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Bought for $350, WashingtonJournal.com Sold for $75k


Mike Mann reported another solid domain name sale this morning. His company reportedly sold WashingtonJournal.com for $75,000. The sale was reported by Mike via Twitter:

What is is most notable about this sale is that Mike announced that the domain name was acquired in 2005 for $350. I checked NameBio this morning, and there are quite a few (keyword)Journal.com domain name sales in its database. Impressively, the WashjngtonJournal.com sale is the largest by far. Here are the top five publicly reported similar sales according to NameBio(more…) → Read More

Mike Mann Has “best month yet”


Mike Mann's company owns one of the largest private domain name portfolios, which he sells via his marketplace, DomainMarket.com. This morning on Twitter, he announced that this has been "the best month yet" in his 20 year career selling domain names:

While the success of one person or company doesn't necessary mean much for the entire industry, I think Mike's tweet is notable given the size and broad nature of his company's domain name portfolio. It would be more notable for the domain name resale market at large if other large portfolio owners also shared that they had a great month.

My company has a relatively small portfolio of 500+/- domain names, so my monthly sales results wouldn't be any kind of barometer for the industry in general. A few anomalously large sales can move the needle. Essentially, the velocity of my sales and offers wouldn't be any kind of indicator of the health of the domain → Read More

Don’t Over-Negotiate a Good Deal


Knowing when to pull the trigger on a deal is not always easy. Most people want the best possible deal, and by trying to continue to negotiate after a fair offer is made, they may miss out on the opportunity if the other party pulls it.

Here's a comment from Mike Mann on Facebook yesterday afternoon after he gave what he deemed "a super duper low price" for a domain name his company owned and was motivated to sell:

"Live by the sword. People wanted to buy ResponsiblePower.com from me, I offered a super duper low price to get rid of it and move on, then they kept negotiating and being annoying, now its priced on the site tenfold."


If you visit ResponsiblePower.com now, you can see the price is listed at (more…) → Read More

New gTLD Discussion on Mike Mann’s Facebook Page


Mike Mann has had a successful career in the domain space, and I consider him to be one of the more knowledgeable people in the business of domain names. As a result, when he says something interesting or controversial, people will engage, discuss, and sometimes debate him.

According to DomainIQ, Mike's company (Domain Asset Holdings, LLC) owns hundreds of thousands of domain names, and the vast majority are .com. He has sold a ton of .com domain names (including the BuyDomains business), and he seems to be of the opinion that nothing compares to .com or competes with it.

In the last few days, Mike posted a couple of provocative tweets about new gTLD domain names. The links within the tweets link to his original comments on Facebook, and this has stirred up some debate on his Facebook page in different threads: (more…) → Read More

Domain for Sale Landing Page Discussion


Domain for sale landing page design is a popular topic. Most parking service providers offer their own purchase/inquiry/offer landing pages, some with customizations and others without them. There are templates to use and companies like Efty that offer landing pages for users to sell their domain names.

Some people prefer to use their own landing page design. I have been using my own inquiry/offer landing page, and I have made tweaks to it over the last couple of years. I've tried quite a few things to generate more offers and sales, including the following tactics:

  • BIN pages with the price front and center and a link to go into escrow

  • Offer pages with minimalist design

  • Information about domain names on offer pages

  • References and recommendations to give assurance to prospective buyers

I've always thought less is better when it comes to these types of landing pages. My thought is that a prospect that has either clicked a link to inquire about a domain name or someone who landed on a domain name to see if it was being → Read More

Mike Mann: Estibot “dramatically deflates the value of a domain”


EstibotI think Mike Mann is one of the most successful domain investors, and he has certainly sold more domain names than just about anyone. For those who don't know about Mike's background, you should check out Paul Sloan's Cnet article for more information about him and his domain industry background.

On Facebook this morning, Mike publicly shared an interesting comment about Estibot, the automated domain name appraisal tool: (more…) → Read More

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