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UDRP Filed Against MEZ.com


A UDRP was filed at the World Intellectual Property Organization against the three letter MEZ.com domain name. The case is WIPO Case D2016-1932.

The registrant of Mez.com is located in India, and it appears that the registrant's first name is Mez. The domain name is nearly 20 years old, with a registration date of December 1996. A DomainTools Historical Whois search shows that the domain name may have changed hands more than once in the last couple of years.

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Jim Cramer Files UDRP on Domain Name with 4 Hyphens


There was a unique UDRP filed at the World Intellectual Property Organization for a domain name that has 4 hyphens and 5 words! Jim Cramer (listed on the WIPO website as James J. Cramer) filed a UDRP against jim-cramer-charitable-trust-stocks.com. The UDRP is WIPO Case D2016-1756.

As you may know, Jim Cramer is a well known financial analyst and hedge fund founder who became popular as the host of CNBC's Mad Money tv show. You can read more about Cramer's background on Wikipedia.

The jim-cramer-charitable-trust-stocks.com domain name was created back in October of 2007. According to Archive.org, it looks like there has been a website on that domain name for quite some time. In fact, several photos of Mr. Cramer are on the website.

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Accenture Files UDRP on 75 .XYZ Domain Names


Accenture, one of the largest consulting companies in the world, has filed a UDRP proceeding against 75 .xyz domain names. The case was filed at the World Intellectual Property Organization, and it is WIPO Case D2016-1682. I have listed the 75 domain names below.

I did a quick Whois search on a handful of the domain names, and it appears that they may all be owned by the same entity with a Vietnam address. The domain names I checked had an early-June registration date.

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ZL.com Subject of UDRP Filing



A UDRP has been filed against the valuable two letter ZL.com domain name. The UDRP was filed at the World Intellectual Property Organization, and it is WIPO Case D2016-1665.

ZL.com was created in May of 1996, and the domain name is privately registered. The domain name is parked and it is currently listed for sale via Sedo, although there does not appear to be an asking price listed at Sedo. I checked through my email records, and I do not see any references to this being listed for sale via any domain broker newsletters I receive regularly.

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Hidden Cost of a UDRP


I've spent a considerable amount of time writing about UDRP filings. Most of my attention is paid to valuable domain names such as LLL.com or one word .com domain names that seem like they should be less risky to own. UDRP risk is something domain investors need to consider with every purchase.

The greatest and most obvious risk a UDRP poses is a loss of ownership of a domain name. A domain owner may have spent thousands of dollars to acquire a domain name only to see a UDRP panel award it to a complainant, rightly or wrongly. In addition, a domain owner can spend thousands of dollars on a good domain lawyer to defend the right to own this domain name, win or lose.

There is at least one other less visible risk of the (more…) → Read More

Hug.com & Hug.net Subject of UDRP


Hug.com UDRP

I did a double take this afternoon when looking at the World Intellectual Property Organization's website. A UDRP was filed against Hug.com and Hug.net. The case is WIPO Case D2016-1620.

As far as I am concerned, Hug.com and Hug.net are about as descriptive as you can get. Both domain names appear to be owned by the same owner, a registrant based in California, according to the Whois information. If you visit the domain names, you will see the domain names have a for sale form on them. Selling descriptive domain names is a perfectly legitimate business model. Hug.com was created in 1995 and Hug.net was created in 1999.

According to DomainIQ, Hug.com has a (more…) → Read More

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