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NameJet Begins Charging 2.5% Admin Fee


NameJetIf you won any auctions on NameJet today, you probably noticed the new "Online Admin Fee" fee being charged in the Order Confirmation emails the company sends. I won an auction today for $109, and the 2.5% admin fee added $2.73 to bring my total order to $111.73. This new fee was implemented for the first time today.

The news was announced in email sent to clients informing them of the ability to add funds via PayPal and Alipay. From what I have heard, the additional payment options are good for bidders who have difficulty paying for their auctions with other payment methods. For me, it's a bit of an annoyance having to record the additional fee instead of simply putting in the winning bid amount.

The email NameJet sent is below for your reference. (more…) → Read More

NameJet Gives Update Regarding New ICANN Transfer Rules


NameJet LogoOn December 1st, ICANN enacted a new domain name lock policy, which I previously wrote about. Although I don't think I have been impacted by the policy change yet, I can see how it could cause issues for people who sell domain names on third party platforms.

This afternoon, NameJet sent an email to customers announcing how the auction platform will deal with the new lock policy as it applies to people who are selling domain names on NameJet. In the announcement, the company also discussed the 2.5% fee the company will be adding beginning on December 14th.

I want to share the email I received: (more…) → Read More Auction: Above or Below Estibot?


It looks like a Network Solutions-affiliated registrar caught the domain name after it expired and went through the deletion process. As a result, the auction is now live at NameJet and SnapNames.

As of right now, the high bid for this auction is $6,700, and there are 140 bidders participating (there may be some overlap between bidders who backordered the domain name at both venues). As I mentioned previously, Estibot values this domain name at $33,000.NameBio shows a wide range in sale prices for 4 number .com domain names. Throw in the fact that there isn't a number "4" in this domain name, and bidding could be even higher.

I am curious if you think bidding will be higher or lower than the Estibot valuation. Vote in the poll below:

→ Read More Deletes and Will Likely Go To Auction



It looks like the valuable domain name expired and was deleted. Depending on which drop catching service catches this domain name, it will likely go to auction sometime this afternoon.

I had a look at the pre-orders at NameJet, and there are currently 66 bids with a high bid of $6,700. Because it is a pending delete auction NameJet and Snapnames will team up and bidding can be done on either platform., Pheenix, and other drop catch auction services will also be vying for this domain name when it becomes available to snag. People interested in bidding on the domain name should backorder it at their favorite back order auction platform within the next couple of hours or so (at the time of publication).

The domain name appears to have been owned by (more…) → Read More Sold for $16k About a Week Ago


The big news of the day is the death of Cuba's Fidel Castro, who was 90 years old. Coincidentally, the domain name sold in an expired domain auction at NameJet for $16,000 a little over 8 days ago.

It's always a bit of a mystery to see a valuable domain name deleted. Estibot pegs's value at $50,000, although the market was a bit less enthusiastic than Estibot's valuation. There were 185 bids from 156 bidders in this auction. I was a bidder in the auction. shows quite a few entries for, but I see a mixture of Sedo landing pages and either generic domain registrar or web hosting landing pages. I am not sure if the domain name was ever developed before. Prior to its expiration, was owned by a registrant in France. I checked NameBio, and they do not have any archived sales for this domain name.

I wonder if is worth more now that Fidel Castro is dead. → Read More

NameJet to Host NamesCon 2017 Live Auction


namescon-2017-auctionNameJet will once again play host to the live domain name auction that will be held during the 2017 NamesCon conference in Las Vegas. The domain auction is being organized by Monte Cahn's consulting firm, Right of the Dot. The live auction will be held at the Tropicana hotel on January 23rd from 3PM – 6PM Pacific time. A press release sharing information about the auction was published this morning.

Here's an excerpt from the press release with some details about the auction that you might find interesting:

"The auctions will feature some of the best .com and new gTLD names available anywhere including a super premium bundled lot featuring BAR.COM, BAR.NET, CAFES.COM, GRILL.COM, PLACE.COM, PUB.COM SHELTER.COM, and other individual premium and super premium names such as LEADS.COM, SPORTSCARS.COM, PATTY.COM, STOP.COM, WINECLUB.COM, GOLD.CLUB, SINGLE.COM, E.HOSTING, MORTGAGE.BROKER, PPL.NET, and others. There will be an estimated 400 names in the overall auction with an estimated 125 domains being offered at the live auction on → Read More

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