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Next Few Days FYI


When Karen was in her last couple of months of pregnancy, I wrote several articles that aren’t time sensitive, and saved them as drafts. Most of these articles would have been posted at the time I thought about them, but I held them as drafts knowing that I would be busy after Hailey was born.Hailey came a week earlier than expected, and these posts are now scheduled for the next few days.

I don’t love the idea of posting things and not being a part of the conversation as comments and questions come in, but it’s something I am going to do for the next few days. I do think these are interesting articles, and they aren’t filler (at least from my perspective). I should have mentioned this at the bottom of yesterday’s post, but I forgot to do that.

My blog has basically become a small business over the last two years, and advertisers pay quite a bit of money to advertise. One of the downsides of operating the blog is that I am the only writer, and if I am not posting, advertisers aren’t getting their money’s worth (as far as I am concerned). It’s very important to me that nobody ever feels that I took advantage of them, and I want to continue posting articles even when I am not entirely present for discussion.

As you might expect, comments may take a bit longer than usual to approve, but they will all get approved. Once things settle down a bit, posting and moderating will be back to normal, although I may be on my computer with Hailey on my shoulder.

Since Hailey sleeps about 20 hours a day, I am sure I will be working and may post articles if time permits over the next several days. I work from home, so I will have the new routine down soon.

Thanks again for your good wishes and understanding. It’s an exciting time!

Thank you for understanding and for all of your support!

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