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Three Domain Auctions Ending Soon


There are three domain name auction events currently accepting bids that are ending soon. Sedo is running its monthly Great Domains auction, Snapnames is running its Summer auction, and Heritage Auctions is running its big live auction with some high profile domain names up for sale.

I thought I would share a list of 5 domain names from each auction that is ending on July 24th. I do not have any domain names listed in any of these auctions, and I didn’t do a Whois search to see if I know any of the names mentioned below.

What domain names do you like from these upcoming auctions? → Read More

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Review Old Auction Lists to Find Deals


While I am doing research to find good domain names to buy, I occasionally come across a domain name that had been previously listed for sale at a live domain name auction. Sometimes the name sold and sometimes the domain name didn’t meet reserve. Domain names that were once listed at auction may be great acquisition targets.

If you’ve ever listed a domain name for sale at a live auction, especially if it was a few years ago, you know how exciting it can be to hear your name come up for bid. If the domain name didn’t sell, it’s a bit of a letdown, but the silent auction may have produced a buyer. It seems that the majority of names don’t sell, but that can present an opportunity for a domain buyer.

When I come across a domain name that didn’t sell, I occasionally contact a → Read More

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Mike Mann Sells for $40k



Mike Mann just reported that his company sold the domain name for $40,000. Although a $40k sale is not all that remarkable, the fact that he paid under $1,000 for this domain name less than two years ago makes it more notable. Namebio confirms that the acquisition price on July 29, 2012 was $844.

As of this afternoon, the domain name is still registered to Mann’s Domain Asset Holdings, LLC. Because the Whois registration information has not changed yet, it is unknown who bought All of the other major TLDs are registered, with → Read More

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“You Should be Happy That I am Willing to Sell”


When I quote a price for a domain name and the prospective buyer replies to me, more often than not, there is a comment about the price being too high. Whether this is true or not, the buyer is obviously looking to get a better deal than the price I’ve set.

A friend of mine shared a response he either gave or heard about someone else giving (I can’t remember which), and I think it’s great. “You should be happy that I am willing to sell the domain name” or “you should be happy this domain name is even for sale” is something that can be said the next time a buyer tells you that your asking price is too high.

There are tens of millions of → Read More

Niche Websites Website Launched by Namecheap


Namecheap has been advocating for net neutrality for quite some time, and the company has been alerting customers and the public at large in a variety of ways. With the FCC’s comment deadline approaching, Namecheap launched a website on to help advocate for this important issue.

At the present time, the website allows visitors to submit comments to the FCC before the end of the comment period. I would assume the website will continue to fight for net neutrality even after the comment period ends.

Net neutrality is an important issue, and I think the press release (published below) announcing the launch of the website gives more details about this and about why Namecheap is involved in the fight. Visit to leave your comment ASAP. → Read More

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HasOffers Rebrands as Tune



I saw the above tweet from Tune last night, and before I could publish an article about HasOffers’ rebranding to Tune this morning, Theo at DomainGang had written an article about it. Check it out for the details. I found a bit more information, which I shared below. → Read More

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