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You May Get Only One Chance to Buy a Domain Name


There are quite a few ways to try and purchase a domain name in private. A buyer can negotiate directly with the owner, an anonymous offer can be placed on the domain name, a broker can be engaged to negotiate, or a domain name can be purchased through a domain marketplace. Despite all of the great options, buyers need to know that they may only get one good chance to buy a domain name.

When a prospective buyer inquires about a domain name, the domain owner may begin doing research on who the buyer is and why the buyer wants the domain name. He will also determine the value of the domain name, and a major factor is the demand for the domain name.

Continued efforts at acquiring a domain name may end up increasing the price of the domain name. A domain owner may sense desperation by the prospective buyer, and the price may be adjusted accordingly. Similarly, if the inquiries were made privately, the domain owner may assume more than one prospective buyer is interested in the domain name, and the price may also rise as a result of the perceived increase in demand.

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NameJet Selling “JetPacks”


I noticed a new banner on the NameJet website advertising “JetPacks.” These JetPacks are small groups of domain names that are up for auction in a single lot. There is a separate page for NameJet customers to see the JetPacks that are available for sale at any given time.

Here’s how NameJet describes their JetPacks on the JetPack section of their website:

“JetPacks are select domain names that are auctioned as a group rather than individually. Placing a bid on a JetPack is placing a bid for the entire set of names. The winning bidder will be awarded the names listed in the JetPack subject to NameJet’s terms and conditions. Bidders may not place bids for individual domain names listed in a JetPack. Winning bidders may not refuse registration of any names contained in an awarded domain name group.”

At the moment, there are only two → Read More

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CircleID Shares Two Sides to the New TLD Discussion


If you don’t regularly read CircleID, you may be missing out on a variety of interesting topics that impact the domain name space, and consequently, domain investors. Yesterday and today, there were two interesting articles posted about the new gTLD domain names that I think you will find interesting.

On Wednesday, Jeannie McPherson, Verisign’s Senior Manager of Corporate Communications, published an article called “The Real Facts About New gTLDs.” In the article, McPherson discussed some of the “troubling trends” related to the new gTLDs. Some of these trends she cited include:

  • drop off in new registrations
  • increase in UDRP and URS filings
  • confusion with similar new extensions
  • free registrations
  • security issues

I thought McPherson brought up some interesting points, although one should understand that Verisign operates the .com and .net domain name registries.

Today, Paul Stahura, Founder and CEO of → Read More

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Get Attention from a Press Release


When a domain broker or domain brokerage takes an excellent domain name under exclusive listing, it’s a smart idea to distribute a press release to announce that the domain name is for sale. The broker will want to share information about the domain name, why it is special, and perhaps include some pricing information. The idea is to let as many people possible know the domain name is on the market.

In my opinion, the release is important, but getting it in front of the right people is even more important. I think there are four types of people who should receive the press release, directly from the broker: → Read More

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Weekly Domain Name Brokerage Listings – 12/17


Several domain brokers submitted domain sales listings this week. To purchase one of the domain names or to discuss one of the domain names listed below, please contact the broker directly, as I am not involved in any of the sales.

You are invited to submit one domain name for sale in the comment section. It must be new to the market and it must have a buy it now price. Please do not include any information other than the name, price, and contact information. Buyers can contact you directly with questions. Submissions that don’t adhere to the rules will be marked as spam. Please do not post comments about any of the submissions.

Whether you buy a domain name here or elsewhere, you should always do your due diligence before buying. You should also use an escrow service like to safely transact. I do not verify ownership of any listing submissions (here or in the comments), and I do not get involved in any sale listing, so buyer and seller beware.

This week’s domain names for sale from brokers: → Read More

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GoDaddy Job Opening: Vice President of Asia


GoDaddy’s Paul Nicks posted an interesting job opportunity on LinkedIn that may be of interest to someone who reads this blog. GoDaddy is seeking to hire a company Vice President of Asia. GoDaddy is looking to build a strong market position in Asia, and this hire will be helping to lead the company.

According to the job opening on the GoDaddy careers page, “The Vice President of Asia is on point to build a market-leading position for Go Daddy in Asia and China by delivering compelling end-to-end experiences for small business supported by world-class go to market activities offering SMB solutions and platforms.

It seems pretty clear that GoDaddy is eager to → Read More

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