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Perfect Usage of a .Christmas Domain


There are a few new domain name extensions I don't totally understand. Among them is .Christmas, a domain name extension operated by Uniregistry. I didn't really understand why people would buy a domain name based on a holiday. This morning, my perspective changed a bit.

Michele Neylon, CEO of Blacknight Internet Solutions, sent his annual Christmas card/email this morning. In the email, he referenced his online Christmas card, which can be found at Michele.christmas (previously WhiteChristmas.me). When I received that, .Christmas clicked for me.

During the past week or so, my wife and I have received a ton of Christmas and holiday postcards from friends and family. We've always been a bit slow with cards like this, and most of the time it doesn't end up happening. It gets to the final days and we can either do a last minute card and pay extra for speedy shipping, or we can just skip it like usual. With a .Christmas domain name, it is faster to setup and less expensive than mailing a holiday card, especially when compared to → Read More

Uniregistry Testing New Landing Page Designs? (Updated)


My graduate degree is in Direct & Interactive Marketing, and one of the things we were taught is to test everything. Direct marketers test the offer, the design of marketing materials, and the content within the marketing materials. In my opinion, testing is very important.

This morning, I stumbled upon a new Uniregistry landing page that I thought I would share. I don't visit many parked pages, but I was searching for domain names and I noticed what appears to be a new Uniregistry landing page design:


As you can see, the colors are much darker than the current "mountains" landing page. I shared an image of one of my parked pages so you can see how it currently looks: (more…) → Read More

What is Frank Schilling Saying?


Uniregistry General Counsel (and talented domain industry attorney) Bret Fausett shared this photo of Frank Schilling at the company's holiday party. What do you think Frank is saying as he addresses the Uniregistry team following a successful year?

You are welcome to be witty, but please be decent :-) → Read More

Did You Buy Any of the Released Uniregistry Domain Names?


Yesterday, I wrote about Uniregistry releasing 3.5 million domain names for people to register. I am not really much of an investor in the new domain names besides a handful of them, so I did not register any of these domain names.

I know there are people who are investors in the new domain names, and I am curious if anyone was willing to share the names they registered yesterday. I briefly used the search tool that Uniregistry released in conjunction with the news, but I did really use it enough to comment about it.

It would be interesting to see what types of names became available and what types of names readers thought were valuable enough to register. Feel free to share your new registrations below so I (and other readers) can see the types of domain names that were purchased after the names were released. → Read More

Uniregistry to Release 3.5 Million Domains Within the Hour


I just received an email from Uniregistry announcing that they will be "releasing over 3.5 million previously withheld domain names across 19 TLDs." This will happen in approximately 10 minutes, beginning at 1pm Eastern time today. I believe these domain names will be available at the standard registration and renewal rate, but you will need to check with Uniregistry to confirm as I do not know for certain.

In conjunction with the release of these domain names, the company also launched a search tool to help find domain names amongst the 3.5 million that are being released. Uniregistry announced this to domain industry news outlets, and I also received an email as a Uniregistry client.

I have not yet had a look at the list of domain names that have been released, so I can't comment on the types of names that will be available to purchase.

Here is the news that was sent to me today: (more…) → Read More

Are New gTLDs Dead? Frank Schilling Says “Far From It”


I've been following the comments on Mike Berkens' article about Frank Schilling's company deleting over 200k domain names and a discussion thread on NamePros. In that NamePros thread, it looks like many people are ready to declare the new gTLD program dead. In fact, the title of the thread is "New gTLDs are DEAD!! Frank Schilling drops 230,000 new gTLD domains."

I reached out to Frank Schilling to ask him if he would answer the question “Are new gTLDs dead?” for an article on my blog. Frank was kind enough to answer, which I published below.

In my email to Frank, I shared my interpretation of the news, which is that premium names weren’t selling well, so by letting them drop, Frank was opening up a revenue stream via the registrar channel. Essentially, instead of one of Frank's companies paying the other (net zero, not including the small ICANN fees), it would make these names available for anyone to register. This would drive revenue for Uniregistry and may get some of these domain names developed by end user buyers, → Read More

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