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New gTLD Discussion on Mike Mann’s Facebook Page


Mike Mann has had a successful career in the domain space, and I consider him to be one of the more knowledgeable people in the business of domain names. As a result, when he says something interesting or controversial, people will engage, discuss, and sometimes debate him.

According to DomainIQ, Mike’s company (Domain Asset Holdings, LLC) owns hundreds of thousands of domain names, and the vast majority are .com. He has sold a ton of .com domain names (including the BuyDomains business), and he seems to be of the opinion that nothing compares to .com or competes with it.

In the last few days, Mike posted a couple of provocative tweets about new gTLD domain names. The links within the tweets link to his original comments on Facebook, and this has stirred up some debate on his Facebook page in different threads: → Read More

Sales Reports May Not Tell the Whole Story


I was chatting with a friend at The Domain Conference, and I congratulated him on a deal that I recently read about. Coyly, he told me that I shouldn’t believe all that I read. After chatting with him for a couple of minutes about it, I think I understood what he meant, although he wouldn’t share any details with me!

The vast majority of domain name sales are all cash. In some instances, in addition to a cash component, a company may give the domain seller additional compensation. Some types of compensation that I can think of off the top of my head include shares in the company, an earn out opportunity (% of sales for example), or some type of stock options. I am sure there are other types of compensation I am not thinking about.

Domain sales platforms and brokers that report transacted sales tend to only → Read More

X-Formation Launches


connect-xyzEarlier this week, I learned that a company called X-Formation has launched a new business on The business is simply called Connect, and it is a cloud-based task automation application that works with a variety of apps, including Twitter, Salesforce, Slack, and Gmail (among others). I was told that “ serves as a clever marketing tool for this powerful software that excels in integrating with most (X, Y, and Z) applications to extract data.”

X-Formation is a software development company that is used in the field of software licensing. Some of the X-Formation clients listed on the company About Us page include Honda, Siemens, HP, and NASA.

When asked why the company chose for this website, Henrik Goldman, Founder of X-Formation shared the following: → Read More

Results for September’s Great Domains Auction


I was actively bidding on one of the domain names in Sedo’s monthly Great Domains auction, but alas, I did not win. In the auction that ended yesterday, 11 domain names were sold with just over $86,000 in sales.

Two three letter .com domain names drew the highest bids in the auction. sold for $27,500 and sold for $24,999. was the third highest selling domain name, closing at $13,500. and also had solid sale prices.

The 11 domain names that sold are → Read More

UDRP Filed Against


A UDRP was filed at the World Intellectual Property Organization against the three letter domain name. The case is WIPO Case D2016-1932.

The registrant of is located in India, and it appears that the registrant’s first name is Mez. The domain name is nearly 20 years old, with a registration date of December 1996. A DomainTools Historical Whois search shows that the domain name may have changed hands more than once in the last couple of years.

I don’t see any → Read More

GoDaddy to Advertise During Presidential Election Debate


GoDaddy Debate Advertisement
GoDaddy became a household brand by having risque television advertisements shown during the Super Bowl. Recently, the company halted its famous Super Bowl commercial campaigns, focusing on other marketing efforts instead.

I just read a news release announcing that GoDaddy will be advertising during the US Presidential election debates. It is very possible that the debates will draw an even larger US-based audience than the Super Bowl. Obviously, the television spot doesn’t include anything too risque and offers a special price for registering a .com domain name.

According to the news release, “GoDaddy is putting its own twist on political platform satire to encourage all people to believe in their own, individual ideas while passionately pursuing their American dream online.”

The first television spot was uploaded to YouTube this morning, and I embedded it below. I believe the company will be → Read More

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