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Let Prospects Know About a Price Drop


I was evaluating a domain name today, and I searched my email archive because it seemed familiar. The first email that mentioned it was from the owner who was asking if I’d broker his domain name and he provided his asking price because I was interested in buying it. I directed him to a domain broker since I don’t broker names, and two emails later, I saw the name listed as sold for about a quarter of the asking price. It’s too bad he didn’t tell me about the price drop!

If you are contemplating reducing the price of a domain name, it’s important to reach back to anyone who expressed an interest in the domain name, even if you think it’s a longshot. People’s circumstances change, as does the market, and someone who may not have wanted to make a lowball offer may see your new price and be interested in working out a deal at a later date.

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Story Behind the .CO Registry Sale to Neustar


Neustar closed on its acquisition of the .CO Registry yesterday afternoon, and the $100+ million deal was wrapped up. The Miami Herald had an interesting story that covered the closing, and it also had some of the backstory about how the deal came about with .CO Registry founder Juan Diego Calle offering some comments. I think it’s worth a read when you have a chance.

As some people have pointed out, timing played a role in the sale of the company. From the article:

“The timing was right for both sides, Calle said. “We are going from a very regulated environment where there are a limited number of domain extensions into a world where there is essentially an unlimited number of options for consumers,” said Calle, referring to the thousands of new domain name options coming into the marketplace. “There’s this movement by the larger players in the industry to consolidate their positions of power and be market leaders in the new paradigm, and here we are, .CO, the most appealing of the new alternatives, so you can grab that asset and make it your flagship brand.

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DNS: “We May Have the Perfect Alternative For You”


dotlink-imgThis afternoon, I received an email from that said, “We may have the perfect alternative for you to [Redacted].com.” The brief email continues, “Many great names, including those ending in .LINK, are available now!” Frank Schilling’s Uniregistry operates the .Link domain registry, and the company began selling .Link domain names today. It is one of the first “generic” new gTLD domain extensions that has been introduced.

The redacted domain name was one that I had inquired about back in 2006 directly to the owner. The owner of the domain name had entered my email into the DNS offer management system, and when a DNS broker followed up last year, I expressed surprise about receiving the inquiry. As a result, my lead was sent to the dismiss folder because I was obviously not going to move forward to purchase this domain name.

I believe I received today’s email because the owner of the domain name signed up for the Uniregistry affiliate program and my lead was considered a dead lead. As sort of a last ditch effort to make money from the dismissed lead, I was emailed about the opportunity to buy the keyword .Link domain name, which is not currently registered.

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.CO Brands Should Buy Matching Domain Names


The domain registry, under the leadership of CEO Ken Hansen, began selling its domain names about a week ago, and the registry is currently in the landrush phase. Anyone can now reserve domain names at one of 13 domain registrars (like 101Domain), and more registrars are reportedly being onboarded in the future. General availability will take place in July.

I don’t plan to buy any domain names for myself, but I think companies who operate businesses on .CO domain names should consider purchasing the corresponding domain name for their business. .CO has been around for quite some time, and they’ve done quite a good job of growing awareness for .CO domain names. In my opinion though, I think there may still be some traffic leakage to other domain names.

The first likely source of any traffic leakage is → Read More

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82 Heartbleed Domain Names Registered


Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 9.55.13 AM

The Heartbleed bug has been all over the news during the last week. In addition to information on tech media outlets, a number of mainstream news outlets also covered this big story. Websites of all sizes sent emails to customers and members to encourage them to change their passwords because of the heartbleed bug. When news like this breaks and is shared, I would expect a huge number of domain registrations to follow.

Surprisingly, there were just 82 .com and .net domain name registrations with the name Heartbleed in them since the news of this problem went out. According to the Verisign DomainView Grapher Tool, the greatest spike in domain registrations appears to have taken place on April 9, when 25 domain names were hand registered.

If I were to have guessed without knowing the answer, I would have guessed that there were over 500 domain names registered. Although there isn’t much that could be done with Heartbleed domain names, I assume some Internet security companies could have used these domain names to pitch their wares. I also wouldn’t have been surprised to see legal or lawsuit domain names registered by law firms looking to sue someone for the problems that may or may not exist as a result of websites who may have issues.

With all of the news about the Heartbleed vulnerability, I was surprised that there were so few domain names registered with the this keyword. Not really sure what to make of this, but it was a surprise to me.

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Lana Del Rey Releases “West Coast”


I am sure you’ve heard of Lana Del Rey by now, and you probably also know that her dad is domain investor Rob Grant. This morning, Lana released a new single called “West Coast,” and you’re probably going to hear a lot more of it on the radio this summer. To give you an idea of her popularity, the song was released this morning, and it already has over half a million views on YouTube alone.

Lana is currently on her first US tour, and she will be singing at venues across the United States this Spring and Summer. This weekend, she closed out the Coachella Music Festival and performed her new song. I am going to check out her concert at the House of Blues in Boston next month, and hopefully I will have a chance to catch up with Rob before the show.

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