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Weekly Domain Name Brokerage Listings – 12/17


Several domain brokers submitted domain sales listings this week. To purchase one of the domain names or to discuss one of the domain names listed below, please contact the broker directly, as I am not involved in any of the sales.

You are invited to submit one domain name for sale in the comment section. It must be new to the market and it must have a buy it now price. Please do not include any information other than the name, price, and contact information. Buyers can contact you directly with questions. Submissions that don’t adhere to the rules will be marked as spam. Please do not post comments about any of the submissions.

Whether you buy a domain name here or elsewhere, you should always do your due diligence before buying. You should also use an escrow service like to safely transact. I do not verify ownership of any listing submissions (here or in the comments), and I do not get involved in any sale listing, so buyer and seller beware.

This week’s domain names for sale from brokers: → Read More

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GoDaddy Job Opening: Vice President of Asia


GoDaddy’s Paul Nicks posted an interesting job opportunity on LinkedIn that may be of interest to someone who reads this blog. GoDaddy is seeking to hire a company Vice President of Asia. GoDaddy is looking to build a strong market position in Asia, and this hire will be helping to lead the company.

According to the job opening on the GoDaddy careers page, “The Vice President of Asia is on point to build a market-leading position for Go Daddy in Asia and China by delivering compelling end-to-end experiences for small business supported by world-class go to market activities offering SMB solutions and platforms.

It seems pretty clear that GoDaddy is eager to → Read More

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Buy It Now Links & Buttons from


When I have a domain name with a set price, I don’t want to have to pay a commission to a brokerage or marketplace if the buyer visits my domain name with the intention of buying it. I also don’t generally use Paypal for 4 figure + domain sales, so I needed to have the ability for a buyer to easily start an escrow transaction.

Brandon Abbey emailed me last week to let me know is now offering domain investors the ability to easily create links or buttons that can be implemented on their landing pages to allow buyers to agree to a price and start an escrow transaction. Sellers no longer need to take extra steps to become authorized to do this, as this rollout enables all customers to create these links and buttons for any products.

I reached out to Brandon for details about this, and here’s how it works: → Read More

Niche Websites Big Flip for Mike Mann


I was browsing Twitter this morning when I noticed the tweet embedded below from Mike Mann, announcing the sale of for $25,000. This is a solid sale price, but even more impressive is the ROI achieved from the sale. Mann reportedly acquired the domain name in March of 2011 for $69.

Judging by the $69 price point and the fact that the Whois shows the domain name had been → Read More

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My Thoughts on Phone Negotiations


I have never really enjoyed chatting on the phone. This sometimes goes for chatting with friends, but it almost always pertains to domain name negotiations. There are some times when a phone conversation can be fruitful though, and I thought I would share some thoughts on phone negotiations.

When I want to inquire about a domain name as a buyer, I will usually send an email and follow up with a phone call if it could be fruitful. For instance, if the domain owner seems willing to sell the domain name and we need to come to terms on the price, I might give a phone call. Some people will brush off my call and stick to email, but others are more chatty, and we can finalize a deal quickly. I like the fact the I can speed up a discussion rather than extend it hours or days with email.

When someone randomly calls me to discuss a domain name, → Read More

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Sunday Updates and Thoughts


I think the early winter is my least favorite time of the year. It’s getting cold here, but there hasn’t been much snow yet. I don’t mind the cold weather, but if it’s going to be freezing, there might as well be snow. I don’t know why, but snow makes me happy, despite the issues with driving, ice, shoveling…etc.

Here are some thoughts and updates for you today. As always, your comments and feedback is welcome. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! → Read More

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