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Offer Rejections Yield Intel


There are many ways to get domain name intelligence to help your business. The main way is to read sales reports from various marketplaces, auction houses brokers, and private sellers archived on NameBio and DNJournal. This information is readily available and doesn’t cost anything to obtain.

Talking to people and exchanging emails is another way to get information. People regularly share private details in private that they don’t want to have published and searchable. This type of information sharing is readily available, but it is only available to those who are acquaintances with each other and to those who are willing to share their intel.

Another great way to get private information that isn’t readily available is to make offers in private. This can lead to good information that wouldn’t be found elsewhere. I regularly make offers for domain names in private via email. While offers are regularly rejected, the rejection emails sometimes have data that is helpful to me without the sender knowing (or caring). For instance, in response to an inquiry about a one word .com domain name yesterday, the owner told me he rejected a $400,000 offer for the domain name last year. He didn’t know it, but his information is helpful because I own a couple of names I would consider comparables.

When a domain owner shares information with me, → Read More

Payoneer Escrow Shares Update


payoneer-escrowPayoneer Escrow is coming up on its one year anniversary as a domain industry licensed escrow service provider (the company has existed longer than that though). I reached out to the company to see if they could share an update about how their business is growing as well as a brief overview about the domain industry. Scott Reynolds, Payoneer Escrow GM, and Brandon Abbey, Director of Strategic Accounts at Payoneer Escrow, provided an update that I could share with readers.

The large escrow providers likely have the best view of the health of the domain space at large. Although licensed escrow providers like Payoneer Escrow and can not generally disclose specifics about deals transacted via their services, I think it is helpful when they offer insights about the current state of the domain business.

Here is what Scott and Brandon shared with me: → Read More

Emoji + ASCII Domains Can Now Be Registered


Emoji domainsLast November, I asked readers if they would consider registering an Emoji domain name. At that time, a little more than half of the people who voted said they would not consider registering an Emoji domain name. This morning, I was sent an email from Jon Roig, who let me know people can now register domain names with both Emoji and ASCII characters in them.

Here’s what Jon told me about creating Emoji and ASCII domain names along with some examples of them to show their utility:

i❤️.ws is a new Emoji Domain Registration web app created by the Domain Research Group. For the first time, it lets you create domains which contain a mix of emoji and text.
Some examples:

I think these kinds of domain names are creative for a mobile marketing campaign or a fun way for people who know each other to share a fun link. The downside is that → Read More

Looks Like was Acquired by Schneider Electric


It looks like George Kirikos has discovered another high value domain name sale. Based on some observations made by George that I can also see, it appears that Schneider Electric may have acquired the high value domain name:

For quite some time until mid-2016, had been registered and used by Centralnic. In mid-2016, the Whois record for the domain name went private. Within the last couple of weeks, the domain name registration moved from one privacy service to another. It is now registered to Nameshield Proxy Service. is not currently being used, aside from a default landing page provided by the domain registrar.

Some of the factors that lead George to believe the domain name was acquired by Schneider Electric are: → Read More

Rick Schwartz to Drop All “Premium .Whatevers in 2017″


I don’t think it is a secret that Rick “Domain King” Schwartz doesn’t really like the new gTLD program, nor is it a secret that he owns some new gTLD domain names. This morning on Twitter, Rick announced that he intends to drop his premium new gTLD domain names (or at least that is how I interpreted the tweet below). I presume Rick is referring to the new gTLD domain names that do not have a standard renewal fee.

I don’t know Rick’s plans for his non-premium new gTLD domain names that have a standard renewal fee. I also don’t know how many of these “premium” domain names he currently owns. It would be interesting to know how many of these names Rick owns. Based on the tweet, it looks like Rick spent around half a million dollars to buy and renew these domain names. It will be also interesting to follow these drops to see if any of the registries opt to make these drops non-premium for future buyers and/or if others pick up his drops.

I have been contemplating what to do with two of my premium renewal new gTLD domain names – n.Holdings and n.Ventures. If anyone wants to purchase them, I would be happy to work out a fair price and I will donate all proceeds to my Pan-Mass Challenge ride.

We Passed the $5,000 Mark!


Elliot Silver PMC FInishRiding in the Pan-Mass Challenge is one of my favorite things to do each year. Yes, riding my bike for 163 miles over two days is challenging for me, but having raised funds for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the cheering spectators along the route make the ride special.

The most challenging aspect of the ride for me is the training I do. I am not the most athletic person, so I train from the end of May until the end of July. For the first 2 weeks, I ride somewhere between 25-50 miles on one weekend day. For the rest of my training, I ride anywhere from 40 – 80 miles on Saturday and Sunday. This is in addition to running to stay in good health. The training rides are a challenge during the hot and humid Summer months, but it also a challenge for my wife who has to take care of the kids in the mornings.

As you may know, all of the funds raised by PMC riders benefit Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, one of the world’s leading cancer research and treatment organizations. DFCI does great things for its patients, and the discoveries its researchers make help people with cancer throughout the world.

My fundraising goal this year is an aggressive $12,000. This is more than I have ever raised before. So far with the help of friends, family, and particularly domain industry colleagues, we have raised just over $5,000. As a special “thank you” to my industry friends and colleagues, I have been adding the names of industry donors who are helping me reach my goal. I sincerely appreciate all of the support that has been given to me so far – it means a lot to me. I still have a long way to go to achieve my fundraising goal though.

This year’s ride means more to me than ever before. My ride is dedicated to someone I have known for almost 20 years who just started chemotherapy a week ago to fight pancreatic cancer.

If you are able to support my 2017 Pan-Mass Challenge ride in any way – be it a donation or even a tweet, I would be appreciative. If you are raising funds for a cause that is important to you, my wife and I are happy to support you.

Thanks so much for your support.

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