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GoDaddy: “Steal a Great Domain Name”


It looks like GoDaddy is advertising at Major League Baseball games, and they certainly chose an interesting tagline: “Steal a Great Domain Name.”

Obviously the “steal” call to action is a play on words. A “steal” in baseball is a legal play where a runner moves to another base before he can be thrown out. A “steal” also signifies getting a good deal on something. GoDaddy is not literally suggesting that people “steal” domain names, and I presume their audience of baseball watchers can figure that out.

This sign was spotted by Mike Sallese behind home plate at a New York Yankees game last night played against the Chicago White Sox in Chicago. It is important to note that the Yankees have lost 11 of their previous 14 games, and they currently sit behind the American League East leading Boston Red Sox.

Hilco Streambank Marketing


According to an article in the Milwaukee Business Journal, Vanity Shop filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this past March. Following this filing, Hilco Streambank has been retained to sell the Vanity Shop assets, which includes the valuable domain name.

Hilco Streambank Executive VP Jack Hazan told me “the assets include the Vanity trademark for apparel, retail and accessories and the premium one-word domain name –” Hilco set up a marketing page on its website that has more details about what is included in the sale as well as some detailed information about the company and its background.

When I received the email from Jack, the first thing that stuck out to me was the domain name. As you may recall, was involved in a 2012 UDRP dispute. When the decision was published and the panel ruled in favor of the complainant (Vanity Shop), Mike Berkens wrote an article about it and called it “a case that should be VERY troubling for all domain holders.” He also wrote that → Read More Not Sold… Yet

4 is a valuable domain name. Not only is a pillow a product, but the domain name could be utilized as an unrelated brand name. is what some people would consider a “brandable” domain name.

For many years, has been owned by a pillow company called Pillow Menu, LLC. Smartly, the company also owns the plural domain name. In fact, Morgan Linton wrote an article on Medium about an interview Craig Clark (the company’s owner) did to discuss the company’s domain name strategy. You should read the interview when you have an opportunity.

Last week, TechCrunch published an article about a rental management startup called Pillow that recently raised $13.5 million in funding. CrunchBase says the startup has now raised a total of $16.15 million in funding. I was curious to see what domain name the company is using, and I saw that the startup can now be found at The domain name they had been using,, now forwards to

I reached out to Craig Clark → Read More

Domain Industry Featured on BBC The One Show


A television talk show hosted on the BBC called The One Show just had a segment about domain investing and domain name investors. The program is hosted year-round on weekdays, and it covers a wide variety of topics. Former American talk show host Jerry Springer was one of the hosts on the show.

Several domain investors and brokers were featured on this episode of The One Show, including Graham Haynes (buyer of for $650,000), Aron Meystedt (Heritage Auctions and owner of, Simon Witts, Mohammed Kahn (from Uniregistry) and Jeff Gabriel (from Uniregistry – incorrectly identified as Alan Schwartz). The show offers a brief overview about the business of domain name investing and domain name sales.

Someone posted the video on YouTube, which I embedded below.

RDNH Finding in UDRP


A three member WIPO UDRP panel ruled in favor of the domain owner in the UDRP. In addition, the panel ruled that Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH) occurred. The domain name owner was represented by (Jason Schaeffer and Ari Goldberger), and this is the second case in the last couple of weeks for the law firm where a finding of RDNH was made.

This seems like a pretty cut and dry UDRP decision. It doesn’t really make sense that a complainant can win a UDRP when the domain name has been owned longer than the trademark of the company filing the UDRP even existed. In its argument, the complainant cited the “Octogen Case,” which was just discussed in a sponsored post the Internet Commerce Association wrote published on CircleID. Putting the theory of “retroactive bad faith” to rest is important for domain name investors.

I think there are several aspects of the UDRP decision that stand out for domain investor rights, and I want to highlight a few of them. → Read More

Beware of “Invoice Scams”


I regularly use my email to discuss domain names with a variety of third parties. For over fifteen years, I must have exchanged emails with tens of thousands of different people at various entities. This morning, I received a personally addressed “invoice scam” email, and it is something people need to be mindful about.

Most spam emails I get seem to be hastily created. There may be spelling errors or the email may not really be addressed to me. This particular email was addressed to me and appeared to be from an authentic email account. The tip off for me was that the “from” address was different than the “reply to” address on the email. It was clear that the sender wanted me to think he was someone I communicated with via email at some point in time.

I did a quick search for the “from” email, and I see that I had once communicated with this entity several years ago regarding a domain name. My assumption is that this entity’s email address was hacked, and the hacker harvested → Read More

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