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ICANN Meeting in New York on July 13


ICANN LogoI just registered to attend the upcoming ICANN gTLD meeting in New York City on Monday, July 13, 2009. There is no cost to register for the event, and I recommend that domain owners in the New York area attend the meeting.

This may be the last chance to express your opinion, as a domain name owner, about the IRT and URS proposal. At the very least, it's a good opportunity to meet ICANN leaders and learn about how ICANN works.

Here are the details for the NY Meeting:

Date: July 13, 2009
Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Location: Hudson Theatre, Millennium Hotel - (145 West 44th Street, New York, NY)

If you can't make it to the NYC meeting, other meetings are scheduled for locations around the world, including London (July 15, 2009), Hong Kong (July 24, 2009) and Abu Dhabi (August 4, 2009). Again, it's free and easy to register online. → Read More

Mayor Koch Endorses DotNYC LLC for .NYC


Not only was Mayor Ed Koch one of the best mayors New York City has had, but he is also a philanthropist and has a great sense of humor. Today, Mayor Koch announced his support of and DotNYC LLC for the .NYC gTLD. In addition to a press release, the team from DotNYC LLC, which includes CEO Antony Van Couvering, released a video of Mayor Koch, which can be viewed below.

→ Read More

Demand for gTLDs Appears Strong


While the data can be skewed because there is no cost to reserve a gTLD domian name using and Quintaris' system  to reserve gTLD domain names before their registries are even created, the companies are indicating that the market for gTLDs is strong. According to the companies, 10,000 gTLD domain names were reserved every day during the first month in operation.

An interesting observation that was noted is "Early results show a stronger market for generic-named registries, like .sport than for those being pursued by a specific city or region. Farrow noted that "no city gTLD has cracked the top ten on the pre-order list." This doesn't necessarily mean there isn't a market for geo names in extensions like .nyc, but it shows that generic categories like .sport or .sucks are popular.

If you have any interest in reserving a gTLD, I think this is the place to do it. There's no risk - although there's no guarantee either. I haven't reserved any gTLD domain names yet, but I might - just in case. → Read More

5 With… Jay Westerdal, CEO, .Movie


Many months ago, I interviewed DomainTools founder Jay Westerdal in one of the first "5 With..." interviews I did. Since then, Jay sold his company to Thought Convergence, which has moved right to the top as one of the domain industry's leading companies. Their services run the gamut - parking (Trafficz), conference (Domain Roundtable), domain auctions (, tools (DomainTools), and many other products and services.

Jay is also involved in another project as CEO of the .movie registry, which hopes to secure the .movie gTLD. The general premise is that every year, hundreds of movies are released via different channels, and many struggle to match the .com domain name with the title of their movie. The .movie extension would allow production companies to choose the name of their movie in the .movie extension. An example of this would be that Paramount Pictures could register instead of the dumb domain name they chose,

Just a couple of weeks ago, I interviewed Antony Van → Read More

5 With… Antony Van Couvering, gTLD Expert


Antony Van CouveringTwo years ago, I was introduced to Antony Van Couvering by Frank Michlick, because we both live in New York City and were interested in getting together with other industry professionals in our area. Since then, Antony and I have attended all of the NY domain get togethers, and he has been a resource for me when I've had questions about gTLDs. In fact, he is one of - if not the most knowledgeable person about gTLDs.

Antony has a diverse background, having grown up in the U.S. and overseas (Africa, Europe, Middle East), and he holds a degree in comparative literature from Columbia. He started NetNames and NameEngine, which handled domain names and associated marketing and intellectual property issues for large corporations. After Antony sold NameEngine, he worked for VeriSign for two years.

After this, in 2005, Antony founded his web consulting company, Names@Work. During this time, Antony worked in collaboration with DomainsBot, assisting the company with business development, product development, and marketing. He also set up → Read More

How .nyc Can Become the Extension for New York City


I am not a native New Yorker.  I have only lived on the Upper West Side of Manhattan for six and a half years, but I feel like a New Yorker.  I hate crowds of tourists, I try my hardest not to pass through Times Square, I love running/rollerblading/playing tennis/walking in Central Park, I know I will never make it on time if I need to take the W train, and I keep my elbows out when walking past people meandering on the sidewalk during rush hour. The only way you could tell I am not a native New Yorker is my Sox and Pats gear. I am also a domain investor.

When I was in graduate school at NYU, the reason I moved to New York, the director of the program challenged us to think like marketers and like consumers. It was critical that if we were going to develop direct marketing strategies for brands, we couldn't just think about ways to market products. We had to put ourselves in the minds of the consumers who would buy our products, and we needed to think about whether our marketing efforts would appeal to them.

In the case of → Read More

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