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M&A Discussion in the Domain Space


Frank Schilling authored an article in Entrepreneur about mergers and acquisitions. Frank shared his thoughts on the considerations a business owner must make before deciding on a M&A opportunity. Interestingly, Frank shared the following about M&A experience with his own business:
"Potential buyers approached me five times in four years in pursuit of my business, Uniregistry, as I told DN Journal in 2007. Several offered nine-figure deals, and they were willing to go higher at each point in our negotiations. I met with each one and seriously considered their propositions. In the end, selling didn’t feel right. I may sell eventually, but not until I find a situation that suits my goals and represents what I believe is best for the company."

The article was timely, as it seems there is some M&A discussion in the domain name business, → Read More

Funny Domain Name Story


Someone shared this funny domain name story on Twitter, and I want to share it with you. The moral of the story is that you should hold business discussions in private (or quietly), and buy your domain name as soon as you think of it!

→ Read More “is Not for Sale”


If you want to buy the great (and obviously valuable) domain name, it is not for sale. The owner of the domain name has a creative page within his website to let people know isn't for sale and he doesn't have any intention of selling it.

In doing some Whois searches yesterday, I saw that the Whois information for directed people to a page within the website that discusses the domain name and why it is not for sale. I think some of what was written on the page is a bit tongue in cheek, but I like it. Reading between the lines a bit, my interpretation is that it is not for sale, but if someone is willing to make a very, very good offer for it, the owner would give it due consideration.

Negotiations can be exciting and interesting, but they can also be (more…) → Read More

Altering My Business is a Challenge


When I tell people my company owns around 500 domain names, some people think this is a huge number and others are surprised my company owns so few domain names. Compared to other pros in the domain investment space, this is a relatively small number. This number is actually higher than it was a couple of years ago, as I began an attempt to alter my business by increasing the size of its domain portfolio. This hasn't worked out as ideally as I thought.

After seeing several larger portfolios change hands during the last few years, I thought about growing the size of mine. The thought was that if I could turn my portfolio into one with 25,000 + domain names, I could sell it for tens of millions of dollars. I already had a good number of high value domain names (one worders and three letter .coms), and I could spend money earmarked for individual high value domain names to acquire tens of thousands of minimum bid expiring domain names at auction and hand registered domain names. That was a fleeting thought I had anyway.

This → Read More

Jeff Sass to Speak at SFTA Event


Jeff Sass, Chief Marketing Officer of the .Club Registry, will be the featured guest speaker at tomorrow's South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA) networking event. The event will be held tomorrow (April 25) from 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm at Funky Buddha in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Here's what Jeff told me he will be speaking about:

A memorable and meaningful domain name is an essential part of your branding and marketing efforts, and there are more choices than ever before to get a great domain.
Learn why dropping vwls and making up words just to get a .com is a bad idea (sorry Flickr!)
Learn about the 1,000 new domain extensions and how they can help you grow your business and brand.
Learn about the hidden SEO benefits of keyword rich domain extensions

Jeff is scheduled to speak from 6:00 - 6:30, and that will be followed by two hours of networking. I presume Jeff will be sticking around to answer any questions and chat about .Club and/or domain names in general.

Registration for this event is (more…) → Read More

What Color .com is Worth the Most?


Yesterday, I published an article about Heritage Auctions brokering the domain name. I also linked to an article I wrote with quite a few publicly recorded color .com domain name sales over the years. Some of those sale prices seem fairly strong and others seem like deals today.

I am curious about what readers think would be the most valuable color .com domain name in today's market. For the sake of discussion, let's confine this to "real" colors that are primarily colors. For instance, while "wine" is technically a color, should not be considered when discussing the most valuable color .com domain name. You don't need to limit this to primary colors though. would be fine to consider.

If you had an unlimited amount of  money but you could only buy the most valuable color .com domain name, what name would you pick? I'll share my thought about this in a comment later on so I don't influence anyone too soon. → Read More

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