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ICANN Publishes Beginner’s Guide To ICANN Meetings


The ICANN 51 meeting in Los Angeles, California will be taking place October 12-16, 2014. The conference event will be held at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in LA. I’ve spoken with quite a few people in the domain space, and it seems like the event will see quite a considerable attendance from people and companies in the domain investment space.

I am on the fence right now due to extensive travel plans (including TRAFFIC in Miami), but if I decide to attend, it will be my first ICANN meeting. I have no idea what an ICANN meeting is like, and ICANN has created a guide to help people learn about the meetings and know what to expect. The “Beginner’s Guide To ICANN Meetings” requires users to sign up to review, but it’s free to use. If I decide to attend, I’ll probably have a look. You might want to check it out if you’re planning to attend.

Are you planning to attend the ICANN meeting in LA? Is it worth traveling across the country to attend? Please vote in the poll below and/or comment about whether you’ll be in attendance.

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Business Insider: Cost $325,000


Thanks to an article on Business Insider’s Australian website, we now know that the company now known as acquired its exact match domain name for $325,000. Prior to the acquisition of this domain name, the company went by the name Because a great exact match domain name can easily become a brand, the company rebranded itself as

The BI article shared some interesting details about how the company was able to negotiate a deal to acquire the domain name. Briefly, it seems that the former owner wasn’t too receptive to the low opening offer, but after a bit of time, the two were able to come to a deal. When you own an exceptional domain name like, you have quite a bit of leverage, especially when the company inquiring really wants the domain name.

Obviously, the acquisition → Read More

Niche Websites Poised to Become a Children’s Clothing Brand


While doing some domain name acquisition research, I came across the descriptive domain name, The colorful landing page indicates that a launch is coming soon, and I shifted gears to learn more about the business rather than trying to acquire the domain name for my company. Since there was no revealing information about the company on the landing page, I did a bit of sleuthing to see who is behind this new brand.

Research on LinkedIn led me to find that the CEO and co-founder of is Galyn Bernard, and the COO and co-founder is Christina Carbonell. Various articles found via Google showed me that both ladies appeared to be rising stars on the marketing side of Quidsi before their departures at some point during the past year. As you likely know, Quidsi is the company that was acquired by Amazon and operates websites like,,, and several other e-commerce websites.

I got in touch with Bernard, and she shared some details about → Read More

Niche Websites Acquires Marketplace


I just received word that has acquired the domain name resale marketplace from Thought Convergence. Terms of the private deal were not released. I’ve always felt that the platform had the ability to compete with the largest domain name marketplaces, and perhaps this acquisition will spur that to happen.

The acquisition indicates to me that is poised to grow beyond its reputation as a high end domain brokerage service. There is a major difference between brokering 6 and 7 figure domain names and operating a platform that specializes in the sale of every type of domain name. The key factor for will be its distribution channels because the most successful marketplaces have a wide variety of sales outlets. I am interested to see how establishes those relationships.

The press release announcing the sale is below. → Read More

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Weekly Domain Broker Listings – 9/17


The weekly domain broker submitted listings are published below. Contact the listing broker directly if you are interested in buying (or discussing) one of the domain names that was submitted. I am not involved in any of the listings, so please contact the broker directly.

If you would like, you may submit one domain name for sale in the comment section. As always, the domain name needs to have a buy it now price and it must be new to the resale market. I recommend that you to read my article with advice on listing domain names prior to submitting your domain name.

Always do your due diligence before buying a domain name. In addition, you should always use an escrow service like to close your deals more securely.

Here are this week’s submissions: → Read More

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The gTLD Message is Getting Out


When I was a junior in college, I had a marketing internship at a local business. Had I not decided to attend graduate school right away, I would have considered working for this company because I enjoyed working there, and I got along well with the CEO.

Since my internship days 10+ years ago, I have stayed in touch with the CEO, and we exchange emails a couple of times per year give or take. I’ve given him some advice about domain names, and I guided him through the domain name acquisition process once or twice.

It’s been quite some time since → Read More

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