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10 Companies That Could Benefit from a NamesCon Auction Domain


I am sure that most people in the domain investment space read about the acquisition. Noah Kagan, the founder of the company, spoke about the importance of the domain name on Domain Sherpa and in an article he wrote on

I was looking through the NamesCon auction on NameJet, and I want to share my thoughts on 10 companies (or people) that could benefit from buying 10 domain names at auction, notwithstanding the reserve prices. Most of these domain names don't match the brand name, but I either instantly thought of the company when seeing the domain name or I saw their major industry presence when Googling the keyword.

10 domain names and the company that would benefit from owning it: (more…) → Read More

5 Super Bowl Sunday Thoughts and Updates


Super Bowl Sunday is one of my favorite days of the year. Either my team (New England Patriots), is playing in the Super Bowl, or I am excited to hang out with friends and watch the commercials. Whatever the case is, the Super Bowl is usually played right in the middle of the Winter. This means that the days are starting to get longer and I can begin looking forward to the Spring. I love the Winter in Boston, but I am very happy when it is over.

This evening, Tom Brady will be playing to win his fifth Super Bowl. I thought I would share 5 thoughts and updates prior to the big game tonight. You are welcome to share some of your thoughts as well. (more…) → Read More

Some Random Thoughts About NamesCon


NamesConAs you know, last week was NamesCon, and approximately 1,300 people from the domain industry attended the event in Las Vegas. Put simply, the conference was great and well worth attending. Each year, it seems that the NamesCon staff grows, and they really have it together.

This morning, I thought I would share some random thoughts about NamesCon. I invite you to share your own thoughts about the conference in the comment section.

  • I had several people in mind who I wanted to meet in person. I think I met just about all of those people and had a chance to speak with most of them. It's great that there was such a huge turnout. No matter how long NamesCon is, there are always a few people I didn't get to meet, and that was the case this year as well.

  • The best booth giveaway at NamesCon was remote control helicopters given by Payoneer Escrow. I've been flying mine in the mornings, and my kids love watching it. The second best giveaway was hand sanitizer. I felt badly putting it on so much, but it's been a few days since I → Read More

Water Night Raises $90k for Water School


Water SchoolWater Night is the annual party thrown at the end of NamesCon to raise money for the non-profit Water School. Conference sponsors and NamesCon attendees join together for a party at the Havana Room in the Tropicana Hotel, and proceeds from the event are donated to the Water School.

Yesterday evening, the Water School tweeted out that the event raised about $90,000 in funds. The Water School also mentioned that this amount of money will help 2,500 families:

One of the most fun part of the night is the "water shave," where several members of the domain industry volunteer to have their heads shaved to raise funds for the Water School. This year, participants included (more…) → Read More

2018 NamesCon Dates Announced + Discount Ticket Offer


NamesConAnother successful NamesCon is in the books! Conference organizers just reported that about 1,300 people attended NamesCon this year. At the beginning of the conference, Konstantinos shared some interesting data from the conference.

I found the conference to be productive. I was able to spend time with quite a few friends and colleagues, and I had the pleasure of meeting several people for the first time. I know that I missed a few people I wanted to meet and see, but that happens. Hopefully we will content via email (reach out if we didn't connect but should).

This evening, conference organizers sent out a brief wrap up email with a ticket purchase opportunity for next year. Tickets can be purchased a year in advance for $199 + $11.94 fee (no refunds or transfers permitted FYI). The conference organizers are only offering 300 tickets at this price.

According to the EventBrite listing, NamesCon 2018 will be held (more…) → Read More

Didn’t Make it to NamesCon?


NamesConWith an announced attendance of around 1,400, it sure seems like most people in the domain investment space are attending NamesCon this week. It is very likely, however, that there are many more people involved in the business of domain investing who could not make it to the conference. I thought I would share a few tips on how to make the most of NamesCon if you couldn't attend in person.

I would first have a look at the NamesCon agenda. As you can see, it is packed full of seminars and panels covering all sorts of domain industry topics. Speakers from different segments of the domain investment business are participating in panels and keynotes. Highlight the panels and sessions that would have been of interest had you been able to attend.

Once you have compiled a list of the sessions that you would find interesting, reach out to some of the panelists and companies to ask if they would be willing to share any information from their session. Explain why you couldn't attend and let them know you would appreciate any knowledge → Read More

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