Jeff Kupietzky's Company Receives $10 Million in Funding |

Jeff Kupietzky’s Company Receives $10 Million in Funding


At the end of August of 2011, Jeff Kupietzky left his role as CEO of after five years with the company. While Kupietzky was CEO, experienced considerable growth and then some contraction, especially in the PPC and domain auction spaces.

Several months after Kupietzky departed from Oversee, he was named CEO of a company called ActivePath, the “inventor of a unique, actionable and secure email platform for businesses and consumers to interact directly within existing email messages.”

Recently, ActivePath merged with PowerInbox, a company that offered a similar product. According to an article today in TechCrunch, the combined company raised $10 million in funding from several private equity companies. ActivePath had previously raised $10 million in funding prior to Kupietzky’s arrival.

The article noted that Kupietzky will be the CEO of the new company, while the founders of PowerInbox will work in other management roles within the company.

Congratulations to Kupietzky on his successes.

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    rons raiden

    that is $10 million down the tube – do you really want to watch videos in your email? then when you want to shut the damn thing off, you have to shut your entire window, go back to your in box, and open up a new email.

    yeah. that is smart.

    December 22nd, 2012 at 5:59 pm

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