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The two letter is now up for public auction on NameJet. At present, the high bid is $425,000 and the reserve price has not yet been met. There are 209 bidders involved in the auction, but since it is a public auction, other bidders may jump in and participate.

This is the third 2 letter .com domain name that has come up for auction at NameJet in the last couple of months. In early July, sold on NameJet for $555,050. In early August, went up for auction on NameJet, but the highest bid of $554,000 did not hit the (unknown) reserve price. is → Read More

Advertise Launched by Alan Dunn


Alan Dunn, who earlier this year launched his domain name advisory company NameCorp, has announced the launch of a more personal project, According to the website, was created by Alan “to help share resources, inspirational stores and yes, even some personal moments.”

Although the website was launched recently, Alan has had an active Facebook community with nearly 100,000 people having liked the page since it was created in 2011. Many of the new Facebook likes came via the thousands of social shares that occurred shortly after the launch was announced.

In a blog post that was published when the website launched a couple of weeks ago, Alan shared a bit of personal insight about how he changed after his son was diagnosed: → Read More


GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving to do 2nd Reddit AMA


Shortly after becoming CEO of GoDaddy, Blake Irving participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) discussion. Following Blake Irving’s AMA, I posted a recap of the event with the questions I felt were relevant as someone who buys and sells domain names.

This evening, Blake took to Twitter to announce that he will participate in a second AMA session on Reddit. The AMA will take place this Wednesday, September 2nd at 12:30 eastern time.

There are a few important topics I → Read More

Advertise Acquired by Aron Meystedt


The Whois for changed over the weekend, and Aron Meystedt of Company is listed as the new owner of the domain name. Aron is also the Director of the Intellectual Property Department at Heritage Auctions.

I don’t recall seeing the domain name listed for sale anywhere, so I don’t have any idea of the price to acquire the domain name. I emailed Aron this morning seeking a comment about the acquisition, and here’s what he told me: → Read More


Run Off for THE Domain Conference Awards


Howard Neu sent me an email last night with an update about THE Domain Conference Awards. There is going to be a run-off vote for this year’s awards, and will be collecting the votes.

Here’s what Howard told me:

The response to our Primary Election Ballot has been tremendous. Our thanks to Brandon Abbey and for receiving, tabulating and reporting the results. No one person or company received 50% or more of the votes in any category, so attached is the Official Run-off Ballot. Every person who received 10% or more of the Primary vote is in the run-off. Voting closes on Tuesday, September 1st at 5 P.M. PDT.

I was very surprised to see my name as one of two finalists for Domainer of the Year, along with Ali Zandi. I can think of people who are much more deserving of this award, but I certainly appreciate the nod. I was also listed in the run off for blogger of the year with other people I respect greatly.

If you want to cast a final ballot in the run off, the votes are due by tomorrow (September 1st) at 5pm Pacific time. I am sure many of the nominees would appreciate your support, especially as it could have a positive impact on their businesses.

Here is the ballot: → Read More


Ammar Kubba’s Next Project is AutoBio


Ever since Ammar Kubba’s company divested,, and Trafficz, I wondered what Ammar would have planned for his next venture. In asking friends and family for feedback on the finalists for a logo design contest, Ammar shared his next business idea, AutoBio.

Although AutoBio is completely unrelated to the business of domain investing and domain names, it is an online venture. Here’s how Ammar described the business, although he mentioned that the concept is still being refined:

“AutoBio is a social network (think Facebook), informational resource (think Wikipedia, Zillow, car forums), and discovery app (think Pinterest) for car enthusiasts. AutoBio will have the world’s largest index of vehicles, i.e., every year, make, and model of every car ever built. AutoBio’s mission is: 1) to spread the love of cars, and 2) to improve the experience of buying, owning, and selling cars. AutoBio’s slogan is ‘for the love of cars’.”

Judging by a Historical → Read More


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