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Weekly Domain Brokerage Listings – 1/28


The domain broker submitted listings have been published below. Submissions this week come from Breathe Luxury, Domain Holdings, Sedo, and Media Options. Contact the listing broker if you wish to purchase or discuss a domain name.

Visitors are welcome to submit one of their own domain names for sale in the comment section as long as it has a buy it now price. The listing must only include the domain name, buy it now price, and contact information. If anything additional is posted, the comment will be marked as spam and deleted. Please do not post other comments about any of the submissions.

I strongly recommend that you perform due diligence before agreeing to purchase a domain name here or anywhere else. You should also use an escrow service to transact securely. I do not review or confirm ownership on any listings posted here, so buyers and sellers beware.

This post will be listed on for additional exposure to people who submit their domain names for sale.

This week’s domain name brokerage submissions: → Read More

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Namecheap Move Your Domain Day Raises Over $50k


Namecheap held its annual Move Your Domain Day (MYDD) yesterday. While the event is used by Namecheap to bolster its registration numbers, it also raises funds for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). Since 2011, the company has reportedly donated over $250,000 to the EFF as a result of this marketing effort.

During yesterday’s event, 33,428 domains were transferred to Namecheap using the EFF coupon code that was created for the Move Your Domain Day event. This means that Namecheap will donate a total of $50,845.50 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. I understand that yesterday’s event was the largest to date, surpassing the initial event held in 2011.

According to a Wikipedia entry, the impetus for Move Your Domain Day was “initially in response to Go Daddy’s support of the Stop Online Piracy Act.” As you are probably aware, → Read More

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Update: GoDaddy Will NOT Air Controversial Super Bowl Ad


According to a tweet from GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving, GoDaddy will not air the Super Bowl commercial that had widely been criticized today. The tweet sent by Irving was in response to a critical comment made by the Twitter account that appears to be affiliated with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) for Monterey County. → Read More

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Howard Lefkowitz Shares Insight About His New Company


Howard Lefkowitz is something of an icon in Las Vegas. As the former CEO of, Lefkowitz has tremendous experience building and managing a great brand, and he has a massive rolodex of contacts in Las Vegas and in the travel industry.

While attending NamesCon, I had the opportunity to have dinner with Lefkowitz, and we chatted about his new company, One Degree World. To me, one of the most interesting aspects of this travel technology company is that it is in the process of launching quite a few websites on new gTLD domain names, such as Vegas.Ninja and Paris.Buzz. During the conference, it was also announce that One Degree World agreed to buy Vegas.Club for $100,000.

Following NamesCon, I was in touch with Lefkowitz and asked him several questions about his new company. Lefkowitz answered my questions, which I have shared below.

My opinion is that the new gTLD domain names need → Read More

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2015 GoDaddy Super Bowl Commercial Causing Controversy


For a while, GoDaddy has been sharing hints about the company’s Super Bowl commercial and Buddy the dog’s appearance. It seemed pretty evident that the company was not going to go the “sexy” route as it had done in years past, but the concept behind this year’s Super Bowl commercial had not been shared.

GoDaddy’s 2015 Super Bowl commercial was possibly revealed on, and it looks like many people who are commenting on it via social media do not like the commercial. I wrote “possibly” because I don’t know for sure if Journey Home is Go Daddy’s Super Bowl commercial or a commercial that is part of a “Buddy” campaign. For the sake of Go Daddy, I am hopeful that this is not the commercial that will air on Super Bowl Sunday.

Of course, the company has → Read More

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Non-Traditional Deals May Not Make Sense


I have this idea in my head that I will sell one of my domain names for cash plus equity, and the equity stake will become worth a substantial amount of money. Unfortunately for most of us, this is simply a pipe dream, and I think the likelihood of it happening is very slim. That being said, I have spent time negotiating deals like these, even though I know it might not make sense.

Equity deals can be complicated. In addition to a standard domain sales agreement, there needs to be other agreements necessary to memorialize the terms of the equity deal. These are usually far more detailed (and complicated) than a standard domain sales agreement.

When negotiating a non-traditional deal, → Read More

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