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UDRP Filed Against



A UDRP has been filed against the domain name at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). This UDRP is WIPO Case D2016-2488. was created back in 1998. The domain name is registered to an entity called Oger Investments, and the domain registrant’s address is in Australia. Acc0rding to a website called, there is an Australian company called Oger Investments, Pty., which the website says was incorporated in 1997.

Using DomainTools’ Whois History Tool, I looked back through the years, and it appears this same registrant has owned the domain name for quite some time. In fact, the first archived Whois record is from 2001, and it shows the registrant as Oger Investments. It is very possible that this domain name has been owned by the same entity even before that.

When I visited this morning, I was taken to what appears to be a registrar-controlled “under construction” page. One issue, perhaps, is the links on the under construction page are clothing related. Because the domain registrant doesn’t control those links nor generates revenue from them (to my knowledge), it would be unfortunate if this played a role in the decision.

The UDRP complaint was → Read More

Great Domains Auction: Sells for $61k+


Sedo’s final Great Domains auction of 2016 closed today, and the auction totaled about $175,000 in sales. There were 17 domain names that sold in this month’s auction.

The largest sale of the month was, which sold for $61,350. sold for $44,000, and sold for 31000 EUR. was another 5 figure sale, closing at $25,499.

The full list of sold domain names is below. Quite a few names had bidding action but didn’t meet their reserve prices.,,, and were examples of domain names that did not meet their reserve prices and did not sell at auction.

Since the auction → Read More

Payoneer Escrow Hiring Director of Product Management


payoneer-escrowBrandon Abbey shared a job opening on LinkedIn that I want to share with readers. Payoneer is looking to hire a Director of Product Management in its Palo Alto, California office. This full time Director-level position will work directly with the Payoneer Escrow team.

I looked through the listed responsibilities of this job opening, and it seems like it could be a good fit for someone who has domain industry experience. From my perspective, a domain name escrow company is most effective if it can tailor its offerings specifically to the needs of domain investors. There are many types of domain name deals, and being able to service creative deals is helpful. Someone with domain investment experience should be able to offer their insight and experience to help Payoneer Escrow grow its domain industry business.

While Payoneer is new to the domain escrow space, the company is growing. In fact, according to an article in the New York Business Journal in October, → Read More

Daniel Law Named Interim ICA Executive Director


internet-commerce-association-icaI just received an email from the Internet Commerce Association (ICA) announcing that Daniel Law, a co founder of Rook Media, and currently a principle with Heron Investments Ltd., is taking on the position as Executive Director of the trade organization on an interim basis. Previously, the ICA had been operating without an Executive Director.

As ICA membership and the organization’s responsibilities have grown, this position has become increasingly important to fill.

Daniel will serve beside Philip Corwin, who has been the Counsel for the ICA for many years. In that role, Phil is responsible for lobbying on behalf of the ICA and helping to develop public positions and policies on behalf of the ICA. Daniel will also work closely with domain industry veteran Kamila Sekiewicz who serves as the ICA’s Operations Manager.

The ICA is fortunate that Daniel is willing to take on this role, as he brings a combination of high level management expertise, in depth knowledge of the industry, dedication to the ICA’s mission and collegiality that would be quite difficult to match,” Nat Cohen told the ICA membership.

On Monday, January 23rd, the ICA will be hosting a session at NamesCon called The Most Shocking UDRP Decisions of 2016, and I think this is a session domain investors will want to attend. I also understand that the ICA will be hosting → Read More

NameJet Gives Update Regarding New ICANN Transfer Rules


NameJet LogoOn December 1st, ICANN enacted a new domain name lock policy, which I previously wrote about. Although I don’t think I have been impacted by the policy change yet, I can see how it could cause issues for people who sell domain names on third party platforms.

This afternoon, NameJet sent an email to customers announcing how the auction platform will deal with the new lock policy as it applies to people who are selling domain names on NameJet. In the announcement, the company also discussed the 2.5% fee the company will be adding beginning on December 14th.

I want to share the email I received: → Read More

GoDaddy Comments on Domain Portfolio Acquisition


GoDaddy LogoI noticed that quite a few domain names transferred to NameFind this morning from a company called Traffic Names, Ltd. The portfolio has many high value domain names, and my guess is that this was an 8 figure acquisition. Jamie Zoch wrote about the acquisition earlier this morning.

After seeing the domain registrant changes and Jamie’s article, I sent an email to Paul Nicks, Vice President of the Aftermarket at GoDaddy. I asked him for an official comment about the acquisition, and I also asked him if the company acquired the entire portfolio or a portion of it. Here’s the official GoDaddy statement about the acquisition:

“We can confirm that GoDaddy has acquired another great domain name portfolio. This is a high quality portfolio and will help deliver customers their ideal name. The seller asked we keep their identity private, so we will not be disclosing that information.”

In addition to this statement, Paul also confirmed that GoDaddy acquired the entire portfolio. DomainIQ indicates that this is somewhere in the ballpark of 31,000 domain names. That figure doesn’t include names that could have a different email address associated with them or privately registered domain names.

If you have a look at (or the version if the website is taken down), you can see quite a few of the domain names that GoDaddy likely acquired in this deal. Using DomainIQ, I found some of the top names in the portfolio: → Read More

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