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Domain Industry Featured on BBC The One Show


A television talk show hosted on the BBC called The One Show just had a segment about domain investing and domain name investors. The program is hosted year-round on weekdays, and it covers a wide variety of topics. Former American talk show host Jerry Springer was one of the hosts on the show.

Several domain investors and brokers were featured on this episode of The One Show, including Graham Haynes (buyer of Furniture.co.uk for $650,000), Aron Meystedt (Heritage Auctions and owner of Symbolics.com), Simon Witts, Mohammed Kahn (from Uniregistry) and Jeff Gabriel (from Uniregistry - incorrectly identified as Alan Schwartz). The show offers a brief overview about the business of domain name investing and domain name sales.

Someone posted the video on YouTube, which I embedded below.

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Uniregistry.com 404 Error Page Easter Egg Game


Uniregistry has a fun "Easter Egg" game on its 404 error page. Visit any non-existent page on Uniregistry.com (say Uniregistry.com/Elliot for example), and you will see a 404 error page with a prompt to play a game.

To start playing the game, just hit the spacebar. The chicken in the desert appears to be running as it moves towards objects. Use the spacebar to jump over the objects. The longer the chicken continues running without hitting or landing on one of the objects, the more points are accumulated. I played for a few minutes last night, and my high score after a couple of tries was 1389. I am sure there are much higher scores achieved by people with more patience than I have!

Here's s screenshot of the 404 error page game: (more…) → Read More

M&A Discussion in the Domain Space


Frank Schilling authored an article in Entrepreneur about mergers and acquisitions. Frank shared his thoughts on the considerations a business owner must make before deciding on a M&A opportunity. Interestingly, Frank shared the following about M&A experience with his own business:
"Potential buyers approached me five times in four years in pursuit of my business, Uniregistry, as I told DN Journal in 2007. Several offered nine-figure deals, and they were willing to go higher at each point in our negotiations. I met with each one and seriously considered their propositions. In the end, selling didn’t feel right. I may sell eventually, but not until I find a situation that suits my goals and represents what I believe is best for the company."

The article was timely, as it seems there is some M&A discussion in the domain name business, → Read More

Squeeze Upgrades to Squeeze.com


SqueezeYesterday morning, I noticed a Whois registrant change for the valuable Squeeze.com domain name. Because the domain name had been owned by Future Media Architects, I reached out to Uniregistry's Vice President of Sales Jeff Gabriel, as Uniregistry typically acts as the domain broker on behalf of FMA. Unfortunately, Jeff could not provide details about the sale, but I believe Uniregistry was the broker.

When I visited Squeeze.com yesterday and clicked on the "Learn more" link, I was taken to a page within the SqueezeApp.com website. The company refers to itself simply as Squeeze throughout its website, so the acquisition of Squeeze.com represents a huge domain name upgrade. According to its Twitter profile, Squeeze is a FinTech app, and the website says it will be launching this Summer.

I reached out to Elias Janetis, CEO of Squeeze, to ask him about the acquisition. Although he couldn't tell me the exact purchase price of the domain name, he did tell me that he (more…) → Read More

Uniregistry Explains What A Domain Name Is


It may seem pretty obvious to people who spend every day working with domain names, but I bet the vast majority of people have no idea what a domain name actually is. Uniregistry posted a quick 2 minute video about domain names. The video explains the basics about what domain names actually are, how to buy and renew them, and the difference between a registrar and registry.

The next time someone asks you "what is a domain name?" or "how does a domain name work?", you can probably share this video with them and have it explain everything for them. I often encounter this when I tell people I am in the domain name business, and this video would be helpful.

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No More PayPal Fees on Uniregistry PPC Payments


uniregistry-logoI received my PayPal payment for PPC revenue from Uniregistry, and I noticed a very small change when I logged in to my PayPal account. There was no fee taken out by PayPal, so my net payment was for the entire amount of the monthly PPC revenue earned.

Since Uniregistry (Domain Name Sales / Internet Traffic) opened and began taking on clients for its PPC platform, there was a small PayPal fee imposed on PayPal payments. I think this may have had something to do with the fact that Uniregistry was not based in the United States, but I am not entirely sure if this is the case. While the fee has been relatively minimal, it was more of an annoyance having to log in to PayPal to see what the fee is to track it properly.

I am not sure when this changed, although in looking back I see that there was not a fee charged a month ago either. I am glad to see the change though. I would rather have the money in my pocket than in Paypal's pocket. It will also take out one step in recording this income. → Read More

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