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10 Recent Hand Registrations


At the end of last year, one of the goals I set for 2015 was to hand register more domain names. Unfortunately, I’ve slacked a bit in that area. I am still actively buying domain names in private and via auction, but I haven’t registered as many domain names as I had hoped. Obviously there is still time for that.

I thought I would share a selection of ten hand registered domain names. To me, these are akin to lottery tickets, and they should not be used as guidance for your registrations. I have no idea if anyone will want to pay a premium for these domain names, but I figured they were worth a shot.

As you can see, the only domain name on this list is Elliot.Link. I shared my rationale for registering .Link domain names in a previous blog post. Additionally, I am not really keen on registering “trend” domain names, although some people might argue that cryptography / cryptocurrency is trendy. I do think that these names have meaning now and will continue to have meaning going forward.

You’ll notice all of my recent hand registered names are at Uniregistry. The company has been very supportive of this website, and I want to give my business to people who support me. I also like the fact that privacy is free and registration costs are competitive.

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Name Investors Dresses Up: Blue/Black or White/Gold?


Jay Chapman from Digimedia replied to my tweet about “dress” domain names being registered in response to the debate about whether the viral photo of a dress is black and blue or white and gold. His company owns the domain name, and the company is having a little fun with the dress color debate that seems to be showing up everywhere (including a domain name blog!).

If you visit (no link because it is a parked domain name), you can see that the theme colors are either black and blue or gold and white. The company is displaying a different color scheme depending on the IP address of the visitor.

This topic has probably meant good news for Digimedia. experienced → Read More

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NamesCon 2016 Pre-Registrations Pass the 100 Mark


Richard Lau and I have been emailing about NamesCon, and he told me that over 100 people have already registered for the 2016 conference. I presume the discounted $199 rate incentivized people to register early, and the reduced rate is still available until Sunday, March 1. The rate will continue to increase until the conference begins.

Richard shared a quote from Frank Schilling about attending and exhibiting at the upcoming NamesCon: → Read More

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Many “Dress” Domain Names Registered


Is the dress white and gold or is the dress blue and black? Amusingly, the great dress debate seemed to be what many people were talking about online yesterday, and there were quite a few “dress” .com domain names hand registered.

According to Verisign’s DomainView Keyword Trend Tool, tenĀ of the newly registered .com domain names related to this trend include:


I think it’s → Read More

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Will You Buy a .App Domain Name?


The big new gTLD story today was that Google reportedly paid a hair over $25 million to win the rights to operate the .App new gTLD extension (via DNW and TheDomains). There was 13 applicants for the .App extension, and Google prevailed over companies like Amazon, Radix, Donuts, and several others with deep pockets.

I would imagine Google has a lot of faith in .App domain names. Its .How extension has only sold 2,367 .How domain names to date (according to, and I presume Google is confident there will be more interest in .App domain names. I would guess that will be the case since I see more utility with .App domain names.

Since domain investors tend to buy domain names in the more popular extensions, I am curious if you plan to buy any .App domain names. Personally, I have no plans to buy any, but I suppose that could change if I see a good opportunity.

Please vote in the poll below and share your thoughts in the comment section if you’d like to expound: → Read More

Name Investors Sells for 50k EUR at Great Domains Auction


Sedo’s monthly Great Domains auction concluded today, and the largest sale was, which sold for 50,000 EUR ($55,975 USD at today’s currency conversion rate). was the second highest sale at 22,500 EUR ($25,192 USD at today’s currency conversion rate).

Although many of the domain names received 4 and 5 figure bids, only 9 of the domain names were sold at auction today. There were quite a few three letter .com domain names up for sale, and most did not hit their reserve prices. The auction grossed over $100,000 worth of sales.

Listed below are the domain names that sold with their sale prices. Keep in mind that since the auction closed today, payments for these domain names likely have not yet been remitted.

February 2015 Great Domains results: → Read More

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