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UDRP Filed Against “Gripe Site”


A UDRP was filed against the domain name at the National Arbitration Forum (NAF). The UDRP is case #1740061, and because it was filed at the NAF, I can only assume that the UDRP was filed by PayPal since the complainant is not revealed until the decision is published. Once the decision is published, we will know for certain who filed this UDRP.

Judging solely by the name and not looking at how the domain name is being used, one might assume PayPal would have a strong case. PayPal owns quite a few trademarks, and one might look at this and say it should be a win for PayPal. As with many legal situations, there seems to be much more to this story, and I do not think this will be a cut and dry case (assuming PayPal is the complainant). was created in 2003. According to DomainTools, back then, the domain name was owned by the late Igal Lichtman, whose company is called Mrs Jello, LLC. Another DomainTools Whois History tool search shows that the domain name appears to have been acquired by the → Read More

Is Houzz Going After


A UDRP was filed against the domain name at the National Arbitration Forum (NAF). The UDRP case # is 1739475, and it can be tracked via

Because the UDRP was filed at NAF, the name of the complainant is not known at this time and will not be made public until the UDRP is decided. My guess is that the UDRP may have been filed by Houzz, the home improvement and home fashions website. According to the Houzz LinkedIn profile page, the company was founded in 2009. Again, this is just a guess since there are a few other possibilities (including HOUZ International B.V., Drink Houz, Houz AS, ART HOUZ, and quite a few other entities that use "Houz" in their branding). was created back in 2003. The oldest historical Whois entry at DomainTools I can see is from 2007, and it is owned by a Las Vegas-based entity with the last name Doumanian. The current registrant has the same last name as the registrant from 2007, so I would not be surprised if the domain name has been owned by the same or a related entity → Read More

UDRP Filed Against, Owned by NameFind (Updated)


A UDRP has been filed against the generic-sounding domain name, The UDRP was filed at the National Arbitration Forum (NAF), and it is case #1737883. The UDRP was first spotted by was created in 2003, and the domain name is registered to NameFind, a company that is owned and operated by GoDaddy. A Historical Whois search at DomainTools shows that this domain name was previously owned by Worldwide Media, Inc., the company founded by Michael Berkens. Michael sold the vast majority of his domain name portfolio to GoDaddy at the end of 2015. The Whois History Tool shows that Worldwide Media owned this domain name dating back to 2003.

The domain name is parked with pay per click advertising related to tools. I do not see a price for this domain name at NameFind or Afternic. The PGA recently filed a UDRP against, and that UDRP was terminated. The PGA now owns the domain name, so I suspect they were able to reach a deal prior to the decision being rendered. The → Read More Subject of UDRP (Updated)


A UDRP has been filed at the National Arbitration Forum (NAF) against the domain name. The UDRP filing can be found on, and it is case #1728625.

The current Whois record for shows the owner is NameFind, a company that is owned by GoDaddy. Based on a historical Whois record from DomainTools, I believe this domain name was acquired in the major Marchex domain name portfolio acquisition. I am not sure when Marchex acquired this dictionary .com domain name.

At the time of publication, the landing page has a generic search box with some popular keywords showing. I am not familiar with this type of PPC landing page, as it looks different than others I have seen in the NameFind portfolio. From my perspective, there shouldn't be anything wrong with the business model of generating revenue from pay per click advertising on a keyword domain name. is listed for sale on Afternic with a minimum opening offer of $32,500.

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 7.24.29 PM

Because the UDRP was filed at → Read More

UDRP Filed Against (Update)


Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 2.25.14 PM

It looks like a UDRP was filed against another dictionary .com domain name at the National Arbitration Forum. is currently the subject of a UDRP filing, and it is NAF case #1722095. is owned by WebMagic Ventures, LLC, a company that owns and uses a large portfolio of descriptive and dictionary domain names. was created nearly 20 years ago, in December of 1997. The oldest historical Whois record, according to the DomainTools Whois History Tool, is from 2004. At that time, the domain name was also owned by this company. It is quite possible that the company owned this domain name even prior to this, perhaps even since it was created.

In my opinion, WebMagic has one of the top portfolios of keyword .com domain names. Among some of the company's top domain names (listed on its website) include,,,,,, and many others. I was curious if the company ever faced a UDRP considering the quality and generic nature of its domain → Read More, Registered in 1990, Subject of UDRP (Updated)


A UDRP was filed against the three letter domain name. The UDRP was filed at the National Arbitration Forum (NAF), and it is case #1722646. I noticed the UDRP filing this evening when searching In my opinion, this domain name could be worth six figures. was registered nearly 30 years ago - in September of 1990 to be more precise. I don't see many UDRP proceedings involving domain names that are this old. The current registrant of the domain name is a company called BatchMaster Software, Inc. from Laguna Beach, California. The oldest archived record found in DomainTools' Whois History Tool is from 2001. According to that Whois record, the domain name had been owned by a company called Advanced Technology Center.

A bit of research on BatchMaster and Advanced Technology Center shows that they are essentially the same entity. An article in from 2000 details how the companies were involved in an acquisition: "eWorkplace Solutions, a business unit of Advanced Technology Center, and → Read More

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