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Central Park Raccoon



I thought I would share a unique photo I took in Central Park in New York City. It’s not every day that you see a raccoon walking around in Central Park in the middle of the day. In fact, in the ten years I lived in Manhattan, I can only recall seeing a raccoon a handful of times.

It’s a bit disconcerting to see this because I hear that these nocturnal animals don’t regularly come out during the day around groups of people unless they are sick. For those who may care, this photo was taken at the East 72nd Street entrance of the park.

Anyway, I thought I would share this photo with you.

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Adam Strong Acquires from Wells Fargo


I was reading the profile of Adam Strong on Donna Mahony’s blog, and I saw that Adam mentioned he acquired the domain name. Obviously this domain name is perfect for him because it is his last name, but as a one word .com, it’s a valuable domain name asset as well.

Although Adam doesn’t want to share the sale price, he let me know that he was able to acquire the domain name via Domain Guardians. The company, made up of Mike Robertson and Jen Sale, represented Adam’s company as a buyer’s broker. When I asked why he didn’t approach the seller on his own, Adam told me, “I do a lot of buyer brokering myself and I know it’s good to take the emotion out of talks by using a third party. I figured the owner might also react differently to an approach from an organization rather than someone with the same last name.”

Prior to the acquisition, was owned → Read More

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Great Domains Auction Nets Over $275k


Sedo’s Great Domains auction for August closed yesterday, and Sedo recorded over $275,000 USD in sales. The largest sale was for, which closed at 99999 EUR. In US dollars, that would be about $131,792.68 at today’s EUR to USD exchange rate. was the second highest sale of the auction, and it closed at 49999 EUR, or $65,874.18 at today’s exchange rate. was the third largest sale at 48000 EUR, or $63.261.12 USD.

Last month, the Great Domains auction closed with a couple of very large Chat ccTLD domain name sales. and sold for over $220,000 USD in that auction.

Since these auctions just concluded yesterday, I would imagine most of these deals have not closed yet. For your reference, the domain names that were sold are listed below. Sale confirmations on the higher value sales will likely be found in DNJournal’s weekly sales reports. → Read More

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Did Sell?


There has been considerable interest in 2 letter .com domain names of late. Alan Dunn of Domain Holdings recently published a two letter .com market overview, and I have published articles about sales and potential sales, including,, and among others. Because of this, I have been monitoring two letter .com domain names, and I noticed that was recently transferred to a different domain registrar.

On August 22, 2014, the domain name was registered to a registrant called Foundation Health Systems in California. According to, the domain name → Read More

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Poll: What is Worth?


This afternoon, I published an article about the upcoming domain name auction that will be held in November. In my opinion, this is one of the top travel domain names, and domain names of this caliber do not come on the market all that often.

I thought it would be interesting to see how much readers believe this domain name is worth. I am not asking what you think it will sell for at auction, but rather, what the value of is. As you may or may not be aware, “holiday” is used internationally instead of the “vacation” term we more commonly use in the US. For instance, if I lived in London, I would probably say, “I am going on holiday” rather than “I am going on vacation.”

Please vote in the poll below: → Read More

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15, one of the most valuable travel domain names, is coming up for auction during the World Travel Market event in London. The auction for is being conducted by a company called Breathe Luxury, and it will be held on November 5, 2014 at the London Excel. World Travel Market is billed as “the leading global event for the travel industry,” so it makes sense that this domain name auction would be held while the event is taking place.

The Telegraph published an article about this domain auction, and wrote that the “ domain name ‘could sell for £21m’.” If that happens, it will be one of (if not the) largest domain name sales of all time.

Here is what the auctioneer had to say about the domain name and upcoming auction on the company’s website:

“ has been with its current owners for approximately 16 years and some believe it to be the “Holy Grail” for the travel industry. With many major travel companies battling to acquire over the years, in order to increase their market share, has failed… it is only now that the owners are at ease to part with it.

Here at Breathe Luxury we believe that has all the hallmarks to be the No.1 leading travel brand and dedicated online platform in serving holidaymakers worldwide. As the keyword ‘Holiday’ is so widely searched on major search engines that over 90% of online travel businesses are using ‘holiday’ as one of their top 5 keywords search term, to reach customers online.

Breathe Luxury intends to give the best platform and stage it truly deserves, and where better, then WTM (World Travel Market), the leading global B2B event for the travel industry, It is a unique opportunity for the whole global travel trade to meet, network, negotiate and conduct business.”

If you visit, you can see the same message about the auction that Breathe Luxury has on its corporate website. This is a good move because it’s helping to cast a wider net of prospective buyers. It can also help reassure potential buyers that the auction is legitimate especially those people who may not be familiar with the auctioneer.

Breathe Luxury appears to be the broker for several other exceptional domain names, including,,,, and several other top tier domain names. Neither the reserve price nor the expected sale range has been released for or any of the other domain names.

I posted a poll to gauge what you think is worth.

Thanks to Jeroen for sharing this with me.

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