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There Are Some Days I Wish I Had a Partner


I love just about everything associated with working for myself as a domain investor. There are some days that I wish I had a business partner though. Every once in a while, an offer is made on a domain name that I wish I could get another opinion about before making a decision. Yesterday’s article about reasonable offers will give you an understanding about the types of offers that a second set of eyes might help.

Without a business partner, I am solely responsible for business decisions. This is good because I never have to convince someone that a decision is right or wrong, and I have full authority to execute decisions and strategy. This allows me to make offers and close deals quickly and generally without holdups on my end. The downside is that there are times that I could use a second opinion on whether I am making the right call on a domain purchase or sale.

I discuss some business with my wife, but I can’t → Read More

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NameJet Auction 20 .Dance Domain Names


Dot DanceNameJet is teaming up with the .Dance Registry to auction 20 premium reserved .Dance domain names. Although I am not into dance or dancing (as my wife can attest), it looks like a few of the best .Dance combos will be up for auction.

In my opinion, the three most relevant .Dance domain names in this auction include:

  • Line.Dance (Never done it)
  • Swing.Dance (Tried it once at Rustler’s Roost when I was a kid)
  • Pole.Dance (Vaguely heard of it)

The minimum bid for each auction is $69, and the auction page says “each of the domains are priced with low reserves and will sell.” You can place your backorder for the domain names at any time, and the auctions will close in a little more than three weeks from now. The renewal prices are reported as “around $60-80, depending the registrar.”

It seems that many (perhaps most) new gTLD domain registries are protecting their top tier domain names and not making them available for people to hand register. This is probably smart on the part of the domain registries, and it makes auctions like these more interesting because domain investors are able to see what values the domain names have in the secondary market.

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Weekly Domain Broker Listings – 4/23


The new domain broker listings that were submitted to me today are posted below. If you want to buy a domain name, contact the listing broker directly. I am not involved in any of the sales.

You may post one domain name for sale in the comment section. It must be priced and new to the market. Please keep it to one comment (no, “oops, I forgot…”) and make sure people can easily contact you. I reserve the right to delete comments that don’t follow the rules.

I suggest that you use an escrow service whenever you are buying a domain name and that you do due diligence beforehand, especially if you don’t know the buyer.

Thank you to the .CLUB domain registry for sponsoring this weekly post.  The .CLUB Landrush ends on May 1 and General Availability begins on May 7.

Here are this week’s listings: → Read More

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The Reasonable Offer is the Worst Kind


Just about everyone likes to receive offers for their domain names, and I think there are basically three types of offers: lowball, reasonable, and great. You can probably re-name these categories however you wish, but these are pretty much the only types of offers. From my perspective, the worst kind of offer is the reasonable offer.

We’ve all received lowball offers before. Perhaps someone offered $500 for a three letter .com domain name or something along those lines. They are a bit annoying especially if the person prefaced the offer with several questions or needed to speak on the phone before making the offer. These offers are frustrating, but it’s very easy to say “no,” cast aside the inquiry, and move on from the prospect.

Great offers are the → Read More

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.Club Explains Landrush in Infographic


If you’re like me, you may have been a bit confused when you first heard about what a “domain landrush” is. I have to assume that most people in the general public don’t have any idea what a domain landrush is, and I think domain registrars could probably do a better job explaining what the term means. For example, it doesn’t seem like registrars are using the “landrush” terminology in favor of calling it “pre-registration.”

For those of you who still don’t know what a domain landrush is, I want to share this infographic from the .Club Registry that explains how the domain landrush process works. Some new gTLD extensions will run landrush in a different way, especially as it relates to running auctions for domain names that have more than one applicant (.Club is working with Sedo to run these private auctions).

The .Club landrush concludes on May 1, when .Club domain names become available to hand register on a first come, first served basis.


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Blake Irving to Do Reddit AMA



According to a tweet posted this afternoon, GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving will be participating in a Reddit AMA session later on this week. If you are unfamiliar with what this means, AMA stands for “Ask Me Anything,” and participants can ask Irving any questions they may have. Over the years a variety of executives, entrepreneurs, athletes, and other famous people have participated in Reddit AMAs.

The format of a AMA is pretty straightforward. People can post any questions they have for Irving to answer, and he can pick and choose the questions he answers. Participants can also ask follow up questions and post comments. It should be a pretty good way to learn more about Irving and possibly GoDaddy. I would assume questions about an IPO would be off limits, but who knows. The name of the event is Ask Me Anything after all.

Irving’s AMA will be held on Thursday, April 24 at 9:30 AM PST (12:30 PM EST). I am not sure how long he will be participating, but if you want to learn more about Irving, GoDaddy, or even the business of domain names, be ready with some good questions. The url for the actual AMA thread will be available at the time of the AMA, but you can see the main Reddit AMA page here. I will update this with the actual url of the AMA when it begins.

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