were (more…) → Read More Being Marketed by Heritage Auctions


Aron Meystedt, Director of the Domain Name and Intellectual Property Department at Heritage Auctions, announced that his company is brokering I don't see a ton of high value domain names like this one come on the market regularly (especially with an asking price listed), so I wanted to share what Aron wrote:

I am proud to announce that Heritage Auctions ( is the exclusive seller of, a name that has never been available to the public.

The asking price is $750,000 and it is a sure fit for a major brand waiting to be launched. Few names carry the “punch” that does. comes to mind. could be a brand with an “exclusivity” feature.

Email me if you have interest. Please, NO brokers. We aren’t looking for co-brokerage deals right now. If you are a broker and have a buyer with a budget of $750,000 – let me know. But we don’t want the name sent out to your mailing list please.

I recently published an article with (more…) → Read More Acquired by Brent Oxley

13 hit the market a couple of weeks ago when Ryan Colby of Outcome Brokerage sent a newsletter to his brokerage clients and newsletter subscribers offering the domain name for sale. I detected a Whois change this week, and the new owner of the domain name is Brent Oxley, founder of HostGator. The purchase price of the domain name was not disclosed, and because I didn't ask for the asking price when it was listed, I couldn't speculate about the sale price.

The last time I wrote about Brent, it was after he spent $500,000 to acquire At that time, Brent let me know he acquired the domain name for a specific project (which does not appear to have launched yet_. With, the acquisition is strictly an investment.

Here's what Brent told me in my response to an emailed I sent to him to ask about the acquisition: (more…) → Read More

Legal Review Should be Done Before Agreeing to a Deal


A negotiation can be exhilarating or frustrating depending on many factors. When a domain name deal is finally reached, it should mark the end of one stage and begin the contract and escrow discussions. It should not begin the process of a legal review for the buyer.

I don't know about you, but I have dealt with prospective buyers backing out of a couple of deals due to their findings from a legal review. The buyers' attorneys have either found that a trademark would be tough to get for domain name (and/or brand) or there are existing trademarks would put an application in peril. Whatever the case may be, it is very frustrating to agree to a deal only to later learn that the prospective buyer decided to back out because their legal team has put the kibosh on the deal.

From my perspective, domain name buyers should do a cursory legal review prior to inquiring about domain names. This doesn't have to be an extensive or exhaustive review, but it should be enough to know whether a domain name will pose legal issues for them for → Read More

Looks Like Walmart Paid $9 Million for + IP

20 LogoIt has been reported that Walmart acquired the domain name and has plans to utilize the domain name as an independent brand. What I haven't seen reported anywhere is the price Walmart paid to acquired

This afternoon, George Kirikos helped me uncover what appears to be the sale price that Walmart paid to acquire the domain name, associated domain names, and related intellectual property. According to a pdf of a court filing I found on the Alvarez & Marsal website, Walmart bid $9 million for the " Technologies domain names and intellectual property."

George Kirikos compiled several associated filings on his website. As George wrote, "After reading the above, one can see Walmart paid USD $9 million for the domain name, plus minor related assets (social media accounts, lower quality domain names, and some trademark registrations." Partners with Ganjapreneur on Domain Marketplace


ganjapreneur-logoGanjapreneur, a website targeting professionals in the cannabis and marijuana trade, announced a new domain name sales marketplace. As you would expect, the focus is on domain names related to the business of cannabis and marijuana. With the legal status of marijuana and cannabis usage changing in many states over the last few years, this industry is growing considerably.

The company announced the launch of the marketplace in a blog post yesterday, and Andrew Rosener, CEO of Ganjapreneur, shared some additional information about the domain name sales marketplace:

"I’m really excited to announce a new marketplace for cannabis domain names and any domain name that may be a good brand fit for an upcoming cannabis startup or product.  After all, many of the best brands don’t inherently imply cannabis at all.  The marketplace is highly curated (pun intended) and our objective is to eliminate all the noise (filter out low quality domains). To do so, we charge $99 per domain listing and manually review each and every domain → Read More

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