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Sedo Will 2006 Registration Come to Fruition?


The stock market has taken off quite a bit in the last month or so with this so called "Trump Rally." In fact, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) has come very close to hitting the 20,000 mark for the first time ever. The DJIA is currently trading at 19,874, having hit an intraday high of 19,961 on December 14. Perhaps today will be the day it passes 20,000 or perhaps it will come back down and we will have to wait.

Interestingly, it looks like someone may have been hopeful about the Dow hitting 20,000 back in 2006. The domain name was registered by someone in January of 2006. At that time, it looks like the DJIA was trading somewhere around 11,000 depending on the day.

It doesn't look like has been developed, according to, and I can only assume the meaning of the domain name is related to the Dow Jones Industrial Average hitting the 20,000 milestone. Of course, it is possible that it has some other meaning. The domain name currently resolves to a generic GoDaddy landing page. → Read More

Sedo Down but Should be Back Shortly


If you attempted to visit Sedo this morning, you likely encountered an error message. When I visited, the only thing I saw was this error message displayed:

Service Unavailable - DNS failure

The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later.

I reached out to a representative from Sedo and I was told the company knows about this issue and is working on it. I was also told they expect to have the error resolved shortly. If customer accounts (such as parking) were impacted by this downtime, I am sure Sedo will address it with an email to clients. → Read More

Great Domains Auction: Sells for $61k+


Sedo's final Great Domains auction of 2016 closed today, and the auction totaled about $175,000 in sales. There were 17 domain names that sold in this month's auction.

The largest sale of the month was, which sold for $61,350. sold for $44,000, and sold for 31000 EUR. was another 5 figure sale, closing at $25,499.

The full list of sold domain names is below. Quite a few names had bidding action but didn't meet their reserve prices.,,, and were examples of domain names that did not meet their reserve prices and did not sell at auction.

Since the auction (more…) → Read More

Easy Deals at Afternic and Sedo


afternic-and-sedo-logosI generally prefer to work on my own, without much outside assistance to buy and sell domain names. I opportunistically buy domain names at marketplaces, but I have never been one to regularly check or use domain sale venues such as Afternic or Sedo. Both venues have good reputations, but I preferred to go about things on my own.

In the last month or so, I have had good experiences with both Sedo and Afternic and I thought I would give them both props.

A few months ago, I listed a handful of domain names on Afternic with buy it now prices. I know that buy it now prices help sell inventory more rapidly, but I don't like to price inventory in a dynamic market like the domain name resale market. I listed a select group of names I would be happy to move at set prices and forgot about them.

One morning, I received an email offer via one of my landing pages. I quoted a price for the domain name, and a few hours later, I received an Afternic notification that the domain name was sold. Within a very short period of time → Read More

October 2016 Great Domains Auction Results


Sedo's Great Domains monthly auction concluded today, and the auction grossed over $150k in sales.,, and were the three largest domain name sales during this month's auction.

Some of the higher value domain names that did not sell at auction include,, and Prospective buyers who may have in interest in discussing the unsold inventory should contact Sedo.

Since the auction closed today, it is unlikely that any of the purchases have been completed yet. Sedo typically reports its sales publicly to DNJournal and NameBio when they close, so keep that in mind when viewing the sales report.

Here are the domain names that sold along with their sale prices: (more…) → Read More

Results for September’s Great Domains Auction


I was actively bidding on one of the domain names in Sedo's monthly Great Domains auction, but alas, I did not win. In the auction that ended yesterday, 11 domain names were sold with just over $86,000 in sales.

Two three letter .com domain names drew the highest bids in the auction. sold for $27,500 and sold for $24,999. was the third highest selling domain name, closing at $13,500. and also had solid sale prices.

The 11 domain names that sold are (more…) → Read More

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