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Kathy Nielsen Leaves Sedo to Join Dot Green


Kathy Nielsen worked at Sedo for nearly seven years in a variety of roles, most recently as VP Business Development in Sedo’s Registry Services group. I noticed a change on Kathy’s LinkedIn page, and she is now listed as Executive Director of Registry Operations and Channel Relations at Dot Green Community, Inc.

I reached out to Kathy to get more information → Read More

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.Com Versus New gTLDs: Real World Test Results


Are .Com domain names truly better than the new gTLDs? Well, I have had my suspicions, but there was no way I was going to base my opinions. I decided to put some newly acquired domain names to the test, and use Google AdWords to reveal the results. While there’s no really easy way to test the organic search results, using Google AdWords to drive traffic and test conversions was much faster and more reliable.

I set up two tests. One test used a .Com and a .Diamonds domain name. The other used a .Com and a .Menu domain name. In the first test, I was able to secure two keyword rich domain names: one with the keyword in the domain name, and the other with the keyword in the domain name and in the new gTLD.

I chose these domain names for the primary test:

and I chose brand-related keywords for the second test. I chose these domain names for the second test:

I set up two separate landing pages. One landing page for the “diamonds” test and another landing page for the “menu” test. In this case, it was important to make sure that everything was the same for each test. So, everything was exactly the same, including the ad copy used, the landing page, and even the conversions. The only change between each test was the domain name being used.

For each Google AdWords campaign, it was important to us to not only use the same ad copy in the ads, but also to make sure that we used the same keywords in each of the campaigns. We did some preliminary keyword research, and decided on a list of keywords that had enough searches per month to give us enough data to work with.

For the diamonds Google AdWords campaigns, we used 50 keywords total, all priced at $1.00 per click (that is what we bid, but not what we ended up paying for each click). We also bid $1.00 a click on the .Com versus .Menu domain name test.

The Results → Read More

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NameCheap & Fight for the Future Protesting in Front of FCC Building


Net Neutrality Billboard

NameCheap has been one of the leading Internet companies behind the fight for Net Neutrality. NameCheap has been advocating for Net Neutrality in a variety of ways on its website as well as on its portal.

This afternoon, I saw a Facebook post from NameCheap CEO Rick Kirkendall with a photo of a video billboard advocating for Net Neutrality that has been set up right outside of FCC headquarters in Washington, DC. I learned that → Read More

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GoDaddy Announces New Marketing Campaign


In a press release today, GoDaddy announced that the company has launched a new marketing and advertising campaign. As part of this new campaign, the company also released two new television commercials, which I have embedded below for you to watch.

I think the majority of domain name buyers and inquirers know about GoDaddy, and many of them likely look to GoDaddy for information about buying domain names. Because of this, I think it is important for people that invest in domain names to know how GoDaddy is promoting itself and domain names in general.

I think the commercials are humorous, and I particularly like the “Related” commercial. As you will see, the largest domain registrar in the world is less focused on selling domain names and the company is primarily focused selling small businesses on complete website package. As you will see, there is no mention of domain name extensions – not even in the example website logos. Interestingly, if you visit the two company names in .com ( and, you’re taken directly to the GoDaddy home page.

Have a look at the two television commercials below and let me know what you think of them by sharing your feedback: → Read More

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Q3 Estimated Tax Deadline


Today is September 15, and if you are a US taxpayer who pays quarterly estimated taxes, today is the day 2014 third quarter estimated taxes are due (they can be postmarked 9/15). Since many individuals who are in the domain space pay estimated taxes, I wanted to give you a reminder about today’s deadline.

I have mailed in my federal estimated quarterly taxes and my state quarterly taxes, and I hope you don’t forget about the deadline if your taxes are due, too. If you haven’t mailed your tax estimates yet, today is that day to get that done!

You can read more about US federal taxes and estimated taxes on the IRS website (pdf).

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NamesCon 2015: More Time, More People, More Opportunities


NamesCon 2015

About this time last year, NamesCon 2014 was a napkin idea. In 90 days we put together a conference with 7 keynote speakers, 25 panels and over 100 panelists that won accolades from every corner of the internet naming space. Hearing that people did more business in their first day of NamesCon than during entire conferences elsewhere was not unusual. And the generosity of attendees came shining through at the record-breaking WaterNight to benefit WaterSchool’s clean water projects.

NamesCon was founded on the idea that a rising tide raises all boats.  We will all win by having everyone involved with internet naming in the same venue at the same time annually. When you think NamesCon, you know: “Vegas, January, Must Go.”

NamesCon 2015 will be held January 11 – 15, 2015 at the → Read More

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