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Uniregistry Introduces “The Domain Archive”


I received an email from Uniregistry this afternoon announcing a unique feature called “The Domain Archive.” Essentially what this does is allow you to track domain names you previously had registered at Uniregistry. It seems like a unique screen that could potentially be helpful.

Here’s what the introductory email said:

Domain name management just got even better with our new Domain Archive folder. View the status of all domains previously owned, redeem a domain or register a domain again if it is available — all directly from the Domain Archive. Access the Domain Archive from the Manage section of your account. Another time saving feature now available at Uniregistry.

Based on the Domain Archive → Read More


Be Mindful of Legal Risk


One of the considerations domain investors need to make when buying a domain name is the legal risk. For some domain names such as clear trademark typos, the risk is obvious and great. For others such as keyword and short acronym domain names, the risk is lower.

Regardless of the type of domain name that is owned, I think there is always some level of legal risk, and domain investors need to consider the legal risk before making a domain name purchase. They also need to consider the legal risk before making use of their domain name, as the usage could be cause problems.

Even if the chance of success is low, companies can file a UDRP pretty easily and at a relatively → Read More


Another UDRP:


It looks like another UDRP was filed on a three letter .com domain name. According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) database, a UDRP was filed for the domain name. The complainant in this UDRP is listed as Dumankaya Yapi Malzemeleri San. VE TiC. A.S. This is WIPO Case D2015-1757. On Saturday, I wrote about the UDRP that was recently filed. appears to be owned by Frank Schilling’s Name Administration, Inc. The domain name is parked, which is a perfectly legitimate business model. Whois records show that the company has owned since sometime between 2003 – 2005 (so likely at least ten years.)

I don’t think I have ever heard of the → Read More

Advertise Shares Q2 & Q3 Domain Sales Report & Analysis


As I mentioned last week in my domain conference recap, one of the most popular topics that I found people discussing is the Chinese domain name market. As a result of this interest, George Hong, founder of the domain brokerage, was often found engrossed in conversation with domain investors about the Chinese domain market. is a domain brokerage that is entrenched in the Chinese domain market. Here’s what the company’s website says about its involvement in the Chinese domain market:

“Our management team has extensive experience in both the US and China . We have a deep understanding of both Chinese and western cultures and almost 10 years of domain investment and consulting experience . We are well connected; we know and have worked with many of the key players in the global domain name industry. This unique combination of culture, backgrounds, talents, resources and experience make us an industry leading expert in connecting domain sellers from all over the world with Chinese buyers.”

Many people trust → Read More


Industry Companies Should Hold Local Meetups


One of the main reasons I enjoy attending domain conferences is that I can meet with companies in the industry. For instance, at THE Domain Conference this past week, I had several conversations with the Sedo contingent of Solomon Amoako and Dave Evanson as well as the GoDaddy contingent of Joe Styler, Cory Lodder, and Marcus Jackson. I had conversations with reps from many other companies as well.

At conferences and other smaller events, I am able to ask questions about the company, exchange ideas about products or services, and sometimes I can get tech support from the company representatives in attendance. This one on one time is mutually beneficial and helps build a strong relationship between various companies and my business. Even if I am not currently a customer, this time can be spent learning about why I should work with a company, or at the very least, be the foundation for a future discussion.

I understand the large industry conferences may be → Read More


ABG Packaging Corp. Files UDRP on


According to the World Intellectual Property (WIPO) website, a UDRP has been filed on the three letter domain name. The complainant in this case is a company called ABG Packaging Corp. The case is WIPO Case D2015-1751. is currently registered to a company called CSC Corporate Domains, Inc. I am not sure if CSC owns on its own or if it owns the domain name on behalf of a client. At the time of publication, does not resolve to any website. The domain name has a creation date of May 15, 2000, although it had likely been registered before that date.

The domain name had been listed for sale for quite some time via → Read More


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