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Difficult Offer to Accept


When I agree to buy a domain name in the aftermarket, I typically have a value in my mind for that domain name. This value assumes the right buyer wants (or needs) to buy it, and they will be willing to pay what I believe is a fair price for the domain name.

Oftentimes with my domain names, I will reach out to prospective buyers to gauge interest in an acquisition. In addition, when I receive an unsolicited offer for a domain name, I may also reach out to prospective buyers to see if any other companies would be willing to pay more for the domain name.

The result of these sale efforts is sometimes a decent offer, but one that falls below what I think the domain name is worth. Offers that are decent but fall short of what I believe the value to be are difficult to accept.

On one hand, I have reached out to the most obvious prospective buyers for a particular domain name, and the offer I am contemplating is the best of what I received. On the other hand, another buyer could want the domain name in the future and they might be willing to pay much closer to what I believe the value is, especially because it can be more difficult to get an offer when I am essentially cold calling.

When I receive offers that aren’t all that close to what I believe the value is, but the offer is fair, I → Read More

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HARO Publicity Can Help Your Website


If you operate a website and have become an expert in a particular field, you should consider signing up for the HARO email newsletters. HARO, which stands for “Help A Reporter Out,” is a daily newsletter that lists interview and comment requests from reporters and publications that cover just about every industry and field.

HARO helps reporters connect with experts in their field to help them with articles they are writing. Obviously, if a reporter uses an expert as a source, it can help establish the source as an authority in the field, and it can potentially drive traffic to the source’s website and business.

Here’s a brief synopsis of how the process works using domain investing expertise as an example: → Read More

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Mike Mann is Hiring


Mike Mann is looking to hire people to help his company sell domain names, according to a tweet he posted earlier today. As he mentioned, this is a commission based opportunity, so the better salespeople have the greater chance to make money selling domain names.

One of the good things about this opportunity → Read More

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Who is Winning Black Friday This Year in Google?


When it comes to Black Friday, I presume a great deal of traffic to various retailer websites comes from Google. Having top rankings for Black Friday keywords is likely a driving of significant traffic. With Black Friday coming up at the end of this week, I thought it would be interesting to see what websites are doing best for Black Friday searches.

Listed below are the top 3 results for a variety of Black Friday searches in Google. There’s nothing scientific about my research, but I did use a browser in incognito mode in order to show results in a more unbiased manner. I did use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool to see what keywords are popular at this time of year. I did not include Google news mentions, and the top 3 are unique websites, even if one of the listed websites holds 2 spots.

Here are the searches and top 3 results as of this morning: → Read More

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Sunday Thoughts, Updates, and Tips


We live about 20 minutes from where the New England Patriots play (not including traffic), and this afternoon I heard a really loud airplane flying over our house. I looked up into the sky, and I saw two fighter jets. I soon realized they were going to do a flyover for the Patriots game. A short time later I saw the flyover video on Twitter and it was pretty cool to watch. Anyway, it’s been a nice weekend and I hope you are enjoying yours.

We’re about to do some cookie decorating, so here are some updates and thoughts about the business of domain investing: → Read More

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Explain “Replacement Cost” in a Negotiation


Getting to the right price in a domain name sale negotiation is often difficult. The buyer doesn’t want to pay more than a certain amount to buy the domain name, and the seller is often asking more than the buyer is willing to spend for it. Convincing someone why a domain name is worth the asking price can be a challenge, but a domain seller might want to mention the replacement cost as rationale for the price.

To me, the replacement cost for a domain name is the amount of money I would need to spend in order to buy an equal or better domain name if I would sell one of my assets. If I sell a domain name for $10k and it costs me $15k to buy an equivalent domain name, I am losing out because I am lowering the value of my portfolio while not generating enough income to improve it. For someone like me, it doesn’t make sense to sell one of my domain names for less than the replacement cost of an equal or better domain name.

I think the majority of domain buyers → Read More

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