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Breathe Luxury Publishes Auction List With Starting Prices


Breathe Luxury is holding a live domain name auction during the World Travel Market event in London next week. I believe is the most notable domain name that is up for sale in the auction, and there are 35 domain names that will be up for bid during the auction. A large group of .TV domain names are also up for auction.

This afternoon, I received a list of the starting bids for the domain names that are included in the auction. For your convenience, I have published that information for your review: → Read More

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WordPress Plugin Request: Shadow Ban Comments


On occasion, I will think of a neat plugin that can be used for one of my websites that uses WordPress, and when I search for the idea, I usually find an existing plugin to use. Last week, I thought of a plugin idea, and I could not find one available, so I thought I would blog about the idea.

On websites like Reddit, they have what are called “shadow bans.” In short, a shadowban is a type of ban that the banned user isn’t aware of. The user can continue posting comments and links that appear to be public, but they are only visible to the user.

I thought it would be → Read More

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Poll: .Net vs. New gTLD


Yesterday, I read Kevin Murphy’s article, “Is the free ride over for Verisign’s .net?” In the article, cited comments from Verisign CEO Jim Bidzos and Verisign CFO George Kilguss regarding the current state of .net domain names and their future.

After sharing public comments made by Bidzos and Kilguss, Murphy wrote, “As .com buyers start to see more and more options for duplicative or defensive registrations in their shopping carts, they’re going to be less likely to grab the .net to match their .com, in my opinion.” I tend to agree with Murphy on this, although I’ve never really bought the .net (or .org), especially if it involved paying a premium.

With the → Read More

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Weekly Domain Broker Listings – 10/29


This week’s domain broker submitted domain names for sale are posted below. Please contact the domain broker that listed the domain name if you are interested in purchasing or discussing one of the submissions.

Visitors are permitted to post one domain name for sale in the comment section if they would like with their contact information. The listing must have a buy it now price and must be new to the market. No comments please, and contact the seller directly if you want to buy a domain name. Submissions that don’t follow the directions will be marked as spam and the email address will be added to the spam list.

If you choose to buy one of these domain names, you should use an escrow service to complete the deal. In addition, you should do your due diligence before buying a domain name. I don’t verify or otherwise review any submissions, so buyer and seller beware as always.

This week’s new domain name brokerage listings: → Read More

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HP Launches Sprout After Likely Acquiring


On October 17, Jamie Zoch of wrote this about the domain name:

“Something is up with the domain. It was owned by Sprout Software of Boston and the domain was registered with Pairnic but has moved to the domain name registrar MarkMonitor and put under generic whois data. The domain currently does not resolve… so it may have been purchased by somebody.”

Jamie was onto something, as many technology news publications are reporting that HP launched a new computer product called Sprout. Although HP seems content using the subdomain for its product landing page, it appears that HP likely acquired the domain name prior to the announcement about the new product. is currently being used as a forwarder to The Whois record shows DNStination Inc. as the registrant of the domain name.

I looked at → Read More

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Find a Domain Buyer via Google ccTLD


I like to do my own research to find prospective buyers for some of my domain names, and I thought of a way that might be useful to find new leads. Typically, I use to search for companies that use the keywords of the domain name I am selling. I thought perhaps using a ccTLD where Google operates could bring additional prospective buyer leads.

Google operates many localized search engines using its ccTLD domain names.,,, and are all examples of Google’s search engines that are geared towards local searches in those particular regions. For instance, if you look up London dog walkers on, you are likely to find more local results than if you would do the same search on

I’ll give you an example of how this might work using → Read More

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