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Choose a Baby’s Name Based on Domain Availability


It’s a good idea to register your child’s name in a domain name if it is available. This advice is given by people within the domain name business and others, including the Wall St. Journal last year.

After Verisign tweeted the message above, I navigated to a website they operate to help → Read More Introduces Referral Program and Curated Search


I want to share an update from that will likely be of interest to their customers.

The company is bringing back its referral program that provides financial incentives for customers to get people they know to use products and services. I don’t have many names registered with, but the company offers a wide array of products that are easy to use. They have also been helpful to me on at least two occasions when I bought names registered there. It’s always nice to be able to refer friends to use a company that you like to use (as opposed to simply doing it for financial reasons). also introduced a new “curated search” functionality that “simplifies the process of creating a personal website.” I have not tried it out, so I can’t really comment on it, but you can read more in the update below. They also wrote a blog post about the new functionality.

Here are the updates that’s Allison Chowdhury shared with me: → Read More

Happy 15th Birthday, Directnic!


It’s Mardi Gras today, and New Orleans-based domain registrar Directnic is also celebrating its 15th birthday. To celebrate the occasion, my friends at Directnic sent us a King Cake, Mardi Gras beads, crowns, and festive masks (which my daughter refuses to take off).

Happy birthday, Directnic! Wishing you many more happy occasions to celebrate. Thank you for celebrating with us. We wish we were in New Orleans celebrating with you in the French Quarter though! → Read More

Donuts Running BestName.Business Contest


Donuts is running a brand naming contest for entities that are using a new gTLD domain name extension. The winner of the BestName.Business contest will receive a $5,000 advertising budget courtesy of the registry. The contest is being run by Name.Kitchen, which is a name creation website operated by Donuts.

Here’s how the contest is described on the BestName.Business website:

These 8 businesses have great stories, and all of their stories start with a great name.
Their “not-com” names are catchy, meaningful and most importantly, memorable.

Now it’s your chance to pick the

The winner gets a → Read More

Keep Alternate Spellings in Mind


Last week, I was bidding on an auction at Godaddy and ended up losing. The name could be worth more than the winning bid, and I want to share why I stopped bidding without revealing the name, since that might not be nice for the winning bidder.

The reason I stopped bidding was there is an alternative way to spell the domain name. It may have been good for branding, but it would have failed the radio test and would have likely lost half its traffic to the alternative. This domain name had a number and a word in it, but there are alternative spellings. For instance, if you heard the word “first” in a domain name, some people might spell it first and others might spell it 1st.

For this particular domain name, I think both → Read More

GoDaddy and Broker the Sale of


In September of last year, GoDaddy was brokering both and on behalf of the owner of the domain names, a media company called MediaNews Group. A few days ago, I noticed a Whois update occurred on the domain name, and the domain name appears to have been unlocked for a transfer. I can now confirm that has sold.

According to David Helgeson, Director of Aftermarket Sales at GoDaddy, “We can’t disclose price, but can confirm the sale happened and it was a co-brokered sale with Brian Kleiner from GoDaddy and Tracy Fogarty from”

At the time of → Read More

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