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Report: Elon Musk Acquires via HugeDomains


In December, serial entrepreneur Elon Musk tweeted about starting a tunnel boring company to potentially create a remedy to bad traffic. When Musk tweets something, others listen and TechCrunch even published an article about Musk's tweet back in December.

According to a report published in Bloomberg, it looks like Musk has followed through with this tweet and is in the process of starting a literal boring company. The article states that "Within days of his tweetstorm, he acquired a domain name——and appointed a leader for the project."

The current Whois information for (more…) → Read More

Analysis of Domain Names in Super Bowl Ads


Marketing Land published an article covering the use of hashtags and urls in 2017 Super Bowl commercials. By Marketing Land's calculation, domain names appeared in 26 of the 66 Super Bowl ads (39%) and hashtags appeared in 20 of the 66 Super Bowl ads (30%). I took a bit of a deeper dive to look at the usage of urls in this year's Super Bowl commercials and share what I found.

In the Marketing Land article, there was a table showing the order of advertisements along with columns documenting whether the advertiser used a hashtag, URL (domain name), Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram in their commercial. This morning, I watched all of the Super Bowl commercials that used a domain name, as noted in the Marketing Land table.

The full list of advertisers and the domain name used in their commerical is below. Here's a snapshot analysis of the types of domain names that were used in the 2017 Super Bowl commercials:

  • .com - 24

  • .org - 1

  • new gTLD extensions - 1 (.movie)

  • Tagline / call to action / made up / off-brand SB domain → Read More Raising Funds for the Greater Boston Food Bank


This morning, I watched Jimmy Fallon's interview with New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick and Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman. During the interview, Fallon suggested that Edelman retire and open a restaurant called Edelman's Catch because of the incredible catch he made during the Super Bowl.

Here's the clip:

After hearing Fallon's suggestion, I was curious if someone had registered the domain name. I assumed (more…) → Read More

Not Easy to Get Top Dollar for One Worders


Someone mentioned my name in a NamePros thread the other day discussing one word .com domain names. The comment was "Single word domains don't sell quickly. Just ask Elliot Silver...he has had words on the market for a while." I tend to agree with the comment to a point.

In my opinion, meaningful one word .com domain names are highly liquid. They sell regularly, and there are at least 20 people that I know personally who actively pursue these domain names and will spend four, five, and six figures for the right .com domain names. I am always on the hunt for great one word .com domain names and it seems like I am competing with friends and colleagues to get these great dictionary .com names at fair prices. Without a doubt, meaningful one word .com domain names are among the most valuable types of domain names.

On the other hand, (more…) → Read More

Testing on


screen-shot-2017-01-10-at-9-13-19-amI am clearly biased, but I think is a great travel domain name. I also think a well funded startup or a major travel company will acquire for quite a bit of money some day. It’s the reason I passed on a low 6 figure offer this past July, and I am steadfast in that belief.

In the meantime, I decided to try something besides parking If you visit right now, you can see that it is a hotel booking site powered by Essentially, does everything with a logo. gets thousands of visits a month and makes a decent chunk of pay per click revenue. It also gets quite a few offers and inquiries. I am willing to forego this PPC revenue while I test this affiliate page. My thought is that a couple of hotel reservations a month will likely produce more revenue than pay per click advertising. We shall see.

The downside risk is that it (more…) → Read More – Killer Domain Name!


I want to share a photo of a great domain name I just saw on the back of a truck:


There are a few interesting things I want to point out. is an awesome domain name - perfect for a pest control company. It is short and super easy to remember. In fact, I remember more than the actual name of the company.

The owner of the company is not a called The company is called Hulett Environmental Services. A Google search for the company shows that their website is found on They are not using it as an easy to remember forwarder.

I don't see any public sales record for, so I have no idea what the company paid to acquire this great domain name. It looks like the company may have acquired it back in 2003. is a killer domain name and it's nice to see it being used!
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