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Portfolio of Names Move from NameFind to Domain Capital


I use a variety of tools to monitor domain names as they are bought, sold, and otherwise transferred. This morning, I saw that a large portfolio of three letter .net ( domain names moved from GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio to Domain Capital. My guess is that the domain names were acquired by a buyer who used Domain Capital for financing.

The list is quite extensive. In fact, I could only see approximately 500 domain names that changed hands due to limitations on my DomainTools domain monitoring account, and that includes other domain names that changed hands.

In looking through the list relatively quickly, I didn’t really notice any patterns with respect to the domain names that changed ownership. For instance, some of the domain names have consonants, some have vowels, and some are a mixture. My guess would be that someone was able to work out a favorable end of the month deal on a portfolio of domain names.

Because I don’t know → Read More

Color .com Domain Name Sale Prices


I regularly receive offers and inquiries for As you probably know, lilac is a color in the purple family in addition to being a shrub / flower.

Just like every other type of domain name, most offers I receive for this domain name aren’t even close to being in the ballpark of value or previous offers. To avoid annoying back and forth discussions with buyers who don’t know much about domain names, I regularly share the reported sale prices of other color related domain names. I thought I would share this list here to give people an idea of how color-related domain names sell, but perhaps selfishly, to also see if readers know about other documented color .com sales.

Here is a compiled list of color .com domain names that I found that have been sold and reported publicly. If you know of any other color .com domain name sales, please share them in the comment section along with the source of the sale information and I will add them to the list. In addition to adding public sales I know about, I also used this color list to seek out other sales.

Publicly reported color .com domain name sales: → Read More Disaster Relief In Sevier County


pigeonforge-com-logoI have a great deal of respect for Jessica Bookstaff Doppelt, who is the owner of Jessica has been an active member of the small geodomain name community, and she was always been happy to offer tips and feedback when I began working on my own geographic domain name websites.

As you may know, her area of Tennessee was hit with devastating wildfires recently. Most of the damage was done in a city called Gatlinburg, but the entire Great Smoky Mountains area is feeling the effects of the wildfires. There have been a few deaths, many injuries, and hundreds of people may have lost their residences and businesses due to the fires.

This afternoon, Jessica sent her newsletter subscribers an update about the fires. Importantly, she shared some action items people can do to help those in need. I want to share Jessica’s newsletter with you. I know there are people in the domain name community who live in the area or love the Smoky Mountains, and here’s how we can all help them: → Read More Auction: Above or Below Estibot?


It looks like a Network Solutions-affiliated registrar caught the domain name after it expired and went through the deletion process. As a result, the auction is now live at NameJet and SnapNames.

As of right now, the high bid for this auction is $6,700, and there are 140 bidders participating (there may be some overlap between bidders who backordered the domain name at both venues). As I mentioned previously, Estibot values this domain name at $33,000.NameBio shows a wide range in sale prices for 4 number .com domain names. Throw in the fact that there isn’t a number “4” in this domain name, and bidding could be even higher.

I am curious if you think bidding will be higher or lower than the Estibot valuation. Vote in the poll below: Deletes and Will Likely Go To Auction



It looks like the valuable domain name expired and was deleted. Depending on which drop catching service catches this domain name, it will likely go to auction sometime this afternoon.

I had a look at the pre-orders at NameJet, and there are currently 66 bids with a high bid of $6,700. Because it is a pending delete auction NameJet and Snapnames will team up and bidding can be done on either platform., Pheenix, and other drop catch auction services will also be vying for this domain name when it becomes available to snag. People interested in bidding on the domain name should backorder it at their favorite back order auction platform within the next couple of hours or so (at the time of publication).

The domain name appears to have been owned by → Read More Announces Disbursement Fee Reduction

2 ShieldOne of my pet peeves is being nickel and dimed. Getting charged small fees here and there can add up, but these small fees tend to annoy me more than they impact my bottom line.

Disbursement fees are one of those ticky tack fees that bother me, be it at Paypal, escrow service, domain company, or other company that has funds of mine on hold. Typically, the company charges a fee for whatever services they performed for me, and sometimes that company will add an extra fee to send me my money. I understand that there are costs to payment processing, but I would prefer it to be rolled up into the price of the service rather than added on at the end. It’s just a bit of an annoyance.

Jackson Elsegood sent out an email to customers announcing that is reducing its disbursement fees. I am not entirely sure what their fees were before, but here’s what he sent to customers, along with the new disbursement fee schedule: → Read More

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