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.Club Seeing a “Crazy Run on the Names”


Colin Campbell from the .Club registry reported on the continued “run” on .Club domain names. This follows his report that all NNNN.Club domain names were registered earlier this month.

I asked him if he could share more information about the types of names that seem to be selling at above normal levels, and here’s what he shared with me: → Read More

Weekly Domain Broker Listings – Thanksgiving Week


With the holiday shopping season set to commence, I thought it would be fun to do a weekly brokerage listing post. Listed below are domain names for sale submitted by several domain brokers and brokerages. Contact the broker directly if you want to buy or discuss a domain name.

Visitors are invited to submit one of their own domain names for sale with a buy it now price. Please only submit one domain name you own if it has a buy it now price. Submissions that do not adhere to these simple rules will be marked as spam. As always, there is no fee whatsoever for listing or selling a domain name here.

I do not verify any of the listings from brokers or listings in the comment section, so do your due diligence before buying. Always use an escrow service like to transact. I do not get involved in any deals or negotiations, so buyers and sellers beware. → Read More

Argument Against BIN Pricing


Most domain brokers and domain name marketplaces encourage their sellers to set buy it now (BIN) prices for their domain name listings. They correctly cite the higher sales rates for the BIN names as a reason for sellers to list domain names with BIN prices. While this is true, I don’t think it always works to the benefit of the seller to use BIN pricing.

Let’s say you bought or hand registered 50 average to below average “Western” 4 letter .com domain names a few years ago. These names, which now may be considered “Chips,” have the letters Q, X, W, and Z mixed within them. By US and Western standards a few years ago, these names generally weren’t anything special and could be had for registration fee or a bit more. If you decided to listen to the advice of domain marketplaces and set “aggressive” BIN prices of $750/each, you would have sold all 50 names at some point in the last several months. That once aggressive pricing is now considered a steal.

Before the last several months, I can’t → Read More

How Retailers are Using .BlackFriday Domain Names


Uniregistry launched its .BlackFriday new gTLD domain extension in July of 2014. According to, there are currently a bit more than 12,000 .BlackFriday domain names registered.

I wanted to see if and how major retailers are using .BlackFriday domain names. I looked at the exact match .BlackFriday domain names for 25 of the top 100 retailers, according to the National Retail Federation’s Top 100 Retailers 2015 list. To select the retailers that have an online presence and would be expected to have Black Friday deals, I used my judgment to create this list from the larger list of 100 retailers, eliminating brands like Jack in the Box and Wegman’s.

Here is a list of exact match .BlackFriday domain names for 25 major retailers and how each is being used: → Read More

“My Domain Was Just Stolen”


Several months ago, Stevan Lieberman, an intellectual property attorney in Washington DC, published an article about domain name theft. In the article, Stevan offered some practical advice about how to recover a domain name following a theft. The article was (and is) timely given the amount of stolen domain names I have heard about of late.

This morning, someone commented on Stevan’s article to discuss a domain name that was allegedly stolen from his GoDaddy account. Here is what the commenter had to say: → Read More

Sunday Domain Industry Tips, Thoughts, and Updates


I am hosting a bachelor party in Stowe, Vermont later on this winter. I am in the process of planning some fun things to do, and I am open to suggestions if you have any great ideas. I would love to do something with The Alchemist brewery (they brew their famous Heady Topper) if you have a connection there!

Here are some domain industry tips, thoughts, and updates. I invite you to share your thoughts and updates as well: → Read More

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