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While at NamesCon, I had the chance to chat with Protrada founder Troy Rushton. Most of our discussion revolved around the company's platform, which I wrote about last Summer. In looking through the features offered by the platform, it looks like it could be helpful for people who want to sell domain names on their own.

Troy mentioned that Mike Berkens is now using for his corporate domain sales website, I chatted with Mike about the platform, and although it is still a work in progress, he is happy with the platform and its lead tracking tools. You can learn more about the features and pricing to operate your own domain sales website on the information page.

I saw that the company shared a series of videos on YouTube to show how to set up a domain sales shop using the platform. Most of the instructions are fairly easy to follow, but the videos are helpful for those who are better visual learners. I think that many people default to (more…) → Read More


Protrada Offering a “Domain Shop” for Clients


Yesterday afternoon, Protrada announced the soft launch of, a platform that allows users to create a "domain shop" to help sell their domain names. According to the newsletter email I received, "this new platform offers domain investors a 'domain shop' and 'tools' for marketing and selling of domain names, faster." According to the website, the team is made up of Troy Rushton, Adam Dicker, Eugene Wood, and Jon Hewitt.

There are 6 features of this platform that are being called out by the company in its email: (more…) → Read More


Protrada Offering Domain Investor Workshop with Adam Dicker


protradaI signed up for the Protrada newsletter a while back, and I received the first email newsletter this evening inviting me to a "Domain Investor Workshop with Adam Dicker." The workshop is coming up soon: December 14 - 15, 2013, and the event will be held at Laguna Cliffs Marriott Resort & Spa in Dana Point, California.

Here's what the email said about the workshop: (more…) → Read More


DomainsCon Conference Being Planned


Last week, I wrote about the NamesCon domain conference that will debut in January in Las Vegas. Via Facebook this morning, I learned about DomainsCon, another domain investing conference that is happening just before TRAFFIC Las Vegas. The scope of these two conferences is much different from each other though. DomainsCon is being organized by Protrada founder and CEO, Troy Rushton.

The goal for DomainsCon is to provide a platform for registrants to understand the changing Internet landscape, particularly with new gTLDs presumably available and being used at the time of the event. DomainsCon is tentatively scheduled for just before the TRAFFIC conference. According to Troy, "DomainsCon is a natural extension to our workshop and seminar business that we deliver to Protrada members."

The target audience for DomainsCon is different than that of other industry conferences. According to Troy, (more…) → Read More


Appraiso Integrated Into Protrada


One of the benefits of using Protrada is the ability to create websites. Although I have not created a website with Protrada, there are many people who have.

In a press release this morning, Protrada announced that  Morgan Linton's Appraiso has been integrated into its platform. Appraiso is a website created by Linton and his fiancé Daina Burnes to help people appraise their revenue generating websites. With Protrada's website building offering, it's obviously a good fit, as it will allow people to track the progression of their websites' worth.

This isn't the first time that Morgan has worked with Protrada's Troy Rushton. In April, when Troy spoke at the National Achievers Conference in San Jose, Morgan was instrumental in creating the presentation.

Press release is below: (more…) → Read More