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Ammar Kubba’s Next Project is AutoBio


Ever since Ammar Kubba’s company divested,, and Trafficz, I wondered what Ammar would have planned for his next venture. In asking friends and family for feedback on the finalists for a logo design contest, Ammar shared his next business idea, AutoBio.

Although AutoBio is completely unrelated to the business of domain investing and domain names, it is an online venture. Here’s how Ammar described the business, although he mentioned that the concept is still being refined:

“AutoBio is a social network (think Facebook), informational resource (think Wikipedia, Zillow, car forums), and discovery app (think Pinterest) for car enthusiasts. AutoBio will have the world’s largest index of vehicles, i.e., every year, make, and model of every car ever built. AutoBio’s mission is: 1) to spread the love of cars, and 2) to improve the experience of buying, owning, and selling cars. AutoBio’s slogan is ‘for the love of cars’.”

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Hilco Streambank Retained to Sell


You may have noticed that the Hilco Streambank advertising banner changed yesterday. The company is now advertising the sale of and its related trademarks. is registered to Santa Holdings, LLC. The domain name uses a email address, and when I asked Andrew Rosener about it, he told me the domain name is owned by three partners.

I asked Jack Hazan of Hilco Streambank for some details about the sale listing, and here’s what he told me:

“We were retained as the exclusive agent to sell the domain name and related trademarks. No auction date has been set. We are currently soliciting private offers.”

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GoDaddy Now Offering International 2 Factor Authentication


One of the best ways domain name owners can secure their registrar accounts is to enable two factor authentication within their domain registrar accounts. GoDaddy is one of the major registrars that offers 2 factor authentication for its customers, although the company has not offered it to international clients until today.

I was informed that GoDaddy is now offering its international clients the ability to add this additional security measure to their accounts as of today. When the domain owner logs into his or her domain registrar account with a password, they are prompted to enter a unique code that is sent via text message to the domain owner. This is a free service now offered to all GoDaddy customers throughout the world (users may have to pay for text messages depending on their mobile device service).

Paul Nicks, GoDaddy’s Aftermarket General Manager, commented on this change: → Read More


August Great Domains Auction Results


Sedo just shared the Great Domains auction results, and I have published them below. The auction totaled a little more than $75,000 in domain sales.

Two 3 letter com domain names were the largest sales of the month. sold for $31,500 an sold for $21,500. was the third largest sale of the month, closing at 15,500 EUR.

Since the auction ended today, none of these domain name sales are closed yet. Once they close, the results will be reported officially by the company and listed on DNJournal and Namebio.

August Great Domains results: → Read More

Advertise Pending Delete and Ready for Auction

4 Domain Name

I remember many years ago when Iomega was one of the most well known Internet companies. was the domain name the company used for its website, and was originally registered on July 8, 1991. is certainly one of the first domain names ever registered. According to Wikipedia, Iomega is now known as LenovoEMC, and it previously traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the IOM ticker symbol.

I was looking at NameJet this afternoon, and I saw that is listed for sale under “The Drop” heading. I did a double take when I saw it, and sure enough, it looks like is in pendingDelete delete status. This status likely means the domain name will be caught and auctioned at a domain name auction house like NameJet, SnapNames, or DropCatch, depending on who catches it. The domain name is not currently resolving for me.

As a result of the domain name expiring, → Read More

Advertise Sells for More Than $1 Million


Last week, I detected a change in the Whois registration details for, a domain name owned by Media Options. I reached out to Media Options CEO Andrew Rosener for details. He confirmed that the domain name was sold, and he told me that more information about the sale would be forthcoming.

This morning, I received a press release announcing the sale. The company that bought is ReviMedia, a lead generation company based in New York City. According to the press release which I published below, sold for “$1 Million cash plus additional consideration.” I am not sure what the additional consideration is, but I would guess it is either performance incentives or a stake in the business.

Even without the additional consideration, this million dollar deal is the second largest publicly reported sale of 2015, according to DNJournal.

If you follow the domain investment space, you know that two letter .com domain names have been selling for significantly higher prices during the last couple of years. I believe had been offered for sale previously at a lower price, and I think a $1m sale illustrates how these domain names have gone up in value.

As you will note in the release below, ReviMedia plans to rebrand its platform as

Here is the entire press release: → Read More


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