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Etsy Gets Etsy.Studio But Uses


Etsy StudioIn a tweet this afternoon arts and crafts marketplace Etsy announced that it would be launching a new marketplace for craft supplies called Etsy Studio. Fast Company published an article about this new marketplace earlier today. The article offered a glimpse into the company's plans for Etsy Studio, which is expected to open for business in April of this year.

When I saw the tweet about Etsy Studio, my first thought was about the Etsy.Studio domain name that was referenced. I then thought about whether or not the company is going to use that new gTLD domain name for its website. I visited Etsy.Studio and saw that Etsy.Studio forwards to Social media for this new marketplace (Pinterest) appears to confirm that the company intends to use and not Etsy.Studio for its website. I would imagine they will continue → Read More

Logan.Movie in a Super Bowl Commercial


The greatest Super Bowl game in my lifetime was played last night. As a New England Patriots fan, I am clearly biased, but that was an amazing comeback. For some people, the Super Bowl was all about the television commercials.

Admittedly, I paid little attention to the Super Bowl commercials during the game, but I did notice one new gTLD domain name used in commercials for a new movie called Logan. Fox chose to use the Logan.Movie domain name in its commercial.

If you visit Logan.Movie, you are forwarded to a page within the Fox website advertising the movie. The matching .com domain name,, is owned by a company called Logan Luxury Theatres based in South Dakota. I wonder how much extra traffic that domain name saw during the Super Bowl. is owned by another entity, which has "Loganberry Books" at the top of the website.

I counted 10 movie trailers shown during the Super Bowl. I looked through them all this morning, and I only see the one .Movie domain name. Interestingly, (more…) → Read More

Key Bank Using Key.Insurance for Email


Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 9.37.18 AMA friend of mine from my days at AIG alerted me to something I found interesting. Key Bank is using the Key.Insurance domain name for email. They Key.Insurance domain name was registered in July of 2016. It looks like their main insurance portal is found at

There were a few things I found interesting with this:

It does not look like Key Bank is using the Key.Insurance domain name for a website. When I visited Key.Insurance and www.Key.Insurance, I was taken to an ISP error page. It is interesting that the company would use its .Insurance domain name for email but not for an active website. It is possible that the company is using its .Insurance domain name for a website that I can't see. For instance, there could be some sort of intranet website on a subdomain name or something along those lines.

Key Bank does not own (more…) → Read More

.Club Sells $150k Worth of Names in First Week of Broker Program


Dot ClubDuring NamesCon, the .Club registry announced its new Broker Program and interest-free financing plans to help sell .Club domain names. Konstantinos of wrote about this news in an article published a week ago.

In a press release announcing this news, here's what the registry had to say:

"As we enter a new year, .CLUB continues to innovate new ways to make our brandable premium names accessible to entrepreneurs and small businesses. We were the first to offer financing to select registrants under our Startup Club program, which successfully incubated businesses such as and Now we are expanding the opportunity by offering Registry-backed financing for all premium names sold directly by the Registry and priced at $1,000 or more. With 60-month, interest free financing, that $1,000 name can be had for less than $17/month. For businesses and entrepreneurs, great 5 and 6-figure premium names become much more attainable when payments are spread out over 5 years. You can search for and purchase → Read More

NamesCon Sponsor Spotlight on .Club


Dot ClubNamesCon 2017 is on track for another record-breaking year! People from all facets of the domain industry have already started networking on the NamesCon mobile app and are getting ready to head to Las Vegas in less than two weeks. Tickets are still available for purchase to those wishing to attend the largest domain name conference in the world. The conference is held at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas from January 22-25, 2017.

We are running these interviews to introduce attendees to NamesCon sponsors, and to get to know the people behind the banners. Today’s Spotlight interview is with Jeffrey Sass, CMO at .CLUB Domains, LLC.

What is your company's mandate; what sets you apart?

Unlike many of the new domain extension registries, we are solely focused on one word, .CLUB, and from the beginning, we have approached things from the perspective of building a global brand that anyone with a passion can relate to. As a domain extension .CLUB is unique because its usage is truly global. The word "club," in English, is → Read More

Yeezy.Supply Now Using


In early February of 2015, Kanye West tweeted about Yeezy.Supply. As I noted at the time, this appeared to be good news for people in the new gTLD space because of the potential for West to use and actively promote a .Supply domain name. This morning, I was alerted to the fact that Yeezy.Supply now forwards to a developed website on

The Yeezy.Supply domain name was created on February 1, 2015, and the domain name was created on the same date. It looks like Yeezy.Supply had been used as the website for over a year, although I am not sure if there was actual commerce on that domain name because I just see a timer and "Season 3" in the entries. Based on my search, it looks like the domain name started forwarding to the .com domain name in or around June of 2016. There aren't a ton of archived entries, so that could be wrong.

I am not sure if the (more…) → Read More

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