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How I Used Estibot’s Bulk Appraisal Tool


EstibotEstibot is a somewhat polarizing tool. Some people use Estibot regularly, and some people are vocal about its shortcomings. I would not say that I am a regular Estibot user, but I want to share how I found it to be helpful for me.

I was in the process of buying a few domain names from a large portfolio owner. In looking to do an even larger deal, I asked if I could have a list of their portfolio for review. I was sent this very large list with tens of thousands of .com domain names. I tried to look through the list on my own, but I couldn’t really focus. I did find a few good domain names, but I was sure that I would miss some of the better names, and if I was going to be able to do a large deal, I wanted to have the best chance of picking out the top names.

I re-signed up for an Estibot account and paid a hair under $150 for a month of access. I had to sign up for a more expensive account because of the number of names I wanted appraised and the short time period I had to appraise them all. I input the names 10,000 at a time and reviewed each .CSV file with the full appraisal information.

I was able to scan through → Read More

NameJet & SnapNames Hosting “Dominate the Drop” Webinar


I received an email from NameJet about a webinar covering dropping domain names. The free webinar is co-sponsored by NameJet and SnapNames. The webinar will be held on Wednesday, March 8th at 2pm (Eastern time). You’ll need to sign up in advance to participate in this webinar.

Here’s the email, which includes information about what will be covered during the webinar: → Read More

Not Responding to an Offer Could Result in a UDRP


I follow UDRP filings and decisions, especially those that involve short, keyword, and other independently valuable .com domain names. One of the things I have noticed is that sometimes companies file UDRP complaints as their “Plan B.” They are willing to buy a particular domain name, but they file a UDRP because the domain owner’s price expectation is too high or because they don’t receive a response to their inquiry or inquiries.

It is unfortunate when a company files a UDRP because they couldn’t come to terms with the domain owner. This is a risk domain owners should know about, and it can be unavoidable when a company (usually wrongly) thinks it should be the rightful owner of the domain name. UDRP panels generally seem to get these decisions right, although the legal cost for the domain owner can be high and I would imagine it is frustrating to have to defend the right to own a great domain name.

Some domain owners ignore inquiries and offers as a policy. Perhaps the offer is far too low to be considered and the owner doesn’t want to waste his or her time dealing with a lowballer. Perhaps the owner doesn’t reply as a strategy to induce a larger offer. This sometimes works as a company or business person gets more desperate and improves an offer after not hearing feedback. Sometimes a domain owner simply doesn’t want to sell a domain name and ignores the offer.

Whatever the case is for not responding, → Read More

Two Upcoming Domain Events Outside the US


There are two domain industry events taking place within the next couple of months. DomainX, originally established in India, is holding an event in London in April. Domaining Europe will be held in Berlin, Germany in May.

DomainX London, a one day event, is currently scheduled for April 9, 2017. The event venue has not been posted on the website yet, so I am not sure where it is going to be held. Judging by the speaker list and agenda, it looks like there is quite a packed agenda with a range of topics. The ticket prices range from £102.96 – £206.46 via EventBright.

This is the first DomainX event being held in London after two prior events in India. The conference organizer is Manmeet Pal Singh.

Domaining Europe is scheduled for May 14-16. The conference is being held at the Steigenberger Hotel Am Kanzleramt in Berlin, Germany. The conference agenda is fairly wide ranging, covering quite a few domain industry topics. Ticket prices to attend Domaining Europe range from €423.50 – €786.50 via EventBright.

Domaining Europe is being organized once again by Dietmar Stefitz, and the event has been held for the last several years.

Sedo Price Cap Increased to $50,000


I want to pass along some news from Sedo. According to an email I received from Sedo, the company has increased its price cap to $50,000. Previously, the cap was $10,000 for domain names. The news will be announced in a forthcoming email to Sedo clients.

In the meantime, here is the information about the change from email I received: → Read More

Ways I Identify a Prospect Inquiry


It probably goes without saying, but it is important to identify who is inquiring about one of my domain names. I want to be able to know if a major corporation wants to buy my domain name, if it really is a college student working on a thesis project, and I need to gauge any risk if a lawyer is contacting me. I want to share some ways I try to identify who is contacting me.

When someone inquires about one of my domain names via my landing page, they are required to input their name and email address. I ask for a phone number, but it is not required in order to submit an inquiry/offer.

The first thing I usually do is run a Google search for the person’s name. This usually doesn’t give me enough identifying information since the majority of inquiries either only have a first name or have a common enough name that I can’t identify the person with certainty. I then try to search Google for the email address. This works better and can lead to a plethora of information, including domain registrations, website and/or forum posts, and other pieces of information that can prove to be useful. → Read More

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