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What Color .com is Worth the Most?


Yesterday, I published an article about Heritage Auctions brokering the domain name. I also linked to an article I wrote with quite a few publicly recorded color .com domain name sales over the years. Some of those sale prices seem fairly strong and others seem like deals today.

I am curious about what readers think would be the most valuable color .com domain name in today’s market. For the sake of discussion, let’s confine this to “real” colors that are primarily colors. For instance, while “wine” is technically a color, should not be considered when discussing the most valuable color .com domain name. You don’t need to limit this to primary colors though. would be fine to consider.

If you had an unlimited amount of  money but you could only buy the most valuable color .com domain name, what name would you pick? I’ll share my thought about this in a comment later on so I don’t influence anyone too soon. Being Marketed by Heritage Auctions


Aron Meystedt, Director of the Domain Name and Intellectual Property Department at Heritage Auctions, announced that his company is brokering I don’t see a ton of high value domain names like this one come on the market regularly (especially with an asking price listed), so I wanted to share what Aron wrote:

I am proud to announce that Heritage Auctions ( is the exclusive seller of, a name that has never been available to the public.

The asking price is $750,000 and it is a sure fit for a major brand waiting to be launched. Few names carry the “punch” that does. comes to mind. could be a brand with an “exclusivity” feature.

Email me if you have interest. Please, NO brokers. We aren’t looking for co-brokerage deals right now. If you are a broker and have a buyer with a budget of $750,000 – let me know. But we don’t want the name sent out to your mailing list please.

I recently published an article with → Read More

I Use GoldNames to Track NameJet Bidders


I have most likely spent six figures on NameJet auctions in the last year or so. It’s not something I really track, but I am an active buyer on NameJet. I only mention this because it should go without saying that I trust the fairness of the platform, otherwise I would not participate in auctions.

One of the features of NameJet is that I am able to see who else is bidding on an auction. Even though I don’t personally know many of the bidders I regularly compete against, it is good to know that if I don’t win the other competitors are going to follow through and pay. As a seller on NameJet, it is also helpful to know that someone who is winning an auction is actually going to pay should their bid be the highest.

Because I don’t know all NameJet bidders, I regularly turn to the blog to see if I can find a bidder’s history. GoldNames seems to track many (maybe most but I don’t know) of the auctions that are run on NameJet. GoldNames also tracks the winning bidder of the auction.

I sometimes find it easier to use → Read More

Free .Buzz Domain Names Today


It looks like the .Buzz registry is giving a limited amount of .Buzz domain names away for free. The promotion is in honor of the registry’s third birthday, and it also comes on April 20 (4/20), which happens to be unofficially referred to as “Weed Day.”   In a post on the registry’s corporate blog, Bill Doshier announced that “Participating domain name registrars will be offering up to 420 .buzz domain name registrations – free for the first year of registration, during their to-be-announced special sale hours on April 19 through April 21, 2017.” Bill also wrote that “Starting April 18, approximately 34,000 reserved .buzz domain names will be released for general availability.” is also promoting this giveaway on Twitter this morning: → Read More

Reserve Ranges Not Shown on NameJet App


When I saw Konstantinos’ article today about NameJet bidding, it reminded me of a topic I intended to write about before but never got around to it. It makes me wonder when I see an auction with a high bid of $25,000, $50,000 or even $100,000 when the auction has a reserve price of $100,001 – $250,000. Why would someone bid on an auction when their bid will be below the reserve price minimum? What’s the point?

I presume there is a legitimate strategy behind this kind of bidding because I see bidders who I know have spent 6 figures+ on auctions doing it, but I want to point out something that could also be a reason for it. NameJet does not show the auction reserve range on its iPhone bidder app. Bidders who use the app to place bids are doing so somewhat blindly.

On my app that I use regularly when I am away from my desk → Read More

Instagram Goes After Domain Name


InstagramInstagram filed a UDRP at the World Intellectual Property Organization to get the domain name. This isn’t all that surprising to me, but it is surprising that it took the company so long to go after the domain name. Instagram has filed quite a few UDRPs to take possession of typos and Instagram-related domain names. was created in January of 2011. The domain name appears to be registered to someone in China. Instagram originally launched in October of 2010, approximately three months before the domain name was created.

It appears that the same registrant who owns also owns, which was registered in November of 2010 (one month after Instagram launched). The registrant email addresses are a bit different, but it looks like it is the same registrant. Strangely, Instagram → Read More

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