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Tony Kirsch to Host .brands Webinar


Tony Kirsch is the Head of Professional Services at Neustar and is also the company’s .brand Evangelist. According to a tweet from Neustar and a LinkedIn post Tony shared, Tony and Neustar will be hosting a free webinar seriesdesigned specifically for .brand owners to provide an update on the space and share examples, analysis and best practice.”

The first webinar will be held on Thursday, June 1 at 4:00pm Eastern time. Registration is required, so people interested in attending should sign up prior to the start of the webinar. Because of the nature of the webinar, I presume it will be archived and available to review at a later date for people who are unable to attend the live webinar.

According to the webinar page, here are the topics that will be covered during the first webinar next Thursday: → Read More

M&A Discussion in the Domain Space


Frank Schilling authored an article in Entrepreneur about mergers and acquisitions. Frank shared his thoughts on the considerations a business owner must make before deciding on a M&A opportunity. Interestingly, Frank shared the following about M&A experience with his own business:

“Potential buyers approached me five times in four years in pursuit of my business, Uniregistry, as I told DN Journal in 2007. Several offered nine-figure deals, and they were willing to go higher at each point in our negotiations. I met with each one and seriously considered their propositions. In the end, selling didn’t feel right. I may sell eventually, but not until I find a situation that suits my goals and represents what I believe is best for the company.”

The article was timely, as it seems there is some M&A discussion in the domain name business, according to two reports published yesterday.

In a report published on → Read More

Poll: Are You Investing in Cryptocurrency?


The last several weeks have been pretty crazy in the world of cryptocurrency. The value of Bitcoin, Etherium, and Litecoin have shot up considerably in the last weeks and days. People who bought $10,000 worth of Bitcoin in April would now hold nearly $25,000 worth of Bitcoin today.

I personally know several people in the domain investment space who are also active in the cryptocurrency space as well. I am curious if readers of my blog have been investing in cryptocurrency or if they are thinking about buying some. I invite you to vote in the poll and share your thoughts in the comment section.

Valuable Names are Tough to Sell


People in the domain space tend to laud those who own the best domain names. I am regularly impressed by the quality of domain names some of my friends and colleagues own. There is one downside to owning valuable domain names – they are not easy to sell for full value.

The best domain names receive inquiries all the time. I would imagine the owners of top one word .com,,,…etc. domain names receive inquiries and offers every day. It is reassuring to receive regular inquiries for top domain names, but the vast majority of these inquiries will not lead to deals. Virtually all offers are either from people who either don’t understand that these domain names are ultra high value or they simply do not have the budget to buy the domain name.

Obviously an advantage of → Read More and Subject of UDRP Filings


Two geographic domain names have become the subject of two separate UDRP proceedings at the World Intellectual Property Organization. A UDRP was filed against (WIPO Case D2017-1016), and a UDRP was filed against (WIPO Case D2017-0985). and are owned by two different registrants, which is why there are two separate UDRP filings. was registered over 20 years ago (back in 1996) and is owned by someone in Houston, Texas. has a creation date of September of 2006, although the domain name had been registered and expired prior to that. This domain name is owned by a registrant in Laredo, Texas.

When I visited this afternoon, the domain name resolved to a default GoDaddy landing page. When I visited this afternoon, I was forwarded to a “coming soon” landing page on a different website (likely the owner of the domain name).According to NameBio, was acquired at auction for $35,000 back in 2009. Based on DomainTools’ Whois History tool, it appears that the domain name changed hands since the auction, although that is just a guess.

The complainant in both of these UDRP proceedings is → Read More

Offer Rejections Yield Intel


There are many ways to get domain name intelligence to help your business. The main way is to read sales reports from various marketplaces, auction houses brokers, and private sellers archived on NameBio and DNJournal. This information is readily available and doesn’t cost anything to obtain.

Talking to people and exchanging emails is another way to get information. People regularly share private details in private that they don’t want to have published and searchable. This type of information sharing is readily available, but it is only available to those who are acquaintances with each other and to those who are willing to share their intel.

Another great way to get private information that isn’t readily available is to make offers in private. This can lead to good information that wouldn’t be found elsewhere. I regularly make offers for domain names in private via email. While offers are regularly rejected, the rejection emails sometimes have data that is helpful to me without the sender knowing (or caring). For instance, in response to an inquiry about a one word .com domain name yesterday, the owner told me he rejected a $400,000 offer for the domain name last year. He didn’t know it, but his information is helpful because I own a couple of names I would consider comparables.

When a domain owner shares information with me, → Read More

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