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Weekly Brokerage Listings – 3/4


The broker submitted domain names for sale are listed below. If you want to buy one of these domain names or have questions, please be in touch with the broker who listed the domain name.

Visitors may list one of their own domain names for sale. The domain name must have a price and contact information listed. If other information is added besides the name, price, and contact info, the comment will be deleted. Please do not comment otherwise.

I strongly recommend that you perform due diligence before buying a domain name here or anywhere else for that matter. You should also use a licensed escrow service to transact in a more secure manner. I don’t review or confirm ownership on any listing, so buyer and seller beware!

This post will be listed on for additional exposure to people who submit their domain names for sale. → Read More

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Why Forwards to Kanye West’s Wikipedia Page


If you visit right now, you can see it forwards to the Wikipedia page for Kanye West. After noticing this forward, USA Today, The Washington Post and MTV published articles about Both articles cited the Whois privacy on the domain name, but I was able to use DomainTools’ Whois History Tool to get in touch with the owner of the domain name. I also saw that the owner has a Twitter profile that links to

Brian Connelly is the owner of, and his name is listed as the domain name registrant as early as 2002 (the earliest DomainTools Historical Whois record). The domain name has a creation date of March 30, 1995, and Connelly told me that he “registered in the early days,” so this was not an aftermarket purchase. gets quite a bit of type-in traffic, despite not having a website. The last time Connolly checked, the domain name saw “anywhere from 30000 hits per day and up.” Connelly struggled a bit to figure out how to use, once posting a question on Quora to ask “What are some ideas for using the domain name” Obviously building and managing a website is time consuming with no guarantee of income, so Connelly has been using as a humorous forwarder that has gone viral.

I asked if Connelly is a Beck fan, and → Read More

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Stolen Domains Not The Only GoDaddy Phishing Threat


I’ve written a number of articles about phishing attempts made to induce GoDaddy customers into giving up their login credentials. I think phishing is one of the leading causes of domain name theft, and it appears to have reached a crescendo in the last year. It seems that domain theft isn’t the only objective of phishing attackers.

Jeremy Kirk published an article on warning that attackers are using hijacked domain registrar accounts to infect computers with malware. “Hundreds of hacked domain name accounts registered through GoDaddy are being used as part of a highly effective campaign using the Angler exploit kit to infect computers with malware,” wrote Kirk. The article cited a blog post written by Nick Biasini, an outreach engineer with Cisco Systems.

Kirk went on to explain what is happening with the subdomains: → Read More

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My Thoughts on Michael Rosenblum’s “Biggest Mistake”


Michael Rosenblum has had a successful career as a television producer, and he shared a story in the Huffington Post to which many of us over the age of 30 (or so) can relate. In the article, Rosenblum recalls some of the domain names he could have owned back in 1992.

An intern working with Rosenblum discussed how he could have a domain name for a project on which Rosenblum was working. Rosenblum recalled a conversation in which the intern said, “We can make a URL and website for you any way you want and call it.. Oh,, or or or And you’ll own the website and the URL in exchange.”

Yes, there were lots of domain name opportunities that many of us → Read More

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Infographic With All Domain Extensions


Christopher Hofman Laursen, Managing Partner at European Domain Centre, shared this infographic below which shows a timeline of all available domain name extensions. This month marks the 30th anniversary of .com (March 15th to be exact), and you can see the domain endings that followed .com on this illustrated timeline.

There are now over 800 domain name extensions to register, and according to the European Domain Centre blog, there have been over 284 million domain names registered since the first registration in 1985.

In the → Read More

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THE Domain Conference & NamesCon: Are You Attending?


There are two US-based domain industry conferences taking place within the next 12 months, and both are offering special rates to entice attendees to sign up in advance. I am curious about whether you plan to attend one, both, or neither of these industry conferences.

Howard Neu sent me an email this morning to announce a special price on conference passes for THE Domain Conference. The inaugural show will be held September 27-29, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency Pier 66 Hotel and Spa in Fort Lauderdale. The discounted conferences passes cost $349 (plus tax), and they can be purchased using the special offer code “MARCH15″ at The regular conference rate is $499.

NamesCon is currently offering its conference passes for $399 on the NamesCon website. There is no special offer code required, and the price will eventually climb to $999 as the conference gets closer. Over 200 people have already signed up to attend NamesCon, which will be held January 10-13, 2016 at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas.

I am planning to attend → Read More

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