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Realtor Shares Advice About Real Estate Domain Names


Publisher’s note: Bill Hauck shared an insightful comment earlier this week about real estate domain names, and I asked him if he would be willing to expound on it in a blog post. Bill was kind enough to write the article below sharing some of his advice.

I’ve been a residential real estate agent for nearly 20 years and a domain name investor/enthusiast for at least the last ten years, maybe longer. During that time, I’ve purchased a number of real estate-related domain names to use for my real estate business, and others for the sole purpose of licensing or reselling. If you’re considering purchasing real estate-related domain names with the goal of licensing or reselling them to an end-user, my thought process as both Realtor and as a domainer may be of some help to you.

As a Realtor, I wanted to acquire geo-specific, real estate-related domains for lead generation. I was able to acquire several on Namejet and purchased (or negotiated trades for) other domains directly from the owners. Here is a list of domains I was willing to purchase over the years, albeit not at very high prices;,,,,,,,,, and While I still own most of the above domains, the most desirable domains a Realtor can own, and more importantly may be willing to pay thousands of dollars for, are “City” or “City” I was fortunate to acquire after many years of staying in touch with the owner and making generous offers for the domain.

In my opinion, “City” is a bit shorter and slightly more brandable. However, I like the keywords in “City” better and the domain can also be used for residential and commercial property. While there may be some money to be made in other real estate-related domain names, my personal preference when investing in geo real estate domains is to focus on “City” and “City”

Once you have a quality real estate domain (RED) that you want to license or sell is to find an end-user. Years ago, I used to make lists of individual real estate agents and their e-mail addresses. While I had some early success that led to licensing three real estate domains (REDs), the returns weren’t high enough to justify all of the work. More recently, I’ve found that it’s become difficult to find e-mails addresses of individual agents, although I suspect there are services available for such purposes.

Here are some bullet points from my personal experience → Read More


First Decline Reported on


Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 10.36.14 AM

I was looking at this morning, and I noticed what appears to be the first decline in the number of new gTLD domain name registrations. I looked through the chart since the website began tracking the number of domain registrations, and it appears that March 25 – 26, 2015 showed the first → Read More

Advertise is Largest Great Domains Sale


Sedo’s monthly Great Domains auction concluded today, and I have published the results of the sale below. The auction netted close to $150,000 USD in sales, with 13 domain names selling today.

The largest sale in today’s auction was the three letter domain name, which sold for $34,000 USD.,,, and all sold for 20,000 EUR, which is about $21,725 USD at today’s exchange rate. sold for just under $10,000 USD. The two four figure .info domain names that sold seem to have done pretty well at auction.

For your convenience, I shared the full list of domain names that sold during the March Great Domains auction. → Read More

Advertise – $11.8k to $1.8k


Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 10.16.29 AM

I don’t generally report the prices I pay for my domain names. There is no incentive to do something that can only harm my business when I am looking to sell a domain name. That said, I thought my company’s acqusition of was interesting.

As reported by Raymond, I bought at auction on NameJet for $1,801. I would have paid more if necessary. In fact, I didn’t attend a birthday party in the afternoon specifically so I could bid on this domain name and not worry about connectivity issues.

While I think the domain name is valuable, I don’t think the sale → Read More


The Telegraph Writes About Daniel Negari


Daniel Negari is the entrepreneur behind the .XYZ and .College domain registries. This morning, I learned that he also owns additional new gTLD registries.

The Telegraph published an article about the new gTLD domain extensions, and Daniel Negari’s business was written about fairly extensively. I found two pieces of information particularly interesting. From the article:

“Not all of the bidders are technology giants with deep pockets. Entrepreneur Daniel Negari launched a start-up in the US based around his purchase of dot-xyz and dot-college. The former has already made him $6.4m.

He has “several” others that he’s bought from the original winners on the open market that are yet to be announced.”

There has been quite a bit of speculation about → Read More


Ryan Colby Announces $1.4 Million Domain Name Sale


This evening, Ryan Colby announced a major domain name sale for Outcome Brokerage, the domain name brokerage he founded in 2013. Although he is unable to share the domain name that sold, he was able to say it was a $1,400,000 deal.

The announcement was made on Colby’s Twitter and Facebook feed. On the Facebook announcement, Colby was able to share a bit more information about the domain name that was sold: → Read More


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