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10 Companies That Could Benefit from a NamesCon Auction Domain


I am sure that most people in the domain investment space read about the acquisition. Noah Kagan, the founder of the company, spoke about the importance of the domain name on Domain Sherpa and in an article he wrote on

I was looking through the NamesCon auction on NameJet, and I want to share my thoughts on 10 companies (or people) that could benefit from buying 10 domain names at auction, notwithstanding the reserve prices. Most of these domain names don't match the brand name, but I either instantly thought of the company when seeing the domain name or I saw their major industry presence when Googling the keyword.

10 domain names and the company that would benefit from owning it: (more…) → Read More

5 Super Bowl Sunday Thoughts and Updates


Super Bowl Sunday is one of my favorite days of the year. Either my team (New England Patriots), is playing in the Super Bowl, or I am excited to hang out with friends and watch the commercials. Whatever the case is, the Super Bowl is usually played right in the middle of the Winter. This means that the days are starting to get longer and I can begin looking forward to the Spring. I love the Winter in Boston, but I am very happy when it is over.

This evening, Tom Brady will be playing to win his fifth Super Bowl. I thought I would share 5 thoughts and updates prior to the big game tonight. You are welcome to share some of your thoughts as well. (more…) → Read More

Here’s How President Obama Acquired via NameJet


Obama Foundation - Obama.orgFormer US President Barack Obama acquired the domain name, and it is now being used for the Obama Foundation website. President Obama announced the news on his Twitter handle yesterday:

When researching the Whois records for this domain name, I noticed a domain name industry connection. Prior to the recent privatization of the Whois information for, the owner of the domain name was listed as industry veteran Kellie Peterson. Kellie now works on the domain registrar side of Automattic, the parent company of

According to NameBio, was acquired via NameJet in 2011 for $2,800. Based on Historical Whois records from DomainTools, it looks to me like this was a privately held domain name that was auctioned instead of an expired domain auction. Kellie was the winning bidder in the auction, and she → Read More

NameJet Begins Charging 2.5% Admin Fee


NameJetIf you won any auctions on NameJet today, you probably noticed the new "Online Admin Fee" fee being charged in the Order Confirmation emails the company sends. I won an auction today for $109, and the 2.5% admin fee added $2.73 to bring my total order to $111.73. This new fee was implemented for the first time today.

The news was announced in email sent to clients informing them of the ability to add funds via PayPal and Alipay. From what I have heard, the additional payment options are good for bidders who have difficulty paying for their auctions with other payment methods. For me, it's a bit of an annoyance having to record the additional fee instead of simply putting in the winning bid amount.

The email NameJet sent is below for your reference. (more…) → Read More

NameJet Gives Update Regarding New ICANN Transfer Rules


NameJet LogoOn December 1st, ICANN enacted a new domain name lock policy, which I previously wrote about. Although I don't think I have been impacted by the policy change yet, I can see how it could cause issues for people who sell domain names on third party platforms.

This afternoon, NameJet sent an email to customers announcing how the auction platform will deal with the new lock policy as it applies to people who are selling domain names on NameJet. In the announcement, the company also discussed the 2.5% fee the company will be adding beginning on December 14th.

I want to share the email I received: (more…) → Read More Auction: Above or Below Estibot?


It looks like a Network Solutions-affiliated registrar caught the domain name after it expired and went through the deletion process. As a result, the auction is now live at NameJet and SnapNames.

As of right now, the high bid for this auction is $6,700, and there are 140 bidders participating (there may be some overlap between bidders who backordered the domain name at both venues). As I mentioned previously, Estibot values this domain name at $33,000.NameBio shows a wide range in sale prices for 4 number .com domain names. Throw in the fact that there isn't a number "4" in this domain name, and bidding could be even higher.

I am curious if you think bidding will be higher or lower than the Estibot valuation. Vote in the poll below:

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