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Why I Joined the ICA Yesterday


Yesterday afternoon, Nat Cohen explained why the Internet Commerce Association (ICA) adopted a lower tier for individual memberships. I had not attended the ICA event at NamesCon in Las Vegas, and this was the first time I had learned about the lower cost to join the ICA.

After reading Nat's article, I signed up to join the ICA and paid the $600 membership fee. Now that I am once again a member of the ICA, I want to share the reasons why I decided to join on behalf of my company, Top Notch Domains, LLC.

The main reason is that I think the ICA does important work on behalf of domain name owners, especially people who own portfolios of domain names. When there are issues that pose threats to domain owners, Phil Corwin, the ICA’s counsel, takes action to protect the interests of domain owners. I understand that sometimes involves lobbying and it sometimes involves spreading the news about something that could be harmful to our business. I think this is important work done on behalf of all of us, and it costs quite a bit of → Read More

Magnetar Media in Joint Venture Launching



I saw the tweet above, and it stood out for two reasons. First, is an excellent domain name, and when I see an exact match domain name like this, it grabs my attention. Second, the photo of the person in the tweet is domain investor, Brian Null.

After seeing the tweet, I sent Brian an email to ask about, and he quickly responded. According to Brian, was launched in February by Magnetar Media, a company owned and operated by Brian and Mike Sullivan (publisher of The domain name is still owned by domain investor Nat Cohen's StateVentures, LLC, but Magnetar Media has a license deal to operate a website on the domain name. Details about the transaction are (more…) → Read More

Nat Cohen’s Company Did Not Raise “$5 Million to Develop Google Glass Rival”


I was reading through my Twitter feed this evening when the tweet above from journalist Paul Sloan caught my eye. According to an article on CNet, a company called Telepathy raised "$5 million to develop Google Glass rival." The tweet got my attention because Nat Cohen's domain investment and monetization company is called Telepathy.

After clicking through to the article, I could immediately tell that it had nothing to do with Nat's Telepathy, but it was about another company that is also called Telepathy. Unfortunately for this startup, they are using the sub-optimal domain name for its website. Interestingly, is registered to a different company, but that domain name does not yet resolve.

Telepathy is a generic term, so there may not be trademark issues with this company using the Telepathy brand name in that particular vertical (I am not an IP expert). → Read More

99 Designs Launches Swiftly


Graphic design marketplace 99 Designs has launched a new service called Swiftly, and smartly, they were able to acquire the domain name prior to the launch.

Swiftly offers website owners the opportunity to work with graphic designers on small design changes at a relatively inexpensive price with a quick turn around. For instance, designers can make logo changes, banner edits, Powerpoint fixes, and other small design changes within 24 hours. I work with dependable designers, but sometimes they aren't available when I need a quick update, and Swiftly appears to address this problem.

It appears that 99 Designs was able to acquire the domain name sometime around April of 2013, although the domain name is currently registered at under privacy, so the registrant cannot be confirmed. Prior to April, the domain name had been (more…) → Read More

Nat Cohen: Why I Support the ICA


This is a guest post about the Internet Commerce Association from domain investor Nat Cohen, President of Telepathy, Inc.

The Lord Giveth and the Lord taketh away.

For the domain industry, the part of the Lord is played by the U.S. Government and ICANN.

In the early days of the Internet, the U.S. Government policy allowed billions of dollars of domains to be registered on a first-come first-served basis for a registration fee per domain of $100 or less.

Those of us who benefited from this “landrush” know how fortunate we’ve been. Even those domainers who weren’t involved in the early days, benefit from the tremendous value inherent in domain names that is still not fully recognized.

But it is a mistake to confuse being lucky with being smart.

Being smart is taking full advantage of the good luck that comes your way and not taking it for granted. That is why I consider it smart to (more…) → Read More

Telepathy, Inc. Puts on the Market with Sedo


SedoSedo broker Dave Evanson has been given another domain name exclusive, as I learned his company is currently brokering on behalf of Nat Cohen's Telepathy, Inc.  A sales price has not been publicized. My best guess is that it will take a mid to high 6 figure offer to close a deal on it, although that's just a guess.

Nat's companies own a number of high value domain names (like and to name just a couple), and it's not a surprise that he would opt to sell. I personally have found that to maximize the value of a geodomain name, it needs to be developed, and with so many one word descriptive/generic .com names, it would not be feasible to successfully develop them all within one's lifetime.

With millions of dollars in advertising and marketing spend this past year, I could see the Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism upgrading its website from There really isn't a better domain name for them to own, granted it will be an expensive acquisition. I also think it → Read More

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