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How to Choose a UDRP Lawyer


In the Domain Investing guide section of this website, there is a short article about domain name lawyers. The primary purpose of the article is to share a list of attorneys who I understand to be experts when it comes to the legal intricacies of domain name ownership and the rights of domain name owners. There are thousands of intellectual property lawyers, but there are far fewer lawyers who I consider specialists in the field of domain name investing.

One question I have been asked many times is how to choose a good domain industry lawyer for a UDRP defense. It’s great to have a short list of attorneys and law firms that can help with a UDRP defense case, but narrowing down that list to one attorney can be a bit of a challenge.

Having worked with several lawyers on that list for a variety of legal matters, it is difficult for me to recommend just one attorney to help defend a domain name in a UDRP proceeding. Without having experience dealing with a UDRP (thankfully), I also don’t really have much advice about choosing a lawyer for a UDRP. Other than suggesting to look through and see some of the results of UDRP cases that are similar to the domain name the domain owner will have to defend, I don’t really have a great way to help someone choose a lawyer.

That being said, I want to direct you to a long post that domain industry attorney John Berryhill published on Namepros. In the post, John made several suggestions about considerations to make when selecting a UDRP defense lawyer. He also shared some additional comments in that thread that could be helpful to someone who needs representation from a qualified attorney.

I think John is easily one of the top domain industry attorneys, and I think it was helpful that he shared his thoughts on choosing an attorney for a UDRP defense. It seems like there have been more UDRPs filed against higher value domain names in the last few years than before. I think it makes sense to work with a well qualified attorney to defend a valuable domain name.

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