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DOMAINX Domain Conference in One Week


After visiting a few international Domain Conferences like TRAFFIC, NamesCon etc, I am pretty excited to participate in what will be the largest Indian Domain Conference. There is a lot of pent up demand in the Indian Domain space for quality knowledge, know-how and networking with fellow domainers. An average domainer who has just started exploring the domain industry or someone who has been domaining for a short time might find it difficult and prohibitively expensive to attend an international conference like TRAFFIC or NamesCon. For such domainers DOMAINX™ would be the ideal platform to meet fellow domainers to network and do business with and exchange tips and tricks..

Hyderabad has always been a hotbed for Indian Domainers and there wouldn’t have been a better location to host the largest conference of this size and scale. I will be speaking at one of the panels at the start of the conference and also moderate the last panel discussion. I look forward to meet Michael Castello, James Wester, Jason Schaeffer and the other speakers, in person


DOMAINX™ is the → Read More

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Why Domain Name Theft Matters to You


On occasion, I blog about security issues and phishing attempts that I spot or that are reported by domain name registrars. For instance, yesterday I wrote about Namecheap’s urgent warning, a week ago I wrote about a phishing email, and a while back I wrote about a GoDaddy phishing email. Security is important for all, and I think it is especially important for those whose valuable assets are online.

I think that most domain name owners believe their accounts are secure and are probably immune from theft. Most domain investors wisely take extra precautions with their domain names, securing their email accounts and domain registrar accounts with 2 factor authentication and other security functionality. I also think this may be a false sense of security, and being overcautious is wise.

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Taser International Files UDRP on


According to the World Intellectual Property (WIPO) website, a UDRP was recently filed on the domain name. The UDRP is listed in the database as WIPO Case D2014-1492. It appears that the domain name is registered to a domain investor, and the UDRP was filed by TASER International, Inc.

The domain name was acquired for quite a bit of money, and it looks like it may have been sold publicly a couple of times. Three years ago, Michael Berkens reportedthe domain name sold on for $12,900.” In the same commented, Mike opined, “Its a interesting domain as Taser is trademarked many times over including by the manufacturer of the device.” According to NameBio, the domain name had previously been sold on → Read More

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Namecheap Issues “Urgent Security Warning”


It’s Labor Day here in the US, so it’s not a great day for companies to share important news, but it is important that you see this Namecheap security warning, even if you do not use the company as your domain name registrar. This issue seems like it has the potential to impact domain investors as well as others who own domain names. It may also be impacting other accounts as well.

From a blog post on the Namecheap company blog, entitled “Urgent security warning that may affect all internet users,” the company stated: → Read More

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Bulk Whois Lookups – #1 on My “Wish List”


I am frequently asked what types of tools I would want to help make my business life easier and more efficient. The one response that has stayed the same for years is a bulk Whois look up tool. I would like to be able to do Whois searches in bulk so I can analyze large lists of domain names.

I believe there is at least one website that offers bulk whois lookups, but I haven’t found one that offers it in the manner I would like to see it. Since there might be a company that can do this, I will share my thoughts on the ideal bulk Whois search tool:

The tool should be able to search hundreds of domain names at once. For example, I might have a keyword list of all types of sports (soccer, baseball, football, futbol…etc), and I can paste the entire list with the extension included. After a short period of time, the tool will spit out the following helpful results:

  • Registrant name, address, and phone
  • Registrant email
  • Creation and expiration dates
  • Registrar
  • Nameservers

To make this even easier for me, I would like → Read More

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Share Your Success Story


I frequently write about large domain name sales and smart domain name acquisitions. One thing that I would like to write more about is success stories involving descriptive keyword domain names. I am sure there are people who are doing well with business development on keyword domain names, and I would be happy to share your story.

I’ll give you an example. Sol Orwell shared insight about his success with, and I thought the discussion that followed on Hacker News were interesting.

Information that I think would be beneficial include some of the following:

  • Revenue and traffic numbers
  • Marketing / advertising spend and efforts
  • Capital raising and growth funding
  • Social aspect
  • Personal stories about starting building the business
  • Complications and how you overcame them

Obviously people who → Read More

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