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GoDaddy Goes Public


I woke up to many more emails than normal this morning. A large percentage of those were Google Alerts and other emails about GoDaddy’s initial public offering. GoDaddy stock is set to begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange today under the GDDY stock ticker symbol.

This is a major milestone for the company, which is valued “at around $4.5 billion, including debt,” according to Rec/Code. There have been quite a few articles written by financial publications with opinions on the company, its valuation, and the IPO. Here is an assortment of articles:

With GoDaddy’s IPO news, there has also → Read More


Matt Cutts Announces SEO.Ninja


Matt Cutts has been the head of Google’s Webspam team for quite some time, and he is currently on leave from the company. Cutts is seemingly the goto guy when it comes to SEO questions pertaining to Google, and he is pretty much the face of the company for many webmasters and SEOs.

In a tweet this evening, Cutts announced that his next project is called AutoSEO, and it can be found at SEO.Ninja. .Ninja is a new domain name extension operated by Rightside.

Here’s what Cutts had to say in the blog post he linked to in the above tweet: → Read More


Sedo Updates Price List


This afternoon, in an email sent to customers and registered users, Sedo announced that there has been an update to the company’s price list. I think that domain investors who buy or sell domain names using Sedo should be aware of the changes. The new pricing list goes into effect on April 9, 2015, and the company advised that customers updated their prices accordingly.

You should have a look at Sedo’s price list page for full details, but here are a few of the services and fees that I chose to highlight: → Read More

Advertise Acquired by Google


It appears that Google has acquired the two letter domain name. According to the DomainTools Whois History Tool, was previously registered under privacy at Dynadot. As of today, the Whois information is public, and Google is listed as the domain name registrant. The domain name is now registered at Mark Monitor. It looks like Google bought very recently.

Before became registered under privacy in February of 2015, the domain name was owned by a company with an address in Japan. It appears that this domain name was registered to the same owner since at least 2002 when the first Whois History record can be found on DomainTools. The domain name has a creation date of January 1996, so it is possible that company owned for several years prior to this 2002 record.

An history search shows that had been used by the former owner. I don’t → Read More

Advertise in Escrow at Sedo


It looks like Sedo may have sold another high value domain name. According to the current Whois record, the registrant of the domain name is now Sedo GmbH, and Sedo’s escrow service email address is the Whois email registrant. had been listed for sale at Sedo in the past. The domain name was in the Great Domains auction in July of 2014, but I don’t believe it sold in the auction. The Whois record has changed a few times during the past two years, so I am unsure of who the seller is.

I looked at Sedo’s recent sales RSS feed, and I don’t see listed as sold. I presume this was a private sale either transacted directly on the platform or with the assistance of a broker. There are quite a few companies that use BL as their initials, but two letter domain names have become prized investments as well.

I reached out to Sedo domain broker Dave Evanson to inquire about the sale, and if he is able to offer any more information about the sale of, I will update this article.


Daniel Negari Talks About .XYZ Domains on Fox Business


Daniel Negari, CEO of the .XYZ domain name registry, was a guest this morning Opening Bell with Maria Bartiromo. The upcoming GoDaddy IPO provided the backdrop to the interview.

The topic of discussion was primarily about .XYZ domain names, and Negari was able to chat about why someone would register them and what types of companies are buying .XYZ domain names. Negari also briefly discussed how the registry business works.

The appearance on Fox Business was brief, but I am sure this was good (and free) exposure for the company. The video of the interview is embedded below.


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