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October 2014 Great Domains Auction Results


Sedo shared the results of its October Great Domains auction, and there were 11 domain names that met the reserve price and sold. The sales were both in USD and EUR, and over $100,000 worth of domain names were sold during this month’s auction.

A trio of three letter .com domain names were the largest sales at this auction, and several ccTLD domain names also sold. Since the auction ended this afternoon, I don’t believe these deals have completed yet at the time of this publication.

Great Domains auction results for October 2014: → Read More

Niche Websites Domain Name Sold for Over $200k


A week ago, many mainstream news articles were quite critical of Blue String Ventures and its owners for trying to sell the domain name. According to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing, a company called Weed Growth Fund, Inc. (formerly Ovation Research, Inc.) has acquired the domain name “for $50,000 cash and 19,192 shares of Cannabis Sativa, Inc. common stock owned by the Company.”

Cannabis Sativa, Inc. trades under the CBDS ticker symbol, and at the time of publication, it currently trades at $8.50/share. Based on the price of $8.50/share, the total value of the stock right now is $163,132, making this deal valued at over $200,000. According to the sale agreement also filed with the SEC, the seller needs to hold on to the shares of CBDS stock for a minimum of 6 months per SEC rules.

Assuming a deal for the domain name is worth → Read More

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Weekly Domain Broker Listings – 10/22


Today’s domain name broker and brokerage submitted listings are published below. If you want to buy or inquire about one of the domain names that was submitted, please contact the broker directly. I am not involved in any of these listings.

You may submit one domain name for sale in the comment section. The domain name must have a buy now price and it must be new to the market. The sale listing must only contain the following information: domain name, price, and contact information for the buyer. Please do not post comments about other people’s listings.

If these rules aren’t followed, I may add your email address to the “comment blacklist” meaning any further comments will automatically end up in the spam filter. Since there are generally hundreds or thousands of spam comments there, it probably won’t be seen, so please follow the rules.

Just as a reminder, you should do proper due diligence before buying a domain name here or anywhere. You should also use an escrow service like to complete your transaction. I do not verify any submissions (from brokers or from readers in the comment section), so buyers and sellers beware.

This week’s domain broker submitted listings: → Read More

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Domain Masters Radio Show Relaunches Tonight


The Domain Masters radio show on Webmaster Radio is set to relaunch this evening at 5pm (Eastern timezone). Hosting the show will be NameJet Marketing Manager Scott Pruitt and NameJet General Manager Jonathan Tenenbaum.

Domain Masters was initially created in December of 2004, and its broadcasts have featured some of the most successful domain investors and domain industry experts like John Berryhill, Richard Lau, Ari Goldberger, Ron Jackson, Mark Ostrovsky, and many others. Monte Cahn, then at Moniker, founded and hosted this weekly radio broadcast. Victor Pitts followed Monte as the host, and Mike Mann hosted Domain Masters late last year. You can listen to some of the archived shows on the Webmaster Radio website.

Tonight’s broadcast will feature an interview with → Read More

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Uniregistry Domain Names Now at GoDaddy


Uniregistry has been selling its new gTLD domain names since the end of February of this year, but they have not been selling them via GoDaddy, the largest domain name registrar in the world. According to a tweet from Uniregistry founder Frank Schilling, as of yesterday, new gTLD domain names managed by Uniregistry are now available for purchase by customers at GoDaddy.

I checked, and GoDaddy is now selling Uniregistry extensions like .link, .sexy, .tattoo, .blackfriday, .guitars, and others. The pricing seems comparable to other registrars, although the prices are more expensive than buying the domain names directly from Uniregistry (not taking any discounts into consideration).

In February of this year, Kevin Murphy of wrote an article about “why registrars are boycotting .sexy” and other Uniregistry new gTLD domain names. In his article, → Read More

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Flippa Announces “Website Classifieds”


Flippa is known as a domain name and website marketplace where people can buy and sell domain names via auction. Flippa boasts that there are over 500,000 buyers, and it seems like there are often some pretty solid domain names listed for sale. This morning, the company announced a new offering called “website classifieds,” which allows owners to list their domain names for sale without the auction.

Similar to the current set-up, a domain owner can create a classified listing on Flippa with the same information they currently use for an auction listing. Instead of having an auction that ends on a set date, the listing will stay active for as long as the domain owner would like, up to one year. The domain name or website sale listing “will be included in → Read More

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