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GoDaddy HangOut to Discuss Aftermarket Purchases


GoDaddy will be holding a Google Plus Hangout to discuss buying domain names on the company’s aftermarket platform. The event will be held on the company’s Google+ page on October 2, and it will begin at 7pm and last for one hour. There is no cost to attend the event, and the event is open to anyone interested in learning more about GoDaddy aftermarket domain name acquisitions.

Leading this event will be Joe Styler, Aftermarket Product Manager at GoDaddy, and Brian Cowen, Lead Domain Broker at GoDaddy. It looks like they will share advice and strategy on how to buy domain names via GoDaddy’s aftermarket (auctions and private acquisitions). Participants can submit questions to be answered during the hangout. It also looks like people can submit questions or comments in advance, and I assume those might be addressed during the event.

I have found that some people get confused about the various → Read More

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TRAFFIC Prices Increase Soon


The TRAFFIC conference in Miami in coming up in just a few weeks, and the prices for the conference pass and the hotel are going up soon. I received an email with some details about the price increase from Rick Schwartz, and I want to share it with you so you don’t miss out on the current rate.

Here’s what Rick had to say about the conference price increases in this morning’s email: → Read More

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Will Facebook Buy


Last year, Facebook acquired a company called Atlas, and according to the Wall Street Journal, the goal is for the company to “Challenge Google’s Dominance of the Online Ad Space.” With a mainstream advertising platform that will have extensive reach, I think it would be important for the company to own just as Google owns

The “Atlas” branding is already used by many companies, and the inherent value of is significant. Additionally, the domain name is owned by a domain name savvy company, and the acquisition price of would likely be well into the seven figures. If you visit, you can see the Naming Rights brand, which is affiliated with many other exceptional domain name assets. Some other domain names associated with Naming Rights include,,,, and a variety of other valuable domain names.

If you visit, you can see a sales pitch about why is such a valuable piece of Internet real estate. The landing page touches on the branding aspect as well as the inherent attributes a short domain name such as has. In addition, even prior to Facebook making Atlas more mainstream, the domain name sees a significant amount of traffic. According to → Read More

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Huffington Post Writes About Domain Name Theft


There is an interesting article on the Huffington Post this morning that discusses the problems associated with domain name theft and the difficulty some owners encounter when trying to recover their stolen domain names. The writer interviewed “several recent victims” for the article, and also received some positive acknowledgment as a result of its coverage of domain theft.

You should certainly read the entire article when you have a chance, but a few interesting personal takeaways of the article include: → Read More

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Brief Tribute to Derek Jeter


I tuned in to the New York Yankees game on Thursday night, just in time to see Derek Jeter drive in the go ahead runs against Baltimore. I continued watching, and I couldn’t help but root for Jeter when he came to bat with the game on the line in the 9th. As a Red Sox fan, this feeling surprised me because I have rooted against Jeter and the Yankees for so many years.

As I watched various shots of Jeter during the game, it made me think back to all of the times I watched him play. There were countless times Jeter came up with a clutch play against my Red Sox. Although many people criticize Jeter’s fielding, I was at the game in 2004 when he went crashing into the stands after making a great catch. In that game, I remember Manny Ramirez hit a go-ahead home run in extra innings, only to see the Yankees come back with two in the bottom of the inning to win the game. I attend quite a few Red sox games every year, and that game is still one of the most memorable to me.

The Red Sox and Yankees rivalry transcends the game of baseball to me. I grew up in the Boston area, and I moved to Manhattan for graduate school in 2002, right when the rivalry heated up again. For 10 years, I wore various Red Sox caps on a daily basis, and I endured some cheers and boos along the way. While in NYC, the Red Sox were a connection with home, and Derek Jeter was my team’s nemesis.

It turns out that my introduction to Derek Jeter came in the → Read More

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Rightside Hackathon to Create Tools to Promote New TLDs


Rightside manages 33 (and is in the running to manage several additional) new gTLD extensions, and the company operates popular domain registrars, Enom and Clearly, it is in the company’s best (financial) interest to sell domain names in the new extensions, particularly the extensions the company manages and will manage.

On October 2nd and 3rd, Rightside will be holding an internal hackathon to come up with ideas that will help the company promote the new gTLDs and encourage usage of them by the general public. I saw a tweet mentioning the Rightside hackathon, and I asked a company representative for additional details about the hackathon.

According to → Read More

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