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5 Keys to Running a Successful Blog


It’s difficult for me to believe, but I have been blogging for almost 8 years. I started this blog in the Summer of 2007 (under the Elliot’s Blog moniker), and I have published nearly 5,000 articles in that time. Based on traffic, revenue, and even longevity, I would consider this to be a fairly successful blog.

There are many people who would like to turn a blog into a business, and I thought I would share 5 things that I think helped this blog become successful. Of course, you are welcome to share your thoughts about this, as well as more general thoughts about what makes a blog successful.

When you’re finished reading this you should check out Heidi Cohen’s blog for some great advice on publishing a blog. Heidi was a professor of mine at NYU, and I think you will benefit from reading her blog. There are quite a few articles about blogging with some valuable tips.

5 key factors that I believe have made this blog successful: → Read More

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Crain’s Covers .NYC Domain Name Auctions


Yesterday afternoon, Thornton McEnery of Crain’s New York published an article about .NYC domain names: What’s he smoking? Podiatrist foots $60K bill for The article covered the recently concluded auctions for .NYC domain names, which grossed just under $750,000 in total sales, netting “roughly $300,000” for the government of New York City.

McEnery published a list of 1,011 domain names that went to auction. Nearly half of these domain names sold for $10, and the largest sale was Marijuana.NYC at $60,920. I don’t know if the sale price included an additional registration fee or not (for instance if a buyer who won an auction for $10 only had to pay $10 or a registration fee on top).

I took the .NYC list that was published and ran all the domain names through GoDaddy’s bulk domain checker as .com domain names to see how many of these names were unregistered in .com ( for example). Out of the 1,011 .NYC domain names sold at auction, → Read More

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Using Twitter to Find Sales Leads


I personally find it annoying when people tweet to me to ask if I want to buy a domain name. The vast majority aren’t even domain names I would hand register, and it’s a bit annoying when I receive two notifications about the tweet (email and Twitter). I think there is a better way to use Twitter to find a good prospect to buy a domain name, and I want to share some tips.

Here are some steps you might use to find a prospective sales lead for a domain name: → Read More

Niche Websites Leads the Way at Great Domains Auction


The first Great Domains auction of 2015 hosted by Sedo ended this morning, and sold for $112,500. The reserve price on had been set between $50,000 – $100,000. In total, the auction grossed a bit under $130,000 in sales, with 6 domain names selling.

I know that Sedo broker Dave Evanson had been reaching out to end user buyers to sell, and there is a good chance one of those contacts was the buyer given the final sale price. Once payment is made and the domain name transfers, I will follow up on this if there seems to be a good story about the acquisition. There are quite a few companies that would benefit from owning, and “ignite” would make an excellent brand name.

The second highest sale of the auction was, which sold for 9,999 GBP. The list of the 6 domain names that sold is published below. I presume → Read More

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Button Should Buy


This morning, Jason Del Rey published an article on re/code about a company called Button that has raised a significant amount of investment money. According to Del Rey, “One startup trying to ride that wave is Button, a New York City-based company which is today announcing a $12 million Series A investment less than a year after its launch.”

I presume it was unintentional, but the re/code article did not include an outbound link to the Button website. I searched Google, and the first result was W3Schools’ HTML button tag page. The second result was the Wikipedia page for “button,” but it has no relationship to the startup. Following these two entries are some images, and the startup called Button is listed below that (they use

While reading the article, I recalled hearing about the domain name. If you visit, you can see the Domain Holdings inquiry page. A quick check of my email history shows that it is being brokered by Tracy Fogarty of Domain Holdings. In my opinion, the startup should work out a deal to buy this valuable domain name that matches the name of the company.

One of the downsides to using a → Read More

Niche Websites Sells for $85,000 on Flippa


On Sunday, I asked you what you think the sale price will be for the auction held on Flippa. The majority of people who voted thought the domain name would sell for under $100,000.

The auction concluded this evening, and it looks like those people were correct. sold for $85,000 on Flippa using a buy it now option that was added to the auction. In total, there were 344 bids placed on the auction, prior to the BIN price being chosen.

Interestingly, buy it now (BIN) prices were added to the listing as the auction was → Read More

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