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Namecheap Issues “Urgent Security Warning”


It’s Labor Day here in the US, so it’s not a great day for companies to share important news, but it is important that you see this Namecheap security warning, even if you do not use the company as your domain name registrar. This issue seems like it has the potential to impact domain investors as well as others who own domain names. It may also be impacting other accounts as well.

From a blog post on the Namecheap company blog, entitled “Urgent security warning that may affect all internet users,” the company stated: → Read More

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Bulk Whois Lookups – #1 on My “Wish List”


I am frequently asked what types of tools I would want to help make my business life easier and more efficient. The one response that has stayed the same for years is a bulk Whois look up tool. I would like to be able to do Whois searches in bulk so I can analyze large lists of domain names.

I believe there is at least one website that offers bulk whois lookups, but I haven’t found one that offers it in the manner I would like to see it. Since there might be a company that can do this, I will share my thoughts on the ideal bulk Whois search tool:

The tool should be able to search hundreds of domain names at once. For example, I might have a keyword list of all types of sports (soccer, baseball, football, futbol…etc), and I can paste the entire list with the extension included. After a short period of time, the tool will spit out the following helpful results:

  • Registrant name, address, and phone
  • Registrant email
  • Creation and expiration dates
  • Registrar
  • Nameservers

To make this even easier for me, I would like → Read More

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Share Your Success Story


I frequently write about large domain name sales and smart domain name acquisitions. One thing that I would like to write more about is success stories involving descriptive keyword domain names. I am sure there are people who are doing well with business development on keyword domain names, and I would be happy to share your story.

I’ll give you an example. Sol Orwell shared insight about his success with, and I thought the discussion that followed on Hacker News were interesting.

Information that I think would be beneficial include some of the following:

  • Revenue and traffic numbers
  • Marketing / advertising spend and efforts
  • Capital raising and growth funding
  • Social aspect
  • Personal stories about starting building the business
  • Complications and how you overcame them

Obviously people who → Read More

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Will There Be Plural / Singular New gTLDs in Round 2


I think it’s pretty safe to assume that ICANN will eventually approve a second round of new gTLD applications. I don’t know when round 2 will happen, but if I was going to place a wager, I would bet there will be at least one subsequent round of applications. I was thinking about what types of new extensions might make up the applications since most of the “good” ones are probably already assigned or awaiting approval.

I had a thought that some new gTLD registries might apply for the plural or singular version of the registries they already manage. For example, perhaps Uniregistry could potentially apply for .Links or the .Club registry could apply for .Clubs. It certainly wouldn’t make sense in many cases, but I could see a few reasons for it. → Read More

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Central Park Raccoon



I thought I would share a unique photo I took in Central Park in New York City. It’s not every day that you see a raccoon walking around in Central Park in the middle of the day. In fact, in the ten years I lived in Manhattan, I can only recall seeing a raccoon a handful of times.

It’s a bit disconcerting to see this because I hear that these nocturnal animals don’t regularly come out during the day around groups of people unless they are sick. For those who may care, this photo was taken at the East 72nd Street entrance of the park.

Anyway, I thought I would share this photo with you.

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Adam Strong Acquires from Wells Fargo


I was reading the profile of Adam Strong on Donna Mahony’s blog, and I saw that Adam mentioned he acquired the domain name. Obviously this domain name is perfect for him because it is his last name, but as a one word .com, it’s a valuable domain name asset as well.

Although Adam doesn’t want to share the sale price, he let me know that he was able to acquire the domain name via Domain Guardians. The company, made up of Mike Robertson and Jen Sale, represented Adam’s company as a buyer’s broker. When I asked why he didn’t approach the seller on his own, Adam told me, “I do a lot of buyer brokering myself and I know it’s good to take the emotion out of talks by using a third party. I figured the owner might also react differently to an approach from an organization rather than someone with the same last name.”

Prior to the acquisition, was owned → Read More

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