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Peace Corps Domain Name Expires


PeaceCorps.comIt looks like the Peace Corps has accidentally allowed one of its important domain names to expire. Although the Peace Corps uses for its website (and most likely it's email addresses as well), the domain name expired within the last week and it is pending renewal.

If a visitor goes to right now, a Network Solutions landing page will appear, and there is a message in the top right corner stating, " expired on 01/06/2014 and is pending renewal or deletion." The organization should be able to renew the domain name to reactivate it as it was before.

Should the domain name not be renewed in the next few weeks, it will most likely be (more…) → Read More


Change to Network Solutions Transfer Process Makes Domain Transfers Difficult


Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 12.59.02 PM

I've used Network Solutions sparingly in the past because I found the domain name renewal rates to be expensive. I generally keep NameJet auction inventory at Network Solutions until the domain names are sold or come up for renewal, at which point they are transferred away. It's always been an easy process - a quick unlock and button check to request an authorization code, which was sent fairly quickly.

Well, it looks like the transfer process is now more like its sister company,, and that's not a good thing from my perspective. Both companies were acquired by in the last few years, and they likely share internal learnings and processes.

This morning, I went to transfer a domain name from Network Solutions, and I encountered a number of questions the company posed before I could get to the final request page. I was asked where the domain name is being transferred, why I am transferring it, if I bought it at auction, and whether I have other domain names at NS. That was after a couple of button clicks → Read More


Done Deal: Completes Network Solutions Acquisition

23 put out a press release this evening announcing that the deal to acquire Network Solutions has been approved and finalized. The deal, valued at approximately $576 million ($405 million in cash and 18 million shares of common stock), was originally announced in August, and it comes on the heels of's acquisiton of in June of 2010.

This acquisition triples's customer base, and it will allow the company to offer cross-sells and up-sells to customers. In total, there are now about 3 million "subscribers."  According to David Brown, chairman and chief executive officer of "This transaction more than doubles our revenue, triples the size of our customer base, and provides the expanded scale to invest greater resources in growth and branding initiatives."

I am interested in learning more about the branding initiatives that were mentioned by Brown. and Network Solutions have built solid brand names over the last 15+ years, and they have arguably more consumer → Read More


Interesting Network Solutions Adwords Special Offer


I was checking to see how companies rank in Google for the most frequently searched domain name related terms, and I saw a unique Network Solutions Adwords advertisement. Instead of the typical link to its website, there's a button to click to view the offer (in addition to the link).

When you click the link, you're taken to a Google Offers page rather than the actual NetSol website. On the Offers page, you're given the choice of printing the coupon or saving the page with your other offers. Interestingly, it doesn't seem like there's a link to the NetSol website.

One thing I find peculiar about this is that Google Offers doesn't appear to be set up for a strictly online merchant like Network Solutions. It would have been smarter if there was another button (or alternate button) that allowed the visitor to click through and have the redemption code plugged into the shopping cart or overlaid on the website to show that the coupon is acknowledged.

The other thing I find interesting is that Network Solutions appeared as → Read More


Network Solutions Certified Offers: Do People Use Them Often?


Certified Offers

I've had a few people ask me about the Network Solutions Certified Offers program. This programs allows domain buyers to use the services of NetSol to acquire domain names stealthily, where the company negotiates on behalf of the buyer. (more…) → Read More


The Art of Shaving Lets Expire: Domain Going to Auction


ArtOfShaving.comSince I work from home, I can easily go two or three days without shaving. My wife doesn't exactly love it when I've got too much scruff, but there's less incentive to shave, although I love a good shave.

The Art of Shaving is a high end shaving store that offers expensive shaving tools and great, professional shaves. When I've needed a good shave for a special event, I've gone to The Art of Shaving.

Because the company is called The Art of Shaving, it uses for its website. This domain name was registered back in 1999. The company also smartly owns (well, owned), and Compete stats show that the domain name receives somewhere around 2,000 visits a month, all of which were forwarded to the company website.

Unfortunately for the company, someone dropped the ball, and expired on February 11, 2011 and it doesn't appear to have been renewed yet. The primary beneficiary of this is Network Solutions, which appears to be monetizing the domain name with PPC links.

Hopefully The → Read More


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