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Brandon Abbey Departs Amid Company Shake Up


In April of 2015, it was announced that would acquire in a $7.5 million deal, pending regulatory approval. The deal was approved, and it closed a few weeks ago. Late last week, I learned that Brandon Abbey is no longer with after an 11 year tenure as its President.

In an email sent to me on Sunday, CEO Matt Barrie confirmed Brandon’s departure: “We parted ways on good terms. As you know Brandon has been running the business for a long period of time and is well known for doing a good job. However we think the potential for is much bigger. We’re moving to up the tempo of the business and run it as a high growth technology company.

I reached out to Brandon, and while he confirmed that he is no longer with the company, he declined to comment.

I attribute much of’s superior reputation and industry best practices to → Read More

Google Acquires


Since creating a corporate entity called Alphabet, it looks like Google is continuing to acquire Alphabet related domain names. According to a now public Whois record, Google, Inc. is showing up as the owner of

Jamie Zoch first reported the acquisition via Twitter, and he speculated that the company acquired back in August. On July 31, 2015 (and prior to that), was owned by a domain registrant based in Ohio. The Whois information went private around August 10th, and it just emerged from privacy on November 27.

The domain name does not → Read More

10 Recent Domain Buys


On occasion, I like to share some of the domain names I have recently acquired. I think it gives people an idea of the types of domain names I buy on behalf of my company, and that might offer some color into my business and the advice I share. Most of the domain names I buy are keyword names that I think can be used as brands – either by my company or by a subsequent buyer.

One thing you will notice is the lack of “Chips” and short domain names on the list below. During the past few weeks, I did buy several domain names that I think would appeal to the Chinese market, and all of those domain names were privately sold. I would consider myself an opportunistic buyer, so I may or may not buy more. I am closely watching the market for investment and blogging purposes.

Listed below are a random assortment of 10 domain names my company has acquired in the last few weeks. For several reasons, I did not include any domain names that have already been re-sold. As always, I invite you to share some of the domain names you recently acquired (not hand registered). → Read More

Details About 6.XYZ Sale


When I read Ron Jackson’s weekly domain name sales report this week, one sale stood out to me the most. 6.XYZ reportedly sold for $125,000 in a deal brokered by FindYourDomain. Not only was this the largest publicly reported sale of the week, but it also currently ranks #54 in DNJournal’s year to date sales chart.

After reading about the sale, I reached out to .XYZ registry CEO and founder Daniel Negari to ask for more information about the sale. Daniel confirmed that the 6.XYZ domain name was owned by the registry, and it was sold in an all-cash deal. The buyer of the domain name had inquired about this domain name, and the two parties were able to reach a deal.

I asked Daniel about other single letter and single number .XYZ domain names, and he told me → Read More

Sedo Illustrates Chinese Involvement in Domain Market


Sedo shared a neat infographic on Twitter today to illustrate the amount of Chinese involvement in their marketplace.

The infographic shows that last week there were → Read More

NamesCon Black Friday Deal


NamesCon conference organizers are offering a special Black Friday deal on conference passes. To promote the special offer, NamesCon is using NamesCon.BlackFriday as a forwarder to the offer page within the conference website.

The special deal is $599 for 2 tickets for the conference or $399 for 1 ticket to the conference (travel and hotel accommodations aren’t included obviously). The current list price for a conference pass seems to be $599.00 + a fee of $27.92, according to the EventBrite booking page.

Conference organizers are also offering special pricing deals on meeting rooms next to the exhibition hall. These deals are aimed at corporate sponsors.

As of last week, it was → Read More

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