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Uniregistry Turns 3: $7.29 .Com Domain Names for 3 Days


Uniregistry LogoI received an email from Uniregistry last night announcing a special offer on the occasion of the company's third birthday. For the next three days, Uniregistry is offering its "lowest ever first year registration rate and transfer in rate" for .com, .net, and .org domain names. The registrar is offering a discount of 33% off of its standard pricing.

I was told the pricing for .com, .net, and .org domain names is as follows for the next 3 days only:

  • .COM for $7.29

  • .NET for $9.29

  • .ORG for $9.96

The special offer applies to inbound transfers to Uniregistry as well as new registrations. It does not look like renewals for domain names already registered at Uniregistry are included in this special offer. I was told that there is a cap of 50 domain names per account.

It's been quite some time since I have seen the cost for .com registrations and transfers this low, although the registration/transfer costs are not high on my radar given the small domain portfolio (around 500 names) that my company owns.

To take → Read More

Uncertainty Could Doom the New Domain Names


Based on what I have read and heard, it seems like operators of the new domain name extensions can basically charge whatever they want for their domain names. I think most people assumed that the market would help dictate the price, but as one can see by observing the Uniregistry pricing changes, a registry can seemingly charge whatever it wants for its domain names.

I think this is problematic and could doom the new gTLD program. There is a risk that a company could build a website on a new domain name extension and in a matter of years, the registry could theoretically charge whatever it wants for a renewal. A small business, who likely chose a new domain extension in lieu of spending extra money on a previously registered .com domain name, would then have to deal with the same issue of an expensive domain name.

Several operators of the new domain names tried to assuage the concerns of customers by stating various forms of "we have no plans to increase pricing." You can see comments from representatives of Rightside, Donuts, → Read More

GoDaddy Comments on Uniregistry Price Increase


GoDaddy LogoSince reading about the reported price increases on some new domain name extensions operated by Uniregistry, I emailed a few people at industry companies to get their take on the news. I have not received many comments yet, but this afternoon, I heard back from Rich Merdinger, VP of Domains at GoDaddy who had this to say about the reported news:

"It's unfortunate that Uniregistry is going with such a dramatic price increase. Regardless of the economics, it's an extremely poor customer experience. If our customers plan on staying on these domains, we encourage them to renew for as far out as they can before the prices change. If they want to move to do a different domain name, we'll do our best to assist them."

As I wrote earlier this morning, I think that domain registrars like GoDaddy are the companies that will get the most flack for the increasing prices. Although the number of extensions that are facing these large price increases is relatively small compared to the entirety of the new gTLD program, it will likely cause anger → Read More

Price Increase is Bad for Registrars


Like most others in the domain investment business, I read the news about the Uniregistry price increases on Domain Incite and Domain Name Wire yesterday afternoon. As the owner of fewer than 10 domain names that are new extensions, the price increase will not directly impact my business. The businesses most impacted by this will be domain name registrars who will have to pass along the price increase to customers.

I would imagine that domain name registrars are going to be tasked with informing customers of the large price increase. From my perspective, it would not be fair for these registrars to simply send out a renewal reminder email to registrants and sort of bury the fact that prices for some new domain names are going way, way up. I think they are going to have to make sure domain registrants know that the prices of some domain names will be rising (dramatically).

Unfortunately, the domain name business is not exactly transparent. Even if GoDaddy and other domain registrars explain that the upstream registry raised its → Read More

Uniregistry Job Openings: German Speaking Sales / Biz Dev Staff


uniregistry-logoUniregistry is looking to hire German speaking Business Development staff and Sales executives to work out of its Manchester (UK) office. Uniregistry has operated its office in Manchester for approximately one year, and the company currently has 20 employees working out of this office.

Dan Adamson, Sales Director at Uniregistry and GM of the UK office, told me that domain industry experience is not a requirement of these job openings the company is looking to fill, however, it could be helpful to applicants.

People interested in applying for these job opportunities should email their resume/CV and cover letters to manchester@uniregistry.com. Dan told me that compensation will be competitive with the industry. You'll need to (more…) → Read More

LJA.com Sells via Uniregistry


The LJA.com domain name has sold, according to my morning DomainTools email update. Prior to the sale, the domain name was owned by Future Media Architects (FMA). The domain name is now registered to a Texas company called LJA Engineering & Surveying, Inc.

After seeing the Whois change, I reached out to Jeff Gabriel from Uniregistry, as I know the company has represented FMA on the sale of some of its domain names (such as Kiwi.com). Jeff confirmed that Uniregistry brokered the deal, but he could not share the purchase price for the domain name. "We can confirm a sale occurred, however our client wished it remain confidential," Jeff told me via email.

My guess is that this was a (more…) → Read More

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