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UDRP Filed on Squirrels.com


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I was looking through the recent UDRP filings at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) when I came across a filing for the Squirrels.com domain name. The complainant in this case is appears to be a company called Squirrels LLC, and it is identified as WIPO Case D2014-1434.

When I visit the Squirrels.com domain name, I am redirected to another website, and it appears to be a forward based on my location. The current Whois information shows a (more…) → Read More

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UDRP Filed on Porn.com


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After receiving the daily Domain Name Decisions email from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), I saw that a UDRP has apparently been filed for the high value Porn.com domain name. The complainant in this UDRP filing is listed as MXN, Ltd. I would imagine this is the most valuable domain name that has ever been subject to a UDRP proceeding.

At the present time, Porn.com is registered under privacy protection. In mid-July, the Whois registrant organization was listed MXN Ltd. This would appear to be the complainant in the UDRP filing, which makes this case more interesting. A quick screenshot and nameserver search shows that the domain name appears to be resolving to the same website as it has been for quite some time.

According to an article on Business Insider, the Porn.com domain name was (more…) → Read More

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Sold in 2013, UDRP Filed on MSC.com


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I was reading through the most recent UDRP filings at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and I saw that a UDRP was filed for the MSC.com domain name. On the WIPO page for this UDRP, the complainant in this action is listed as a company called MSC Mediterrean [sp?] Shipping Company Holding S.A. It appears that there may be a typo on the WIPO website because that is not how you spell Mediterranean.

Aside from the fact that this is a three letter .com domain name and there are many companies around the world that use the "MSC" initials, this UDRP filing is notable because this domain name sold for quite a bit of money in 2013. According to Ron Jackson's DNJournal sales report in December of 2013, MSC.com was reportedly sold for €35,000 via Sedo, which was approximately $47,600 USD. At the time of the report, that was the largest public sale of the week.

Since January of this year, MSC.com has been (more…) → Read More

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Pharmaceutical Product Development, Inc. Files UDRP for PPD.com


I really hate seeing UDRP filings for three letter .com domain names. In my opinion, three letter acronyms usually have many different meanings, and it's generally tough to say who would have a right to own the name.

I was checking the World Intellectual Property Organization's website to see what UDRP filings have been recently made, and I saw one for the seemingly descriptive PPD.com. According to the filing report, Pharmaceutical Product Development, Inc. and Pharmaco Investments, Inc. filed a UDRP for PPD.com in mid-April.

In looking at a historical thumbnail of PPD.com, I don't see how the domain name is infringing upon this company's brand. In fact, there seems there was even a vulgar message splashed across the front (see historical thumbnail from May 2008). At the present time, PPD.com looks to be a standard parking page without much of a focus on a particular industry, so it doesn't jump out at me as to why the company thinks they deserve the domain name.

Some PPD uses/meanings/acronyms:

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How to Potentially Lose $11,000+ in Less than a Year


According to the World Intellectual Property Organization website's list of pending UDRP filings, Inter-Continental Hotels Corporation / Six Continents Hotels, Inc. filed a UDRP for 1,529 domain names that they believe infringe on some of their hotel brands. Names such as candlewood-braintree.com, holiday-inn-dfw-north.com, los-angeles-commerce-casino.com, and staybridge-bwi-airport.com were registered by what appears to be one party, Unister GmbH (although I only searched a random assortment of these domain names).

It appears that many of these domain name I searched were registered recently - in mid to late 2009. For example, staybridge-suites-reno.com was registered July 21, 2009, hotel-indigo-london-paddington.com was registered May 23, 2009, and holiday-memphis-hacks.com was registered July 21, 2009.

To possibly make a defense even more difficult for the domain registrant, it appears that some of the names I searched are listed for sale at Sedo (holiday-inn-universal-studios.com for example), and I would think the → Read More

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WIPO Wants Registrars Held Responsible


I was reading Mike's Blog today about WIPO wanting domain registrars to be held responsible for their registrants' trademark infringing domain names, and I give it a thumbs up.  In fact, I said the same thing back in March of 2008, "Registrars Should Help Prevent Cybersquatting."

I believe that many people register domain names that have trademarks in them without really knowing the risks involved. When I first started buying domain names circa 2003-04, there were a few trademark names that I purchased.  I didn't know the legalities of this, and when I found out, I canceled the few that I owned and bought back a few that I had sold, and cancelled them, too.  Although the likelihood of getting sued for names I created out of thin air was small, I didn't want to deal with them.

I do understand why some companies invest in trademark domain names that receive traffic and generate revenue. It's a business decision that some companies have to make, but in most cases, new registrations are way more of a liability than a profitable → Read More

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