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Greece Woes Impacting Domain Names?


I have been following the news about the economy of Greece over the last couple of weeks. I am not an economics expert by any stretch, but I am sure the ongoing issues in Greece will impact people and economies throughout the world, regardless of the outcome.

An interesting op-ed article was published this morning in the New York Times. Greeceā€™s Sorry Reckoning, written by Nikos Konstandaras, discussed the issue at hand as well as some of the problems that Greece-based businesses have encountered in the last week. One thing in particular about domain names caught my eye.

From the article: → Read More


Get.Club: First New gTLD Vanity License Plate?


Abdu Tarabichi uploaded a photograph of his new vanity license plate this afternoon, and it is advertising a new gTLD domain name. The license plate is from the state of North Carolina, and it says “Get.Club.”

It’s interesting that → Read More

tech Up for Auction on NameJet


One of the most valuable domain names to hit the auction block on NameJet is coming up for sale. is listed as the top NameJet “Hot Pick,” and it currently has a bid of $20,000 with 115 bidders already participating. There is a reserve price on the auction, although the reserve is not known.

I asked NameJet GM Jonathan Tenenbaum about the auction, and he commented, “We are always working to bring high-quality inventory on to our platform and this is a prime example of that. SX.COM is an incredible 2-character domain with a very reasonable reserve, and this represents a great opportunity. We are hoping to bring even more of these kinds of domains to the market in the coming months and we are very excited for our customers.” is privately registered, so I am → Read More


Weekly Domain Brokerage Listings – 7/1


There are quite a few domain broker submitted listings this week. Domain names were submitted by brokers from Outcome Brokerage, Sedo, Domain Holdings,, and Media Options. If any of the domain names are of interest to you, contact the broker directly.

Visitors are permitted to list one of their own domain names for sale in the comment section. The listing must only have one domain name, the buy it now price, and contact information. Submissions with extraneous information will be deleted.

I strongly advise people to do their due diligence before agreeing to buy a domain name. It is also recommended that buyers and sellers use an escrow service to transact. I don’t get involved in any of these third party deals, so buyer and seller beware.

This post will be listed on for additional exposure to people who submit their domain names for sale.

Domain names for sale this week: → Read More

Radix in Escrow at Sedo


I learned that has been sold via Sedo. The domain name registrant is currently listed as Sedo, and the registrant email address is the one the company uses for its domain brokerage escrow service. The price for the domain name is not going to be shared due to a non-disclosure agreement.

The seller of the domain name is a domain investment and development company called Finlead AG. I am told that Finlead acquired the domain name in 2011. Since the domain name is still in escrow, I am unsure of who the buyer is. was listed for sale in March in the Brannan’s domain brokerage newsletter with a price of $500,000. It had previously been → Read More


Impact of Falling Chinese Stock Market on Domain Names


There is quite a bit of instability in the world markets right now. Outside of the US, one of the biggest markets for domain names during the past several years has been China. The Chinese stock market has grown at a tremendous rate, and similarly, the value of Chinese-favored domain names like short numeric and acronym .com domain names have grown as well.

Gone are the days when the worst 3 letter .com domain names would sell for $3,000 +/-. Now it’s more like a $10-15,000 floor for any 3 letter .com domain names, regardless of the letters. Short numeric domain names are selling for more than I’ve ever seen them. To me, it seems that investors have been paying more for many of these domain names than end user buyers are willing to pay.

I have been reading reports about the Chinese stock and financial markets falling of late. I reached out to several industry brokers to see how they think the domain market will be impacted if the Chinese stock market falls. Specifically, I asked about the “impact a major correction in the Chinese stock markets might have on domain names being sold to Chinese buyers (primarily short 2-4 letter and 2-4 number domain names).”

Several domain brokers from some of the most successful domain brokerages replied to my query, and their replies are below. I also invite you to share your thoughts in the comment section. → Read More


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