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DNDisputes.com a UDRP Monitoring Tool


I think it is important for domain investors to follow UDRP proceedings. Not only can it keep investors abreast of current UDRP filings, but reading decisions can give insight into how panelists make their decisions. I am a regular user and fan of UDRPSearch.com, and I just learned about another UDRP tracking and monitoring tool: DNDisputes.com. I don't think there can be too many tools tracking UDRP filings and decisions.

The team from DNDisputes.com emailed me last week to introduce themselves. I believe I visited their website during the brief time UDRPSearch.com was down a month ago, but I did not use it enough to become familiar with it. In response to their introductory email, I asked them a few questions about their website, and I want to share what they had to say in response to my questions.

As an industry writer, I especially think the tracking and statistics section are helpful. I also think it can be helpful for people whose domain names are subject of a UDRP, especially if they plan to handle the response on their → Read More

Apple Owned Lala.com Subject of UDRP


It's not every day that a domain name owned by a major corporation becomes the subject of a UDRP filing. According to the World Intellectual Property Organization, a UDRP was filed against LALA.com (Lala.com or LaLa.com). The UDRP is WIPO Case D2017-1351.

When I did a Whois search on this seemingly generic (and certainly valuable) domain name, I did a doubletake. LaLa.com is owned by Apple. Yes, the Apple Inc. from Cupertino, California. Apple is one of the world's largest companies, and it certainly has a legal department that can defend its right to own this domain name.

If you visit LaLa.com, the domain name doesn't seem to resolve, although nameserver records show that the domain name has Apple.com nameservers. LaLa.com was created in January of 1996, making it over 21 years old. Apple acquired Lala.com when it acquired a music service called Lala, and Cult of Mac has the interesting story about its acquisition.

Even without the history of the Lala brand that Apple acquired, Lala.com is a valuable domain name in its → Read More

RDNH Finding in ALO.com UDRP


A three member WIPO UDRP panel ruled in favor of the domain owner in the ALO.com UDRP. In addition, the panel ruled that Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH) occurred. The domain name owner was represented by ESQWire.com (Jason Schaeffer and Ari Goldberger), and this is the second case in the last couple of weeks for the law firm where a finding of RDNH was made.

This seems like a pretty cut and dry UDRP decision. It doesn't really make sense that a complainant can win a UDRP when the domain name has been owned longer than the trademark of the company filing the UDRP even existed. In its argument, the complainant cited the "Octogen Case," which was just discussed in a sponsored post the Internet Commerce Association wrote published on CircleID. Putting the theory of "retroactive bad faith" to rest is important for domain name investors.

I think there are several aspects of the UDRP decision that stand out for domain investor rights, and I want to highlight a few of them. (more…) → Read More

JDM.com Subject of UDRP


A UDRP has been filed against the JDM.com domain name at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The UDRP filing is case #D2017-1182.

JDM.com has a creation date of April 1995, making this domain name 22 years old. The domain name is earning advertising revenue via its Uniregistry parked page. As far as I am concerned (and as many UDRP panels have ruled), this is a legitimate business practice. Based on a DomainTools Whois History search (and article written by Jamie Zoch), it looks like the domain name may have recently changed registrants.

As a three letter .com domain name, JDM.com holds significant value. According to Estibot, the value of JDM.com is listed as $118,000, and I would not be surprised to see a domain name like this sell for somewhere in that ballpark or higher. I do to see any public sales information about JDM.com in NameBio.

The complainant in this UDRP proceeding is listed as J.D.M. Sofware B.V. (I think this is a WIPO typo and the correct company name is J.D.M. Software B.V.). A Google → Read More

Versailles.com and VisitVersailles.com Subject of UDRP Filings (Update)


Two geographic domain names have become the subject of two separate UDRP proceedings at the World Intellectual Property Organization. A UDRP was filed against Versailles.com (WIPO Case D2017-1016), and a UDRP was filed against VisitVersailles.com  (WIPO Case D2017-0985).

Versailles.com and VisitVersailles.com are owned by two different registrants, which is why there are two separate  UDRP filings. Versailles.com was registered over 20 years ago (back in  1996) and is owned by someone in Houston, Texas. VisitVersailles.com has a creation date of September of 2006, although the domain name had been registered and expired prior to that. This domain name is owned by a registrant in Laredo, Texas.

When I visited Versailles.com this afternoon, the domain name resolved to a default  GoDaddy landing  page. When I visited VisitVersailles.com this afternoon, I was forwarded to a "coming soon" landing page on a different website (likely the owner of the domain name).According to NameBio, Versailles.com was acquired at auction for → Read More

SOG.com Subject of UDRP (Updated)


A UDRP was filed against the valuable three letter .com domain name, SOG.com. The UDRP was filed at the National Arbitration Forum (NAF), and it is listed as case #1726464. I will be following this UDRP via UDRPSearch.com.

SOG.com is owned by a company called Poise Media Inc. that appears to be based in New York. Using DomainTools' Historical Whois Tool, I was able to see that the registrant appears to be the same since February of 2007, meaning that it has been owned for over ten years. SOG.com  was created in April of 1996, so this domain name is over 20 years old.

SOG.com is currently monetized  with pay per click advertisements using Sedo. The domain name is also listed for sale on Sedo where it has a $40,000 minimum offer requirement. I am not sure how long the domain name has been listed for sale. SOG.com is clearly valuable, with Estibot pegging its value at $370,000. I do not see any public sales record for this domain name on NameBio.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 7.39.28 PM

The NAF does not reveal the name of the complainant until the UDRP decision → Read More

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