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Bluehost “Rebrands” as Pink.Host for Breast Cancer Awareness


Pink.HostOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness month in the United States, and many businesses and organizations are hosting special events to generate awareness about breast cancer and to raise funds for organizations that do breast cancer research. Most famously, the National Football League dons pink gear to raise awareness. I learned that hosting provider Bluehost is participating in its own unique way using a new gTLD domain name.

For the month of October, BlueHost is using a website on the Pink.Host domain name to raise money for cancer research at the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Utah. According to an email I received, “the company received the domain names and as part of its Pioneer program participation with Radix,” the registry managing .Host domain names.

A press release I received from Radix Registry explains the significance behind the special Pink.Host website: → Read More

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Do Your Homework Before Making an Offer


When I am interested in buying a particular domain name, I often do research to learn about the history of the domain name. Using insight I can glean from public and private sources, I may be able to learn something that will guide my offer. When I make an offer, I want to be reasonable, but I also don’t want to look uninformed.

There are several things I look for prior to making an offer, and I’d like to share quite a few of those below. Sometimes, I will do more or less research as my research dictates. I have also provided a bit of color for each of the things I look at to try and make it more clear about why I do this and what it could mean to me: → Read More

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Neustar Rings NYSE Opening Bell


Neustar is one of a handful of domain industry publicly traded companies (stock symbol NSR on the NYSE), and representatives from Neustar rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange this morning to open the trading day. The focus of the event was on the new .NYC domain names, and representatives from the Office of the Mayor of New York City also participated in the bell ringing.

I embedded the video of the NYSE opening bell ceremony, so you can see how .NYC was promoted at the New York Stock Exchange. Video of the opening bell is generally carried on the financial news networks, and it is often followed by interviews with some of the participants. I am not sure if that happened in this case, but ringing the opening bell gives good exposure to the companies who participated. → Read More

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Sunday Updates


I’m in the middle of a daddy-daughter weekend, as my wife went out of town for a baby shower. I think we’ll do a little apple picking, apple pie making, and maybe spend some time outside depending on the weather. I hope you have as much fun as I have!

I want to share some thoughts and updates that I have been compiling from the past week. You are also welcome to share your thoughts, feedback, or anything related to domain investing: → Read More

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Monte Cahn Back in the Domain Auction Business


I received a press release from NamesCon and domain name consulting firm RightOfTheDot, LLC announcing that there will be a live domain auction at the NamesCon conference. From my perspective, the most interesting aspect of this news is that it means Monte Cahn, founder of Moniker and its popular domain auctions, is back in the business of domain conference domain name auctions.

Bucking the tradition of a domain conference hosting a live domain name auction, NamesCon did not have an auction during its inaugural event in January. Yesterday, conference organizer Richard Lau cited the experience of Monte Cahn and Mike Berkens with domain auctions in announcing the news. According to Lau, “We were initially reluctant to offer a domain auction, but the 15 years of domain auction experience, strength, reputation, and relationships that ROTD presented convinced us that their auction will contribute to the distinct and diverse activities and sessions that NamesCon is known and respected for.”

While at Moniker, Monte played host to some of the most exceptional domain auction results, including the TRAFFIC auction that famously sold $12.4 million worth of domain names. Since that auction in 2007, the domain space has changed quite a bit. Subsequent auctions produced much more modest results, and I think conference organizers have been less focused on the domain auctions, which were once considered the most anticipated aspect of conferences.

I think Monte and his team became known for hosting exciting domain name auctions. In addition to the buzz generated with large sales, there seemed to be more excitement in the room. I can recall many times when Monte was standing on the stage whooping up the crowd. I presume he will bring this back and hire auctioneers who will liven up the auction floor.

This is not the first domain auction Monte will have presided over since his Moniker days. During the Summer, ROTD oversaw the successful .Global auction in London that saw 35 .Global domain names sell for $63,780. This will be the first domain conference auction for Monte though.

I reached out to Monte to ask a few questions to learn about the upcoming auction and his expectations for it. He was kind enough to respond, and his answers are below. → Read More

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Breathe Luxury to Auction 14 Geo .TV Domain Names


I received a press release last night announcing that Breathe Luxury will be auctioning 14 geographic .TV domain names at the upcoming World Travel Market in November. The auction will be held in conjunction with the auction that was announced at the end of August. World Travel Market is billed as “the leading global event for the travel industry,” and it reportedly has 50,000 participants.

The domain names that are being sold are top travel destinations, and they include the following domain names: → Read More

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