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Sunday Morning Domain Industry Thoughts and Updates


I wish this wasn’t the last day of April. It’s been a pretty solid month for my business, and I hope the same can be said for you. My domain name portfolio is relatively small, so my good month doesn’t necessarily mean anything on a macro level. My guess is that the improving stock market is giving more people and companies confidence in spending money on things like domain names. I am not an economist, so that is just a guess.

Here are a few thoughts and updates this weekend. You are welcome to share your thoughts and updates as well.

I had a good lunch meeting with Alan Shiflett and Rich Green from Afternic last week. It’s always nice to see these guys and catch up and chat about business. One downside to working for myself is that I don’t really have people with whom I can “talk shop.” It’s great to be able to get together with people like Alan and Rich.

Efty is now advertising on! I appreciate their supporting/sponsoring my blog. It takes a considerable amount of time and effort to publish an industry blog, and I appreciate the support of industry companies.

Speaking of advertisers – Payoneer Escrow’s 50% off escrow offer for the month of April expires → Read More Subject of UDRP


A UDRP has been filed at the National Arbitration Forum (NAF) against the domain name. The UDRP filing can be found on, and it is case #1728625.

The current Whois record for shows the owner is NameFind, a company that is owned by GoDaddy. Based on a historical Whois record from DomainTools, I believe this domain name was acquired in the major Marchex domain name portfolio acquisition. I am not sure when Marchex acquired this dictionary .com domain name.

At the time of publication, the landing page has a generic search box with some popular keywords showing. I am not familiar with this type of PPC landing page, as it looks different than others I have seen in the NameFind portfolio. From my perspective, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with the business model of generating revenue from pay per click advertising on a keyword domain name. is listed for sale on Afternic with a minimum opening offer of $32,500.

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 7.24.29 PM

Because the UDRP was filed at → Read More

Clean Up Your Marketplace Portfolios!


This morning, I received a transfer email from GoDaddy for a domain name I didn’t sell or transfer. I won this domain name at a NameJet auction in February. Although I am passively offering it for sale via my landing page, I am monetizing it via PPC and do not have it listed for sale on any of the domain name sale marketplaces.

After receiving the email, I did a bit of research to confirm that I still own the domain name. Essentially, I wanted to make sure I hadn’t resold it or that something else funky wasn’t going on with the domain name. Using DomainTools, I saw that there was a “for sale” notice with a BIN price. Clicking on the link to me to an Afternic page, although Afternic indicated that the domain name was not for sale. I checked Sedo, and the domain name was listed there with the same BIN price as was indicated on the DomainTools page.

When I saw this, my hunch was that the domain name sold via Afternic. Because it wasn’t my sale listing and not approved within my account as an Afternic listing, GoDaddy couldn’t do a “fast transfer” from my eNom account and needed to request a transfer manually. I emailed Afternic’s Alan Shiflett, and he confirmed my hunch and told me the domain name was sold via Afternic. Unfortunately for → Read More

Artist Jonty Hurwitz Using Jonty.Art


Jonty Hurwitz was the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Wonga, a British fintech company. Jonty left the company in 2011, although he still reportedly owns a significant amount of shares of the company. More recently though, Jonty has become known for his art, most specifically his very cool sculptures.

A couple of years ago, I mentioned that Jonty was using and promoting the Art.Ninja domain name, in addition to his domain name. About a year ago, I exchanged emails with Jonty and told him that .Art domain names would soon become available. I didn’t really follow up after that email exchange until I noticed that Jonty was able to buy Jonty.Art, and he is using it in conjunction with his LinkedIn and other social media posting.

I reached out to Jonty to ask him why he chose a .Art domain name when he already owns his full name .com domain name. I always find it interesting to read about why people and companies choose a new gTLD domain name, and it is especially interesting when they already own what would seem to be their perfect .com domain name. Here’s what Jonty told me about why he is using Jonty.Art: → Read More

James Fenwick Retains After UDRP


I recently reported that the 1996-registered domain name was the subject of a UDRP proceeding. Of note, the domain name appeared to be owned by the same person, James Fenwick, for many years. It was surprising to see a UDRP filed against a domain name with those circumstances.

Yesterday afternoon, I saw that the status of the UDRP had been changed to “Terminated.” A Whois search showed me that the domain name was still owned by the same registrant as before, so it did not appear that the owner lost or sold the domain name. I reached out to Mr. Fenwick to see what happened with the UDRP and find out if he was able to reach a deal with the complainant. Mr. Fenwick was kind enough to reply and share an update that he allowed me to share publicly:

“I retained Stevan Lieberman who successfully assisted in showing that my right to the domain name extended over the past twenty-one years.

Given the evidence the complainant decided to withdraw. And no, I did not sell the domain name even though a purchase was offered by the complainant.”

Mr. Fenwick also mentioned to me that → Read More Acquired by Commonwealth Bank of Australia


According to a recent Whois change, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia has acquired the domain name. I detected a Whois change via DomainTools yesterday, and the previous registrant declined to comment about the status of the domain name. Today’s Whois change confirmed my hunch that the domain name had been sold. was acquired in March 2015 for $46,000 during a bankruptcy auction. I was a participant in the fast moving telephone auction. At the time, I recall that I was surprised the bidding was so strong. I was only able to place one bid in the low five figure range before the price moved beyond what I would pay for the domain name.

If I were to guess, I would say the deal was in the low to mid 6 figure range, but that is just a guess.

When I saw the Whois change yesterday, there were → Read More

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