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George Kirikos: GoDaddy “*definitely* paid $35.5MM for Mike Berkens domain portfolio”


GoDaddy published its quarterly earnings report and had its conference call tonight. In the report, the company had a line item for acquisitions, and George Kirikos has used that to deduce what he believes the company paid for Mike Berkens' domain portfolio in December of 2015.

According to a series of tweets from George Kirikos this evening, GoDaddy "*definitely* paid $35.5MM for Mike Berkens domain portfolio." Andrew Allemann also wrote about this, although he posed it as a question rather than a definitive statement. (more…) → Read More

Mike Berkens Sells “Vast Majority” of Domain Portfolio to GoDaddy


I just saw a tweet from Mike Berkens announcing that his company sold the "vast majority of domain names in the Worldwide Media, Inc. domain name portfolio" to GoDaddy. The tweet linked to a press release with the entire announcement.

I am somewhat surprised about this news, although the acquisition (more…) → Read More

Monte Cahn Back in the Domain Auction Business


I received a press release from NamesCon and domain name consulting firm RightOfTheDot, LLC announcing that there will be a live domain auction at the NamesCon conference. From my perspective, the most interesting aspect of this news is that it means Monte Cahn, founder of Moniker and its popular domain auctions, is back in the business of domain conference domain name auctions.

Bucking the tradition of a domain conference hosting a live domain name auction, NamesCon did not have an auction during its inaugural event in January. Yesterday, conference organizer Richard Lau cited the experience of Monte Cahn and Mike Berkens with domain auctions in announcing the news. According to Lau, “We were initially reluctant to offer a domain auction, but the 15 years of domain auction experience, strength, reputation, and relationships that ROTD presented convinced us that their auction will contribute to the distinct and diverse activities and sessions that NamesCon is known and respected for.”

While at Moniker, Monte played host to → Read More

2011 Will Be a Big Year for Mike Berkens & WorldWide Media, Inc.


WWMII was checking out Facebook yesterday, and I saw that Mike Berkens had updated his website information on his profile. Now listed on Berkens' profile is WWMI.com, the recently launched corporate website for Berkens' WorldWide Media, Inc.

I had a chance to speak with Mike, and it looks like his company is gearing up for a big year. "WWMI will be part of a new company that will be announced early in January that will specialize in helping those seeking new extensions into making their extension successful."

With the introduction of gTLD domain names expected in the next couple of years, Berkens will be in a great position to offer his professional advice in this area.

Berkens was able to offer some additional insight into his company's gTLD consulting business.

"Generally  the new gTLD consulting will be a big story next year as hundreds of millions maybe billions of dollar will pour into the domain channel to obtain, market and sell domains ending in hundreds of different extensions," said Berkens. "Up to now domains → Read More

Props to Berkens


Although he probably won't read this as he's en route to Colombia for the ICANN conference, I want to give props to Mike Berkens and his blog on this third anniversary of its existence.

Mike really has no need to spend his time blogging. His company has one of the top private domain portfolios in existence. Dan Warner published a report that revealed the domains in Most Wanted Domains' portfolio had the most (or top 5) Whois lookups of any privately held company. Mike's company's nameservers were also named one of the "cleanest" in terms of trademarks out of the nameservers with the most domain names.

In other words, not only does Mike own a lot of domain names that are coveted by others, but his portfolio is unarguably made up of generic/descriptive domain names. He also sells domain names from time to time, and when he does, he gets top dollar for them.

Clearly, Mike isn't blogging to make money.

Mike writes one of the most thoughtful and insightful blogs (if not the most insightful) I read, and I really appreciate his → Read More

Why It’s Bad Not to Respond to UDRP


A few days ago, Mike Berkens reported on the UDRP decision for 7Days.com, a decision that went in favor of the complainant. The owner of the domain name did not file a response to the UDRP, so he couldn't present his case for ownership. I think not responding to a UDRP is bad for a couple of reasons (unless you are advised by a legal professional that not responding would be in your best interest).

First, you don't have an opportunity to defend your ownership of the domain name. You're letting the complainant make its case and aren't able to rebut its complaint. If the submitted evidence is enough for a panelist to make a decision in favor of the complainant, you could lose the case pretty easily.

The second reason may be less obvious but could pose a future threat to your business. Not even considering that a UDRP loss can be used by a future complainant to show bad faith on other domain names, it could also show others that you are a sitting duck. A non-response could encourage other companies to file UDRP cases for other → Read More

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