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Previous Registrant of Wins UDRP


The former owner of the domain name won its UDRP proceeding at the National Arbitration Forum. I think the decision is worth a read, especially for people who participate in expired/expiring domain name auctions.

According to NameBio, was won at a auction in August. The high bid was $390. From my perspective, seems like it could be a descriptive domain name like so many other e- and i- domain names that have keywords following them. When I read the decision, I learned that the “IDANCER” term is actually trademarked in the US.

The company that owns the trademark previously owned the domain name. Due to some sort of error discussed in the decision, the domain name registration lapsed, and caught it. The current registrant won the domain name, and after rebuffing the previous owner’s effort to get the domain name back, a UDRP was filed.

The complainant won the UDRP, despite the fact that → Read More

Your Offer Might Spark an Interest in Selling


Here’s something to keep in mind when making offers for domain names: your inquiry might make the domain owner consider actively marketing the domain name for sale.

In the last couple of months, I have made many purchase offers for domain names that were not on the market. On a few of these domain names, shortly after making my offers, the companies decided to seek out a domain broker to sell their domain names. The prices of these domain names were far above what I would pay, and as far as I know, none of these names I am thinking about have sold via broker.

When buying domain names, my strong preference is to make a deal privately. This generally allows me to purchase a domain name covertly, without the price reported publicly and without outside involvement from someone who might use this data to their advantage. When a broker → Read More

Do You Hate The 2 Candidates?


I saw an amusing tweet from Igloo last night during the Presidential election debate:

The brokerage, known for its brokering of high value domain names, is looking to sell two political domain names: and Interestingly, the Clinton domain name was registered back in 2012 and the Trump domain name was registered in 2015. It looks like both domain names have domain name inquiry forms on their landing pages right now.

Although time is running out on this Presidential election (THANKFULLY), I have a feeling that these domain names will keep their meaning for a long time considering how polarizing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are.

I have no idea what the prices for these domain names are, but I thought it was a bit amusing to see during last night’s debate.

RDNH Finding in UDRP


I recently wrote about the UDRP that was filed at the World Intellectual Property Organization. The decision was published today, and the three member panel found in favor of the domain owner. In addition, the panel concluded that Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH) had occurred.

According to the decision, “the Panel’s view is that there are several reasons why a finding of RDNH should be made.” The decision then listed several reasons for why it found this UDRP to be RDNH.

One thing I found very interesting is that the panel wrote about why it chose to make a reverse domain name hijacking decision rather than simply rule in favor of the respondent. Here’s what was written about that: → Read More

NamesCon Registrations Tracking Ahead of Last Year


It looks like attendance at next year’s NamesCon domain conference is tracking ahead of last year, according to a tweet from last night:

I reached out to NamesCon founder Richard Lau, and he let me know they are expecting → Read More

Saxo Bank Now Using Home.Saxo


saxo-bankSaxo Bank has changed its primary website domain name from to Home.Saxo. As you can see, the company is using its own branded .Saxo domain name. According to its website, “Saxo Bank A/S is a fully licensed and regulated Danish bank specialising in online trading and investment across global financial markets.”

News of the change was written about in an article on, and the company mentioned the article in a tweet earlier this morning:

The article did not have any → Read More

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