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Divyank Turakhia on CNBC


Last week, I wrote about the news that was being acquired for $900 million. Although this was not explicitly domain name investment news, the fact that was founded by longtime domain industry veterans Divyank and Bhavin Turakhia made this noteworthy.

Shortly after the news of the acquisition, CNBC posted an interview with CEO Divyank Turakhia. The topic of the interview is “why the $900 million acquisition deal by a group of Chinese investors made sense.”

I just saw the interview, and I embedded the video below so you can have a look:

Jim Cramer Files UDRP on Domain Name with 4 Hyphens


There was a unique UDRP filed at the World Intellectual Property Organization for a domain name that has 4 hyphens and 5 words! Jim Cramer (listed on the WIPO website as James J. Cramer) filed a UDRP against The UDRP is WIPO Case D2016-1756.

As you may know, Jim Cramer is a well known financial analyst and hedge fund founder who became popular as the host of CNBC’s Mad Money tv show. You can read more about Cramer’s background on Wikipedia.

The domain name was created back in October of 2007. According to, it looks like there has been a website on that domain name for quite some time. In fact, several photos of Mr. Cramer are on the website.

If Jim Cramer or → Read More

My Purchases Feel Better Than My Sales


I almost always seem to feel more excited when I buy a domain name then when I sell a domain name. Don’t get me wrong, it is a very good feeling to lock down a profitable sale, but this feeling usually pales in comparison to reaching a purchase deal on a domain name I really like.

When I agree to sell a domain name, I often feel like I am leaving money on the table. Whether this is true or not is something that can only be known in time if the buyer resells the domain name, but it is a feeling I regularly have when I sell domain names. I understand the probability of selling a domain name, and I am regularly willing to sell a domain name if it makes financial sense for my company, even if the deal isn’t perfect. My philosophy is that if my margin is decent, I don’t mind leaving some meat on the bone for the next guy.

When I am buying a domain name and → Read More

Some Weekly Thoughts and Updates


I don’t know about you, but I am getting excited for the NFL season to begin. It’s nice to be a Patriots fan because the team is almost always very good. The only downside to the beginning of the football season is that it means the Summer is coming to an end.

Here are some domain name thoughts and updates I want to share with you. If you have other industry thoughts and updates, I invite you to share them in the comment section. → Read More

What Types of Domain Names Are You Buying?


I am almost always looking to buy domain names in the aftermarket. I send offers and inquiries daily, and I participate in domain auctions on a variety of auction platforms on a daily basis.

Scott Rosenbaum suggested that I publish an article asking people to share what types of domain names they are buying these days, and I think that is a good idea. This will give me and other readers the opportunity to see what types of domain names other people are buying right now.

Here are four types of domain names I am always looking to buy: → Read More

How I Explain What I Do


When people ask what I do and I tell them about my involvement in the domain business, many people ask me if it is similar to what GoDaddy does. I find the question interesting because it shows just how much name recognition the GoDaddy brand has. I also find it interesting because people seem to genuinely want to know what investing in domain names entails.

I thought I would share how I explain what I do to make it more simple for people to understand domain name investing. My explanation typically goes something like this: → Read More

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