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A UDRP was filed against the three letter domain name. The UDRP was filed at the National Arbitration Forum (NAF), and it is case #1722646. I noticed the UDRP filing this evening when searching In my opinion, this domain name could be worth six figures. was registered nearly 30 years ago - in September of 1990 to be more precise. I don't see many UDRP proceedings involving domain names that are this old. The current registrant of the domain name is a company called BatchMaster Software, Inc. from Laguna Beach, California. The oldest archived record found in DomainTools' Whois History Tool is from 2001. According to that Whois record, the domain name had been owned by a company called Advanced Technology Center.

A bit of research on BatchMaster and Advanced Technology Center shows that they are essentially the same entity. An article in from 2000 details how the companies were involved in an acquisition: "eWorkplace Solutions, a business unit of Advanced Technology Center, and → Read More Subject of UDRP


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A UDRP was filed at the World Intellectual Property Organization involving the valuable 4 letter domain name. The UDRP filing is listed on the WIPO website as case is WIPO Case D2017-0606. (or perhaps simply because it is considered a pronounceable 4 letter domain name) was created in 1998. The domain name's Whois record had privacy on it until very recently, and perhaps the privacy was removed because of the UDRP. With the privacy removed, I can see the domain name is registered to an entity in Great Britain. Using DomainTools' handy Whois History Tool, I can see historical Whois records dating back to 2005. In the earliest record in 2005, it appears that the same entity owned the domain name. It is very possible the registrant owned it longer and perhaps even back in 1998 when the domain name was created. We'll have to wait and see the decision to learn more about the ownership.

When I visited, I saw a notice that the owner put the domain name up for sale recently. Here's an excerpt → Read More

Registered in 1996, is Subject of UDRP


Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 9.01.53 AMI saw an interesting UDRP filing I want to share with you. A UDRP was filed at the World Intellectual Property Organization involving The case is WIPO Case D2017-0579. was registered in October of 1996, making this domain name more than 20 years old. The domain name appears to be privately registered until just recently, with privacy being removed likely because of the UDRP filing. Now that the Whois record is no longer private, I see that the domain name is registered to a registrant called Fenwick Associates. It appears that the last name of the person associated with this entity is Fenwick.

I used DomainTools Whois History Tool to see how long this entity was the registrant of the domain name. The first archived Whois record for this domain name is 2001. The registrant? Fenwick Associates. It looks like the same registrant has owned it since at least 2001 and almost certainly even longer. In fact, an record from 1998 shows (more…) → Read More UDRP Decision is a Good One


The UDRP decision was handed down at the National Arbitration Forum, and the decision was published today. The three member panel ruled in favor of the domain name owner (respondent) who was represented by the law firm (Ari Goldberger and Jason Schaeffer). A finding of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking was not found, but even when a panel rules that RDNH occurred, it doesn't really change anything.

Not only was the decision a good one for domain owners, but I also think there was some helpful language for domain owners who face UDRP filings in the future. I also think this UDRP shows the importance of hiring a good domain name attorney to defend a UDRP, as well as having 3 panelists decide the UDRP (that should obviously be a decision made by the attorney in consultation with the client).

You will want to read the UDRP decision in its entirety when you have a chance, but here are a few key excerpts that I think owners of generic / descriptive domain names will want to reference in the event of a future UDRP → Read More Subject of UDRP Proceeding


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A UDRP has been filed against, a valuable three letter .com domain. The UDRP was filed at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and it is WIPO case #D2017-0430. The complainant in this case is listed as LDW Software, LLC. is currently registered to a domain registrant with an address in China. From a DomainTools Whois History search, it looks like this registrant has owned the domain name since August of 2015. Prior to that, the domain name was briefly registered to a Gmail address, and it was privately registered prior to that.

Up through mid-2014, (more…) → Read More

Interesting UDRP Decision:


When I initiailly saw the UDRP filing for the domain name at the World Intellectual Property Organization, my first thought was that Giordana was a girl's name. This was bolstered by the fact that forwards, and there is a photo of a dog on the landing page. People give their pets "real" names, and I initially thought this might be the case.

Before writing an article about the UDRP filing as I tend to do when I see a keyword or common term .com as the subject, I did some background searching via Google. Most of the top results were for one company called Giordana, and the complainant in this UDRP case was the company's founder. I couldn't find much to support my assumption that Giordana is a common Italian first name. Additionally, I saw that a UDRP had been filed for this domain name in 2014, and the complainant lost.

The most recent UDRP was decided a few days ago, and I found the decision to be interesting. In this decision, the sole panelist found in favor of the complainant, → Read More

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