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How I Would Choose a Domain Broker


Domain brokers can be very helpful. Some of the best domain name brokers sell millions of dollars worth of domain names each year. Brokers can be an essential part of the process of selling domain names, and there are quite a few domain brokers I respect and would use.

It is very easy to become a domain broker. There are no qualifications required, there are no certifications needed, and literally anyone can call themselves a domain broker without any industry background or experience (do a Google or LinkedIn search to see how many there are!). As far as I know, there are no requirements for people to identify themselves as professional domain name brokers. It is because of this that due diligence is required before choosing a domain broker.

I am fortunate to know quite a few exceptional domain brokers, but I thought I would share some thoughts on how I would go about choosing a domain broker if I did not have these contacts.

For the purpose of this article, I am going to assume that a domain broker made the first contact → Read More

Mark Cuban’s Company Acquires


It looks like Mark Cuban’s company has acquired the valuable domain name,, according to a recent Whois update. The domain name had been listed for sale by, the domain brokerage operated by Joe Uddeme. The purchase price for is not being publicly disclosed, so it won't be listed in DNJournal's sale report or NameBio.

Joe told me he did a considerable amount of outreach to sell this domain name to both end user buyers and domain name investors. “Ultimately, Mark Cuban Companies was the appropriate acquisition partner for this asset.” Joe has a testimonial from Mark Cuban on his website, so it is safe to assume he has done other deals with Mark and his company.

As you should know, Mark is a successful entrepreneur who sold to Yahoo for $5.7 billion, and he is the owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks and is also one of the investors on Shark Tank. Mark's company owns quite a few stellar domain names.

I am not sure if Mark Cuban has (more…) → Read More Sold by GoDaddy / NameFind


namefind-logoBased on a Whois record change I saw this morning, it looks like the domain name has changed hands. It appears that the new registrant of the domain name is based in China, although the Whois information for is now private. The domain name was previously owned by GoDaddy's NameFind.

Unfortunately for curious people like myself, GoDaddy doesn't generally report sale prices. If I were to guess, I would say sold for low 7 figures or possibly high 6 figures. currently forwards to, which is a fairly basic landing page with a QR code on it and a few domain names listed below the QR code.

I believe was originally acquired in a portfolio acquisition last year. According to Jamie Zoch, the company had "23 confirmed 2 letter .com domain names acquired in the portfolio with the potential for that number to climb to 26." I am not sure if Jamie (more…) → Read More

Color .com Domain Name Sale Prices


I regularly receive offers and inquiries for As you probably know, lilac is a color in the purple family in addition to being a shrub / flower.

Just like every other type of domain name, most offers I receive for this domain name aren't even close to being in the ballpark of value or previous offers. To avoid annoying back and forth discussions with buyers who don't know much about domain names, I regularly share the reported sale prices of other color related domain names. I thought I would share this list here to give people an idea of how color-related domain names sell, but perhaps selfishly, to also see if readers know about other documented color .com sales.

Here is a compiled list of color .com domain names that I found that have been sold and reported publicly. If you know of any other color .com domain name sales, please share them in the comment section along with the source of the sale information and I will add them to the list. In addition to adding public sales I know about, I also used this color list → Read More

George Kirikos Finds 7 Figure Sale of (Updated)


When it comes to researching "hidden" or hard to find domain name sales, nobody finds them as well as George Kirikos. According to his Twitter feed, George is getting ready to report another 7 figure domain name sale:

George is waiting until 15 retweets are achieved, and then he intends to publicly share the sale he found. Since it is a Sunday afternoon and getting to 15 RTs might prove to be a difficult task, I am sharing this information to help get to that goal. Once George shares information about the sale, I will post it here.

George shared a few hints about the domain name that was sold, although it is not quite enough to know what sold. Here's what George has shared so far:

  • 4 letter .com domain name

  • All 4 letters are non "CHIPS" meaning the letters are either A, E, I, O, U, or V.

  • The domain name is a word

  • The seller is based in the US

  • The buyer → Read More

An Amusing Offer


I regularly receive uneducated offers that some might consider "lowball" offers. I don't take them personally, and I don't respond rudely (if I respond at all) because I don't generally find that to be productive. Most of the time when I respond, I simply tell the person their offer is far too low.

I recently received an offer for that I thought was amusing enough to share. The prospective buyer offered to pay me $1.99/year for I assume the buyer was interested in leasing the name for that price.

Nevermind that I turned down (more…) → Read More

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